Influencer Marketing Companies Leaderboard (2019)

Artyom Dogtiev

Updated: August 5, 2019

One of the fastest growing sectors of the digital marketing is Influencer Marketing. Thanks to the rise of online giants such as YouTube for video sharing, Instagram for photo sharing and Snapchat as the number one choice of a communication app for Gen Z, a new breed of online marketing has emerged. Over time, on all above mentioned platforms, a number of users turned to be extremely popular, with big followship and trustworthy relationships they’ve managed to establish with their audience.

On one hand, some of these people, which later became known as Influencers, saw a great opportunity to monetize their enormous followship via product reviews and, on the other hand, many businesses recognized the same opportunity and sought to find a way to work with influencers.

This is how Influencer Marketing platforms and agencies have emerged. The leaderboard you can see below represents the top 30 companies that operate in the Influencer Marketing field, ranked by the number of followers they have on Linkedin.

Influencer Marketing Companies Ranking (July, 2019)

#CompanyOffice LocationsFoundedFollowers on LinkedInEstimated Monthly Web trafficEstimated Annual Revenues $ millionEmployees
 1Social ChainManchester, London, New York, Berlin 201328,921251-200
2GoatLondon, New York and Singapore201584401551-200
3OpeninfluenceLos Angeles, California20137100551-200
4IMA Amsterdam, Netherland2010 6310551-200
5TraackrSan Francisco, New York, Boston, London, Paris20095539951-200
6 TapinfluenceCalifornia, US 2009538554,000+1411-50
7 InfluencerLondon, UK2014 4863 –311-50
8 Mention MeLondon, UK20133752 510,000+2.451-200
9 Pulse AdvertisingUK, US201436191051-200
10 IZEAFlorida, US2006 3577 750,000+2151-200
11indaHashDublin, Ireland2015334551-200
12HelloSocietyMarina del Rey, US2011 330711-50
13 TakumiLondon, UK2015230311-50
14PMYBLondon, UK2015216411-50
15Mavrck Boston, Denver US20142178133,000+251-200
16 UpfluenceNY, US20132093210,000+2.351-200
17 Revfluence (now AspireIQ)SF, US2013 2049 192,000+51-200
18Cure MediaStockholm – Sweden20141493111-50
19 KlearNY, US20121474401,000+1.211-50
20MediakixSanta Monica, US20111438302,000+1211-50
21TambaStaffordshire UK199414375.511-50
22HYPRNY, US2013141580,000+711-50
23theAmplifyCalifornia US, London UK2014134611-50
24Urban NerdsLondon, UK2007133811-50
25FamebitPlaya Vista, US20131302335,000+3.851-200
26Viral NationNY, US, Ontario, Canada2014126567,000+51-200
27Captiv8New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles2015104411-50
28JuliusNY, US2012100711-50
29Tidal LabsNY, US2009908111-50
30ScrunchBrisbane, Australia201289695,000+111-50

Source: Owler, LinkedIn, SimilarWeb, Twitter

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