The Best Mobile Site and App Analytics Tools

Effective analytics are essential for anyone looking to make money from mobile apps or websites – some may say even more so than the desktop online space. The mobile market is fragmented, with a multitude of platforms and device types, which can have a significant impact on how users experience a mobile offering, as well as which users engage. The more insight you have into who is using your app and how, the more effectively you can optimise your current offering, and the more targeted you can make your future apps.
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Knowing your userbase
Who is using your app? The difference between a user experience on a 10 inch iPad and a 3.5 inch iPhone is enormous. The difference between a quad-core Android phone such as the Galaxy S3, and a budget Android device like the LG’s Optimus One, can be equally so when it comes to graphic intensive apps. Not to mention issues that may arise depending on what version of Android, or BlackBerry OS or Windows Phone a user is running. While it’s important to capture such data in real time, helping you optimise once you’ve rolled your app out, it’s also important to do some market research before you start developing. For instance, what are the demographics like for iPad users vs Android smartphone users, and does your app’s intended audience fall into any of those demographics?
Advertising and usage
If your revenue model is ad-based then counting app downloads isn’t going to do you much good. In order to maximise revenue from ads you need to know how people are using your app. Is your app keeping their attention? Where are they dropping off? What type of ads provide the high levels of engagement? Is your app more likely to be used in certain contexts that may affect ad engagement? Understanding usage is vital if you want to make money from ads. The same is true for mobile sites seeking to drive conversions. You need to know which pages are effective if you want to iterate and improve your revenues.
Insight on promotion
App promotion is fast becoming essential if you want to get your app onto smartphones. You can read how to promote your app in our extensive guide. However, how will you know which app promotion techniques are working and which to focus on? Again, you’ll need to get insight from mobile analytics.

While it’s true that mobile tracking and analytics lags behind the desktop space, due chiefly to the lack of universal tracking standard and user privacy concerns, there are still plenty of tools available to give you visibility on how users are engaging with your mobile offering. So, without further delay, here’s our extensive list of mobile app analytics tool and mobile tracking tools, as well as analysts and research groups that regularly publishes reports on the smartphone market, apps market and related mobile markets. If you think we’ve missed an important tool or website then please get in touch and let us know.

The Best Mobile Website and App Analytics Tools


Mobile analytics tools

These companies offer a suite of mobile analytics and tracking tools. Although each company’s offering will have differences, you can generally expect all to offer basic insights. such as giving you the ability to see what type of devices are using your app, or site, usage patterns, app review metrics and downloads. Other tools may specialise in providing insight on mobile game usage, or mobile affiliate campaigns.
Bango – Develops real time analytics and payment solutions for app developers, app store owners and mobile operators. Clients include EA Games, Facebook and Fox.
MixPanel – Claims to have built the most advanced mobile and web analytics platform, analysing 6.2 billion actions every month. Provides insight into app usage and conversion optimisation.
Apsalar – Provides a range of analytics and targeting solutions for mobile apps, which help app marketers acquire users and retargeted with behavioural marketing campaigns.
Mopapp – Lets app developers analyze app ratings, reviews and distribution to create a ‘sentiment’ chart of an app’s success. Mopapp also provides a range of other metrics, such as app store rankings and sales data.
KSuite – Mobile analytics suite from Kontagent. Provides device and OS tracking, virtual currency opimisation tools, visibility on user acquisition visibility and various app engagement insights.
Localytics Mobile App Analytics – Enterprise-grade app analytics tools for developers and app marketers, including audience reports, customer insights and insights that help you maximise in-app purchase revenue.
AD-X – Provides brands and agencies with analytics and tracking solutions for mobile apps. Lets you track from app stores, mobile web, SMS and in-app and lets advertisers analyse the effectiveness of media spend.
Prosper202 – A suite of tools and solutions to help mobile affiliate marketers analyse and track their mobile affiliate campaigns. Prosper202 is largely free to use if you self-host.
MediaLets – Premium ad buying platform for advertisers and developers, which also provides a range of deep analytics tools to help optimise and track campaigns.
Crittercism – Analytics platform that focuses on crash reporting and performance monitoring for apps. Used by clients such as Netflix, AT&T and NPR.
Appclix – Analytics platform for iOS developers. Gives you all the important metrics, such as session length, revenue info and conversion info into one dashboard. Also provides ad tracking from mobile ads to conversion with iTunes.
Amethon – Provides a range of mobile analytics solutions, such as near real time analysis, app and device identification, usage analysis. Also provides mobile data consultation services.
AdMob Analytics – Free mobile website analytics tool offered by Google’s AdMob network. Lets you get a range of data on traffic for your mobile site, including user location and device type.

WebTrends – Web analytics company that also offers solutions for mobile analytics and tracking. Gives insights into in-app ad engagement, session data and conversion history.
DecStats – Provides real-time analytics for mobile websites, allowing you to view unique visitors, device types and referrer traffic.
ComScore – Offers a suite of tools to help optimise your mobile apps and sites. ComScore gives you granular reporting, mobile internet user panels etc, and lets you gain insights on the best ways to engage different users via mobile.
PreEmptive – Provides a variety of tools that lets you manage and measure applications across cloud, desktop and mobile platforms. Offers Windows Phone analytics.
PlayTomic – Mobile analytic and tracking platform that specialises in the tracking of player behaviour across mobile games. Works with HTML5, iOS and Android platforms.

Countly’s iOS SDK

Countly – Mobile analytics platform similar to PlayTomic, allowing you to track user behaviour across mobile games. allowing you to optimise in-game purchases and advertising.
iMetrix – Media analytics company that offers its iMetrix Mobile Analytics solution to mobile users. The platform provides insights on device types, keywords and referrers, conversions of mobile transaction and more.
UmberSystems – Mobile analytics platform designed primarily for carriers, helping them optimise tariffs, measure data usage and track differences in usage between devices.
MyRT – Completely free mobile website analytic tool that helps you track unique visitors, brand and model data, and carrier data.
CoreMetrics – Marketing analytics suite from IBM. Lets you measure and optimise your marketing campaigns across both desktop websites and mobile channels.
SiteSpect – Mobile analytics and tracking platform that offers behavioural targeting and other basic analytics. Also claims it will track users who have disabled Javascript and only chosen to accept temporary cookies.
AT Internet – Web analytics company that also offers a mobile solution. Lets you monitor mobile traffic in real time, also features geo-location and eCommerce analysis. iOS, Android and Windows Phone supported.
Keynote Mobile Perspective – Mobile analytics platform from Keynote. Offers performance monitoring and testing for mobile apps and websites, as well as competitive analysis.
ByteMobile – Offers mobile analytics for carriers, allowing them to improve their network capacity and their quality of service. Recently acquired by Citrix.
BrandAttention – Mobile analytics platform that offers a bespoke tracking solution, giving you accurate insights into how users are engaging with your mobile site.
AppBoy – CRM platform for app developers that helps you better communicate with your users via in-app news feeds, cross promote your apps and streamline your support desk.
TapMetrics – Mobile app analytics platform. Lets you analyse sales and downloads, usage patterns, buzz and reviews around your app and more. Lets you track your first three apps for free.
MediaCells – Focuses on providing data on smartphone usage for retailers, mobile app developers, carriers and media buyers.
TeaLeaf – Customer Experience Management company owned by IBM. It’s mobile solutiont lets you understand how customers are accessing your website via mobile in order to better enhance the customer experience.
Adobe SiteCatalyst – Mobile analytics solution from Adobe. Offers mobile reporting, offline mobile measurement, measurement of any mobile content and more.

Mobile tracking tools

WebTrends mobile analytics dashboard

Mobile tracking tools help you track user behaviour across apps. Different ad networks use different tracking standards, with a number of new tools popping-up since Apple banned the use of UDIDs for tracking purposes. Apple is expected to announce a replacement for UDIDs very soon, although it failed to materialise at WWDC. In the meantime, check out the below.
ClickTale – Tracking and analytics company that made its name on desktop. ClickTale is now running a beta of its mobile tracking solution, which it says promises true granular behaviour tracking on mobile users.
CrashAnalytics – Provides a solution that helps developers troubleshoot application crashes based on usage data, also provides UDID alternative tracking tool.
MobileAppTracking – Gives you unique tracking links that provide real-time click and conversion data across all the major ad networks on a single platform. Clients include Zynga, Yahoo! and TinyCo.
iMobiTracking – Application designed to help affiliates, agencies and brands track and optimise campaigns that target mobile devices. Track referrers, IP’s, OS, device and manufacturer.
AppsFire – App discovery platform that also offers its own mobile tracking tool as an alternative to UDIDs.
MadTracker – Provides app download tracking for iOS devices. Requires no UDID, or SDK. mAdTracker claims to have 90% accuracy and works with all the major ad networks.
ODIN – Open source device tracking tool, UDID alternative, that’s free to use.
Appsflyer – Tracks mobile app installs and conversions across Android and IOS
MobAffTracker – Allows app developers, agencies and marketers to track details of their mobile campaigns across all partners. Also features advanced analytics.
InMobi Tracker – Free mobile ad network that provides its own alternative to UDIDs that lets you track post-click mobile conversions.
MobileStats – Offers tracking and real time reporting for your mobile site, including visitor tracking, referrer tracking, device tracking and CPC performance.

Mobile data and reports

While it’s important to measure usage on your own app, it’s also important to clue yourself up on data related to the mobile market and apps market in general, especially before you begin development. Understanding what types of apps are popular on tablets and different types of smartphones, seeing how certain apps make money, and understanding which types of apps do well in different categories, can have a massive impact in the direction of your app and how you monetise it.
Flurry – Draws on its integration with over 200 million apps to provide developers with app store data across iOS and Android platforms. Measures consumer behaviour to help developers better monetise and build more effective apps.
Distimo – Provides data and reports on a variety of app and mobile related metrics, such as app pricing, app charts, download and usage. Provides cross-platform data from iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Flurry research into app cateogry growth

148apps – Blog that provides news and opinion on the iOS app market, as well as set of metrics from the App Store, including pricing and chart positions.
Xyologic – Provides free reports on app download numbers across Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone platforms, and across Asian, European and American regions.
AppAnnie – Provides app store stats and advanced app market intelligence across iOS and Android platforms. Also offers its own app analytics platform for developers to track their app’s performance.
AppFigures – Tracking and reporting tool that provides insight on a variety of mobile app metrics. Used by big name clients such as Capcom, Conde Nast and eBay.
Nielsen – Long-running market research company that covers a range of media, tech and entertainment markets, including smartphones, tablets and mobile apps.
Statista – Features reports on a variety of markets, including smartphones, apps and other mobile-related markets.
Research2Guidance – Research group dedicated to the mobile industry, produces a variety of reports on smartphones, tablets, apps and platforms.
Juniper Research – Research group that focuses on the telecoms market, providing regular white papers and insights into mobile apps, carriers, smartphones and other mobile-related technologies.
App Genome Project – Claims to be the world’s largest app dataset, used to gain an insight into mobile market dynamics and how apps operate on potentially security sensitive devices.
Canalys – Research group providing market research and reports on the smartphone market, apps market, tablet market and other mobile-related sectors.
MobiThinking – Very useful site with a big round-up of global stats on various mobile-related sectors, such as smartphones, tablets, apps and platforms.
Gartner – Technology research group that publishes regular reports on the smartphone market, app market and other mobile-related markets. Reports are often summarised in their press release section.
IDC – Research group that provides reports on a number of industries, but very active when it comes to the smartphone market and related technology markets.
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