Top Instagram Analytics Tools (2019)

Artyom Dogtiev

Updated: September 17, 2019

Today Instagram is one of the top Social Media platforms on the planet with around $4 billion annual revenue. Hundreds of millions people post their photos and check accounts they follow on a daily basis. Instagram has become one of the biggest marketing channels for thousands of brands of all sizes. To run a successful marketing campaign on this phenomenally popular platform it is vital to use analytics tools, you need to have Insta stats instrument to make informative desitions. And so Instagram analytics tools enable digital marketers to properly understand how their Instagram content performs on a daily basis and adjust accordingly. This is achieved via tracking all of the key, most important Instagram metrics. The tools are therefore paramount to ensuring brands get the best out of this powerful social media platform.

Without the best Instagram analytics tools, it’s simple; you can’t effectively do all of the following:

  • Plan your social media campaigns and future content
  • See what’s working on the platform (and what isn’t!), making it even harder to achieve your social media goals
  • Utilized Instagram tracking tools
  • Monitor Instagram followers stats
  • Access Instagram hashtags analytic
  • Weed out fake follower
  • Manage your resources and learn about your audience
  • Analyze your users and their specified actions every month

That’s not a position you really want to be in. Luckily we’ve assembled a list of the best paid and free Instagram Analytics Tools for 2019. Among many features tools empower marketers with the following – Instagram followers, tracker, Instagram hashtag analytics and more.

Instagram Analytics Tools List

Note: the companies on the list we’ve complied below are not in any priority order. 

1. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the analytics tool provided by Instagram for its Business accounts. It is a good starting option if you’re not quite ready to pay for any paid Instagram analytics service. It’s available inside the Instagram app itself and allows you to view your reach, top posts, engagement, impressions and more.

  • Price: Free
  • Features: Track impressions, top posts, ‘Stories’
  • Tagline: It helps you learn more about your followers and the people interacting with your business on Instagram

2. Iconosquare

Iconosquare usefully allows you to access detailed Instagram Stories analytics as well as other data on impressions, reach, profile visits and posts. The interface of its dashboard is available in English and French. You’ll be able to see when your audience is online to improve your visibility on the platform, along with the ability to visualize your posts in real-time. You can then export this data to the following formats: PNG, PDF, SVG, CSV and XLS.

  • Price: Free trial available. 3 tiers – Pro €29 per month, Advanced €59 per month, Agency Custom Price
  • Features: Track audience growth, Stories, locations, supports Facebook as well
  • Tagline: Unlock the full potential of social media

3. Quintly

Quintly enables you to track post-performance, features visualizations to help you understand the data more easily and presents detailed Instagram competitor insights. You can also create custom reports, share live links and can customize the metrics you want to track. You can start a free trial with the tool in less than two minutes.

  • Price: Free trial is available. Comes in three tiers – Small €129 Per Month, Medium €299 Per Month, Large €479 Per Month, Enterprise Custom Pricing
  • Features: Automated reports, exporting and sharing data, visualization options, supports 63 countries worldwide, analysis is based on 350+ metrics, also supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Tagline: Professional Social Media Analytics

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social’s impressive Instagram analytics show you which of your Instagram posts are receiving the most engagement, if your audience has grown or declined, your Sprout Social Instagram competitors, profiles and other key insights. There are also reporting dashboards available so you can further dive into and analyse the data.

  • Price: Free 30-day trials available. Three tiers – Premium $99 per month, Corporate $149 per month, Enterprise $249 per month
  • Features: Keyword tracking, Instagram competitors, engagement reports
  • Tagline: Social media management made easy

5. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite Analytics for Instagram is one of the tools that Hootsuite social media marketing analytics company provides along with others in its extensive dashboard where you can receive an overview of all the key metrics. The dashboard provides real-time reports, along with visualizations, and the tool usefully enables you to manage Instagram as a team. You can also track photos, competitors, industry hashtags and the performance of each post.

  • Price: 30-day trial. After that 4 tiers – Professional at £16 per month, Team at £80 per month, Business at £400 per month and Enterprise offers custom pricing
  • Features: Real-time analytics, custom reports, team assignments
  • Tagline: Hootsuite helps you do more with your social media

6. Crowdfire

Crowdfire acts as a marketing sidekick for your Instagram account, as well as several others top Social Media platforms, that does all heavy lifting for social media marketers – analytics, content moderation & management and publishing. With Crowdfire marketers can preview, publish and schedule posts from a single dashboard to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The platform management capabilities allow users monitor competitor followers, follow relevant people, track non-followers and monitor inactive accounts amongst their followers.

  • Price: Free but limited features in starting package. After that, three tiers – Plus at $5.99 per month, Premium at $9.99 per month and VIP at $33.32 per month.
  • Features: Image curation, hashtag recommendations, tailored posts
  • Tagline: Social Media Management, Simplified

7. Owlmetrics

Owlmetrics allows you to track data points like engagement, follower growth, hashtag activity, unfollows and more. Follower gender data is available through the tool, as well as geo-distribution. You can also add a trackable link in your Instagram bio to see how much traffic is being sent to a website.

  • Price: Free trial for 7 days. Three tiers – Starter $25 per month, Advanced $50 per month, Influencer $199 per month
  • Features: See follower growth, geo-distribution, reach and engagement
  • Tagline: Instagram analytics have never been this easy

8. Socialbakers

Socialbakers provides you with a quadrant view of where you stand in relation to competitors, tips to improve your ongoing strategy and Instagram post promotion efficiency. You can see how you performed on Instagram in the last 90 days through key metrics such as engagement, reach and how exactly your audience is responding to your posts.

  • Price: You can try it for free. Three tiers – Professional at £100 per month, Business and Enterprise at Custom Pricing.
  • Features: Promoted post-detection, performance prediction, audience tracking
  • Tagline: Get People Talking About Your Brand

9. squarelovin

Squarelovin offers a detailed analytics tool that provides a monthly analysis, a history of your Instagram posts and their individual stats, including likes, an Instagram followers tracker, post-performance and account growth. Squarelovin also shows you the best and worst times to post on Instagram and tracks your engagement rate.

  • Price: Custom Pricing
  • Features: Account insights, post-performance, interaction metrics
  • Tagline: With squarelovin you encourage engagement and ROI like never before

10. Keyhole

Keyhole’s Instagram analytics platform allows you to optimize your posting tactics with data provided on how and when to share top posts. Included are hashtag analytics, interaction data based on posting hour and day, and you can even set up a feed to track competitors’ Instagram accounts.

  • Price: Free trials available. Five tiers – Professional $179 per month, Team $314 per month, Corporate $539 per month, Agency $899 per month, Enterprise has Custom Pricing
  • Features: Historical data, account tracking, keyword tracking
  • Tagline: What would you like to track?

11. Brandwatch

With Brandwatch you can see keyword and hashtag searches for Instagram, (and other social media platforms). Data is tracked in real-time and you can segment it to your own personal taste. There are also dashboard templates available which speed up your ability to identify Instagram trends, other influencers on the platform and new leads.

  • Price: Free demos available
  • Features: Automated reports, demographics, metadata
  • Tagline: The world-leading social listening platform

12. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a Social listening and profile analytics platform for PR & marketing professionals founded in 2010. It allows marketers to get better insights about content they publish for brands and have it achieved and accessible anytime they need it. By providing comprehensive analysis of published content performance, it helps to create better content and increase engagement. With Union Metrics  marketers can identify their brands fans and advocates on Instagram.

  • Price: Lite plan ($23/month), Starter plan ($79/month), Team plan ($159/month), Social Suite (custom pricing)
  • Features: social profiles analysis, topics tracking, real-time monitoring, data backfill, reach & impressions reporting, influencer identification, data exports, audience geography analysis.
  • Tagline: Measure your impact on Instagram


PIXLEE is a user-generated content marketing platform founded in 2012. On top of the suite of tools for content marketing, it offers free Instagram Analytics tool that facilitates digital marketers efforts to monitor their brand reputation on Instagram, discover emerging and existing influencers and identify top content that shows the highest engagement with their audience. Among PIXLEE clients are SONOS, Air New Zealand, Blender Bottle.

  • Price: free
  • Features: demo, free sign up, influencers discovery, top performing content identification, brand performance monitoring
  • Tagline: Monitor your brand, discover emerging influencers, and identify top content

Final Thoughts

There’s our list of the Top Instagram Analytics Tools of 2019. We’ll update it throughout the rest of the year if we find any other top analytics tools, for Instagram, that are worth your time and consideration. Have we missed any serious contenders? Get in touch and let us know here.

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