The Big List of US App Development Agencies

Alberto Furlan

In App Development. March 14, 2016


US app developers are at the cutting edge of the technology, exploring new pathways, setting standards and delivering advances in UX/UI design. Being so spoilt for choice, its natural that someone with an idea for an app would want to find a developer geographically close to them. That is why we’ve rounded up the best app developers in the country and divided them by the city their offices can be found in.

Keep in mind that some of these companies will also have multiple offices across the States, but we’ve tried to go for a full spread covering the major cities in order to have something for everyone. We’ve also done the same when it comes to budget levels, so you can expect to find large corporations with thousands of apps in their portfolio to smaller operations with a few fantastic projects under their belt – what remains the same is the high quality of the products they deliver. Finally, if you want more details on the companies detailed, or find more companies, you can search through our US App Developers Directory.

New York

Our guide starts in the Big Apple, where some of the biggest app development studios can be found, but if you dig a little deeper the city and its surroundings are teeming with high-quality smaller studios. These may develop fewer apps and have tighter portfolios, but are often the standard-setters when it comes to innovation and design.

Ready4S  Apps for iOS, Android and Windows, with a portfolio of over 45 clients and 55+ delivered projects. Also offers a free 30 minute consultation.

Ready4S – Mobile Apps for Business


Fuzz – One of the giants in this list, Fuzz has worked on more than 200 apps which have been downloaded upwards of 70 million times. Key clients include MTV and AT&T.

Fueled – From large brands like Porsche and Ducati to smaller businesses and creating their own start-up collective, Fueled have worked on countless apps and have won a number of Webby Awards.

Konstant Infosolutions – Delivering 3500+ projects in the 12 years they’ve been working, Konstant Infosolutions delivers high quality apps for iOS and Android as well as cross-platform with Sencha.  

Apptraction – Apptraction do apps and much more, offering everything from strategy consultancy to B2B solutions and back-end development. Their GPS-tracker app was featured by Apple.  

Worry Free Labs – Acquired by Pointclear, it has a natural niche in healthcare apps, but they also provide UX/UI design, consultancy and integration from their central Manhattan offices.

Small Planet Digital  Brooklyn-based Small Planet Digital can count Disney as a repeat customer, and have also developed apps for the retail, business and healthcare sectors.

Appetizer Mobile  They supply app development, game design, marketing and mobile strategy as well as SEO optimisation and are trusted by some celebrity figures like 50Cent and Lady Gaga.

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On the rise as a tech hub, the Windy City has a smaller app dev market than other cities but it is expanding, and should not be ignored, especially when larger companies like DMI have decided to settle offices there.

DMI – With offices in the UK, Germany, Spain and also San Francisco, DMI have truly global scope and app building capacity. Over 12 months in 2014/15, they delivered 250+ mobile projects, and have worked with NASA.

Dom and Tom – Also located in Los Angeles and New York, this smaller studio boasts great UX/UI design which has brought them work for General Electric and Citibank, to name a few.

Ethervision  Being featured in and creating the app for the Chicago Tribune is just one of the accomplishments of this windy city stalwart. Featured by Apple 27 times so far.

Debut Infotech – Founded in 2011 and with over 60 employees, Debut Infotech deliver mobile development services for iOS and Android as well as web, internet of things. and cloud applications. Featured on Bloomberg Business.

Intersog  The team behind Travian Games, Intersog have worked for eHealthcare, the internet of things and big data as some of their applications to mobile development.

Who We Are by Intersog


Eight Bit Studios  A strong emphasis on design and teamwork with the client brought this studio victory at the 2014 US Mobile and App Design Awards. Key clients include Hasbro.

Codal  Focused on SME’s, this Chicago company has worked in the IT, telecoms and non-profit sectors, but also with household brands like Pepsi and United Airlines.

Red Foundry – While mobile app development makes up the majority of Red Foundry’s work, their portfolio ranges across sectors, covering art, financial services, retail and hospitality. 

Hashrocket – Having worked for large companies like Adecco and Ericsson you know you can trust Hashrocket’s development process, featured by the NYT in 2009, to deliver great apps. 

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Los Angeles

From the Los Angeles Tech Week to its increasing offer in the mobile development market, Los Angeles is no longer playing second fiddle to San Francisco. From larger companies to smaller studios, everyone will find a developer to suit their app’s specs.

Digital Brand Group – This large company develops apps for all major platforms but also delivers great consultancy services on mobile and digital strategy.  Founded in 2006, they’ve also worked on wearables.

Sidebench Studios  17 people with “UX-driven design” as their strong suit, they have even developed their own virtual reality suite. Offers bespoke solutions for smaller companies while also working with giants like Red Bull.

PhD Labs – Disruption is the name of the game when it comes to PhD Labs. They’ve worked on a large number of successful apps including Minglrr and eFax, used by over half of Fortune 500 companies.

About PhD Labs Video


Dogtown Media – They deliver more than just apps, also offering strategy, and testing. iOS, Android, HTML5 and Wearables are all part of Dogtown Media’s portfolio.

MEDL Mobile  Featured on CNBC and the BBC, they’ve worked on everything from social media to games to showcase apps, and do so for all major platforms and cross-platform development.

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San Francisco

Goes without saying that San Francisco needs to be on this list – the Bay Area is a globally recognised hub for technology and app development, both for huge corporations and start-ups. People looking to have a high-quality app created here are spoilt for choice.

Sourcebits  Full-cycle developers, they also do post-deployment maintenance and support. They work with both SME’s and larger companies like Bank of America and INTEL.

Intellectsoft – An emphasis on cutting red tape and increasing security are hallmarks of this Palo Alto company. An end-to-end developer which also delivers back-end services. 

Y Media Labs  Based in San Francisco but with offices in New York and Indiana, this disruptive app developer was ranked n. 46 on Forbes’ promising company. Developed PayPal’s mobile app.

About Y Media Labs video


Globo  As the name implies, Globo has offices all over the world, including India and the UK. Offer free trial for their services, which include an app-making platform.

Affle Appstudioz  Bought by Affle in 2014, they have offices in Singapore and San Fran with their R&D located in India. Eclectic portfolio with multi-platform development.

July Systems – Offer both app development services and an app-making platform, with a particular focus on using the beacon technology. Key clients include a lot of media companies like CNN and Condé Nast.

Stanfy – Stanfy’s mission is to make mobile apps that are “blazingly fast” regardless of the platform. They’ve worked mostly with smaller businesses, delivering apps for the hospitality, advertising and arts sectors among others.

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Boston is very much at the forefront for a number of technology sectors, and in 2015 was the biggest east coast city for venture capital, even ahead of New York. Mobile app developers abound, ranking among the best in the US.

Raizlabs – 12 years of working on and delivering digital products has brought Raizlabs large clients like Virgin and Hewlett-Packard. Deliver everything from strategy to QA testing.

hedgehoglab  Multi-talented agency with offices all over the world, they develop natively for iOS and Android as well as cover Windows Phone and Blackberry. Key clients include Jamie Oliver and the FT.

hedgehog lab Introductory Video


Zco Corporation  One of the companies with the longest experience on this list, starting out 25 years ago. A huge variety in their portfolio has covered sectors like IT and manufacturing and clients like Microsoft and the BBC.

Dockyard  This small and newer studio (founded in 2012) creates cross-platform apps using the Phoenix language and has worked in the communication, finance and fitness sectors to name a few.

Infrared5 -Infrared5 has a particular focus on games, having worked with LucasArts to create the Death Star trench run, and also provides its own live media servers.

Mojotech – Has its very own iterative process, called User Stories, to develop mobile apps, both native and hybrid using Ruby on Rails. Gives clients constant feedback on the app development process.

Rocket Farm – Key clients for Rocket Farm feature Yamaha and T-Mobile. As well as iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps, they have created SDKs, one of which was bought by Google in 2011. 

Snappii – With Snappii you can choose between purchasing their codeless app development platform and do it yourself,  or have them build a custom app for you, showing a full prototype within 48 hours.

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Other Notable Developers

Willowtree(Charlottesville, VA) – From native iOS, Android and Windows apps to back-end and API integration, Willowtree combines it all with high-end UX design and prioritising return on investment.

Softeq(Houston, Texas) – Started in 1997 and, as well as developing for iOS and Android, has experience in delivering SDKs for enterprise-level businesses. Also adept at HTML5, Corona and Adobe Air.

Qburst(Fairfax, VA) – multi-platform, multi-tech and multi-talented, Qburst offers a wide range of services going beyond “just” app development for all platforms, such as gaming, eCommerce, GPS and near-field comms.

MentorMate(Minneapolis, MN)  Award winning app developer that has worked with a number of media companies including Thomson Reuters and Star Tribune. Makes bespoke apps and covers all of the dev cycle.

Ratio (Seattle, WA) – Specialises in multi-screen apps and is no dabbling in virtual-reality. Has worked for the Seattle Times and the prestigious Disney Movies Anywhere service.

Final Thoughts:

This is a round-up big list of all the US app development studios we’ve featured in our guides over the past year. If you’d like to read more about each specific city, we’ve linked the individual guides at the end of this article. One thing we can be sure of, however, is that no matter where you are there is a talented app developer near you and ready to meet your budget. If you feel we’ve missed out on anything, let us know! For more app developers, check our US app developers directory.