A List of Mobile App Analytics Tools 2013

Christopher Reynolds

In App Marketing. October 9, 2013

It goes without saying that if you’re planning on developing an app you’re going to need an analytics tool of some sort. But what will mobile analytics tell you and what should you look out for in an analytics platform?
Well firstly you’ll want to know what is going on in terms of the user journey within your app, allowing you to measure basics such as installs, rankings, revenues, purchases and competitor rankings, as well as issues such as bounce rate, crashes and any number of events unique to your app (and many platforms will allow you to set-up custom events which you can monitor). This type of analytics is obviously going to help you improve the user experience and also give you an insight into the nature of your userbase.
The second realm of analytics concerns advertising and promotion. As we often mention on mobyaffiliates, it’s vital to have a thorough understanding of where your installs are coming from and what kind of users these installs are delivering. A robust analytics platform should allow you to properly monitor and identify your most valuable sources of traffic. This goes beyond the mere volume of installs, and into whether or not the users are generating any real value for your business, either in terms of revenue/purchases, or engagement.
Below we’ve rounded-up all the major mobile analytics platforms currently available. Many of these tools are completely free to use and pretty much all the paid platforms have a free version available. Mostly, you’ll see the same sort of features cropping up, but there are differences such as whether you go with an open source or closed SDK, or a platform that provides more hands-on management, etc. So make sure you shop around and find the platform that suits your needs the most.  You can also find this list available as an App Analytics Directory in our mobile marketing guides section and on slideshare and scribd below.

A list of mobile analytics tools

Applicasa – Applicasa offers a variety of mobile game-focused solutions, one of which is an analytics platform. Lets you measure game engagement, revenues, in-app purchases, conversion rates and more. Free to use for up to 1,000 ADAU, then prices start from $249 per month.
Ad4Perf – Mobile tracking tool from Ad4Screen. Lets you track campaign clicks, organic installs, visits, leads, purchases, revenues and more. You can also split all this data per country, ad source and time frame. Supports iOS and Android.
Google Mobile App AnalyticsThe free and popular mobile analytics platform offered by Google, measuring everything from downloads to in-app purchases, a safe bet if you’re looking for a robust tool.
App Annie – Free app download tracking tool from App Annie. Gives you a very slick dashboard that lets you view revenue, downloads, daily app ranks, and more. Works with the App Store and Google Play.
DecStats – Bonfire Media’s real-time analytics for mobile websites, allowing you to view unique visitors, device types and referrer traffic. Claims to have a simple to implement SDK and support available for free.
Kontagent’s custom events guide

Kontagent – Kontagent is another big name in the mobile analytics world. The company offers both mobile and social tools, along with its ‘Data Mine,’ which lets you dissect your historical data in great detail. Kontagent’s mobile platform is pretty robust, with all the features you’d expect. Also offers full time account managers to customers.
AppBoy – Bills itself as a ‘mobile relationship management’ platform. Helps app developers better communicate with users via in-app news feeds, cross promotions and streamlines support desk.Says it focuses on generating more engagement from current users rather than user acquisition.
AppsFlyer – iOS and Android mobile tracking platform used by some big brands such as Sega and Foursquare. Lets you track installations and conversions, and puts a big emphasis on tracking where your loyal users are coming from. Requires “super easy” SDK integration.
Mobile App Tracking – Popular platform from HasOffers. Mobile App Tracking lets you generate tracking links from 120+ integrated networks and publishers, or your own partners, and optimise and scale ad spend by measuring lifetime value of users.
Localytics – Analytics platform that works across mobile and web apps. Offers real time analytics, user segmentation, engagement analysis and lifetime value tracking. Integrates with Localytics marketing platform. Claims to have a simple/plug-and-play SDK. Free up to 10,000 month active users, then prices start from $200 per month.


Appsalar’s realtime conversion funnels

Apsalar – Apsalar offers a free analytics tool along with its DSP platform that lets you track revenue from any mobile ad campaign all in a single centralised dashboard. Features automated revenue tracking, conversion funnels and audience segmentation tools.
Medialets – Ad network Medialets offers its Medialytics tool, which lets developers look at campaign performance including impressions, clicks, engagement and custom metrics. Cross platform comparisons are also available, so you can compare iOS and Android campaigns.
CrashAnalytics – Provides a solution that helps developers troubleshoot application crashes based on usage data, also provides UDID alternative tracking tool.
Segment.io – Segment.io basically acts as a hub, letting you track analytics from a number of different tools. It also lets you send your mobile data to other analytics tools even if they don’t have a mobile SDK themselves, such as HubSpot and Marketo.
Appsee – Appsee’s analytics platform offers most of the features you’d expect along with user recordings, which lets see exactly what users do within an app by watching video recordings of sessions (along with a filter that picks out the most relevant and interesting sessions for viewing). You can also tailor the ratio of sessions being recorded and the type of sessions that should be recorded.
Webinar on Mobile App Tracker, by HasOffers

Mixpanel – Mixpanel’s mobile analytics platform focuses on reporting on actions, letting you track specific users and create cohort groups of users that let you measure interaction between users who downloaded your app over different time periods. Mixpanel offers 25,000 data points for free, then starts charging $150 for 500,000 data points, up to $2,000 for 20,000,000.
WebTrends – Web analytics company that also offers solutions for mobile analytics and tracking. Gives insights into in-app ad engagement, session data and conversion history. Covers apps, mobile web, social, geo-location, SMS and QR codes.
Applicasa – Applicasa offers a variety of mobile game-focused solutions, one of which is an analytics platform. Lets you measure game engagement, revenues, in-app purchases, conversion rates and more. Free to use for up to 1,000 ADAU, then prices start from $249 per month.
Keynote Mobile Perspective – Enterprise-focused mobile analytics platform from Keynote. Offers performance monitoring and testing for mobile apps and websites, as well as competitive analysis.
AppCodes – If you’re looking for an analytics tool designed to help your app store optimisation then check out AppCodes. Lets you track keywords, competitor kewords, and much more.
Adobe Marketing Cloud – Adobe’s mobile analytics solution offers all the standard features and expands into SMS, QR codes and search ads. Also lets you get consistent measurement cross other channels along with mobile, such as email, social and web.
Ad-X Tracking – Mobile analytics tool for iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Focuses more on the ad side of things with comprehensive click and post download analysis system. Also lets you compare stats for downloads, engagement and DAU and LTV.
Adjust.io – Claims to be the most “advanced” app download tracking tool available. Adeven’s Adjust.io certainly lets you compare traffic sources from a wide range, including Facebook mobile ads, banner ads and QR codes. Lots of KPIs there too,from average revenue per user to average number of events per customer. Uses an open source SDK and offers a free trial. Worth a look!
Introduction to Flurry’s analytics tool

Distimo App Analytics – Distimo’s Great free app analytics tool lets you track downloads, ads, revenues and review translations. You also get custom event notifications – for instance, if your app passes certain milestones – and the ability to share data sets. Pretty much all stores supported. Well worth checking out.
Flurry – Probably the most well-known mobile-dedicated analytics platform out there. Flurry offers its tool for free in order to gather ad data. Lets you measure user engagement, lifetime value, revenues, installs and all the standard stuff, as well as crash analytics. Supports iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.
Count.ly – Count.ly joins Adeven’s Adjust.io in the movement toward open source SDKs for analytics platforms and includes a wide range of features, such as real time updates and a deep investigation of retention, loyalty and session frequency metrics. Count.ly also boast about its responsive and slick user interface. Prices start from $69 per month.
Applause – Mobile analytics tool that focuses entirely on app reviews and scores, letting you measure your ratings against competitors.
MyRT – Completely free mobile website analytic tool that helps you track unique visitors, brand and model data, and carrier data.
Appfigures' analytics platform

Appfigures’ analytics platform

FlightPath – Recently launched real time analytics from the makers of TestFlight. If you already use TestFlight you can simply leave the SDK in there to access all the analytics features from the new platform, including ‘instant segmentation,’ ‘pivotable data’ and much more.
ClickTale – Tracking and analytics company that made its name on desktop. ClickTale is now running a beta of its mobile tracking solution, which it says promises true granular behaviour tracking on mobile users.
AppClix – Self-serve mobile analytics platform that emphasises the fact you can set everything up with your own server and own/manage all the data yourself. Unfortunately AppClix is in a closed beta, but there is an opportunity to sign-up on their website.
iMobiTracking – Application designed to help affiliates, agencies and brands track and optimise campaigns that target mobile devices. Track referrers, IP’s, OS, device and manufacturer.
UmberSystems – Mobile analytics platform designed primarily for carriers, helping them optimise tariffs, measure data usage and track differences in usage between devices.
AppViz – Tool that focus on iOS and Mac AppStore sales. Lets you track product rankings, sales, revenues, iAd performance, reviews, ratings and more. Prices start at $49 but there’s a free trial.
AppStatics – Analytics tool focusing on iOS and Mac apps. Lets you track any app ranked in the top 300, giving you valuable insight into competitors’ performance, as well as your own apps. Was recently acquired by the app discover platform Appsfire.
Pre-Emptive – App analytics platform that give developers insight into adoption, usage, performance so devs can enhance the user experience and software quality.
ByteMobile – Offers mobile analytics for carriers, allowing them to improve their network capacity and their quality of service. Recently acquired by Citrix.
Mopapp – Mopapp offers a free and paid version of its analytics app, which lets you track downloads, revenue and charts, breaking info down by geography, platforms, ad networks and stores. The enterprise version costs $199 per month.
CoreMetrics – Marketing analytics suite from IBM. Lets you measure and optimise your marketing campaigns across both desktop websites and mobile channels.
ATInternet – Along with web and social, AT Internet also offers a mobile analytics platform. Supports iOS/Android/Windows Phone and has a focus on m-commerce analytics.
Quick guide to MixPanel

Apptentive – An analytics platform that focuses on letting you collect and analyse user feedback on your apps. The company is bit vague on the details, but it has something to do with in-app surveys and “ratings done right.” You can try it out for free.
Bango – Bango offers a mobile app analytics tool giving you visibility on user activity, unique users, frequency and more. Also lets you create custom app events. SDK available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone.
Chartboost Store – Analytics platform offered by Chartboost, which is a mobile game promotion platform. Focuses entirely on games and is currently in beta.
Swrve – App analytics and optimisation platform that focuses entirely on mobile games. Lets you track revenue events in real-time and tracks how users engage with your app.
SiteSpect – Mobile website analytics and tracking platform that offers behavioural targeting and other basic analytics. Also claims it will track users who have disabled Javascript and only chosen to accept temporary cookies.
Game Analytics – As the name suggests this tool is all about measuring the performance mobile games, letting you track revenues, conversions and much more. Recently switched to free-to-use.
AppFigures – AppFigures download tracking app is offered in a free version and a paid version. The free version only lets you track 5 apps, but the paid version takes away this cap and adds other benefits, such break downs per country, hourly chart rankings per country and much more.

As you can see there are plenty of platforms out there and it’s definitely worth trying out a few, and taking advantage of those free trials, before stumping-up any cash. It’s important to find an analytics tool that meets your specific requirements, whether you’re looking to better optimise your promotional campaigns and drive downloads, or whether your trying to increase in-app purchases and refine the user experience. While most platforms tend to offer similar features, there are differences, especially when it comes to dashboards and user interfaces, which can have a big impact down-the-line when you start delving deep into your data.

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For more check out our app analytics section in our mobile app marketing directory, or our mobile analytics reports in our mobile marketing guides section and get in touch if you have an app analytics service to add to this list.