Paddle launches mobile app analytics SDK

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

March 18, 2015


Paddle, a software house which concentrates on building helpful, time-saving tools for app developers, has announced the new Paddle Analytics SDK, which provides a wealth of app data in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

The Paddle Analytics SDK compiles data on daily, weekly, and monthly active app users, the type of devices and platforms used to access apps, information on new installs, updates, and user sessions, plus the version being used and device OS information. Beyond this, the SDK can be used to track in-app purchases, location, and language data.

An example of Paddle’s Analytics dashboard


Developers already using Paddle’s Trials SDK will find it easy to integrate the Analytics SDK, with the company saying all it takes is the addition of three lines of code – a process that should take two minutes. There are no set-up fees or charges to use the basic Analytics dashboard, but Paddle does take a commission on each transaction made using its tools.

Combining the two SDKs provides even more detail on users activities, comparing trial and paid users, those with active or expired trials, and conversion statistics. Data tracking spans both mobile and desktop use, and is designed to give as much information as possible on how demo and paid versions of an app are being used.

Christian Owens, Paddle’s CEO, said:


“Paddle doesn’t want to be just another tool in your toolbox. We want to be the swiss-army knife of software development tools, providing you with everything you need to focus on creating incredible apps and products.”

Visit Paddle’s website to sign up for more information on its Analytics and Trials SDK.