What are the Best Mobile Affiliate and CPA Mobile Ad Networks?

Jamie Giggs

In Mobile Advertising. April 9, 2014

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Affiliate marketing – where an advertiser pays based on a completed action (CPA) rather than for page views (CPM) or clicks (CPC) and using a network of partners or affiliates to deliver the advertising – is a well established, even mature market online.  The affiliate model has been successful wherever there’s a specific conversion event such as a sales lead, form fill or purchase that can be tracked.  On mobile and app platforms, the affiliate model has also begun to take-off with the growth of app installs as a new mobile-native conversion event to track, as well as benefiting from offers from mobile content services, mobile dating and a few other categories. Furthermore, with the rapid growth in m-commerce a new generation of CPA events is emerging for apps and mobile sites based on revenue share or app installs in verticals such as retail, travel and finance.

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For publishers and media buyers (or ‘affiliates’) CPA programs offer the ability to generate significant revenues with the right traffic.  If publishers identify traffic that converts particularly well for a certain type of offer (e.g. dating) then they can generate a much higher eCPM or overall revenue using affiliate advertising than typical cost per click based ads.  In addition, smart affiliates or media buyers can make a margin by buying traffic and optimising it to generate arbitrage between its cost and the value generated through the CPA offers.  However, achieving this can be challenging on mobile given the large number of parameters (device, operating system etc) that need to be tracked and managed.
Successfully delivering affiliate and CPA-based advertising on mobile and apps is not trivial however, due to device fragmentation, the lack of cookies and other tracking and ad management challenges.  As a result, the major online affiliate networks have, in the main, not been successful in transferring their business to mobile.  On the contrary a new generation of mobile-focused CPA networks has emerged to act as the platform linking advertisers and merchants with a network of apps, mobile and online publishers and partners.  However, the emerging specialist mobile affiliate networks are often not as well known as the big online names and there are new players emerging all the time.
Here in this post we take a look at some of the best mobile affiliate and cost per action or CPA networks around in the market today to help you find a partner whether you’re an advertiser looking to drive new business on a performance basis or a publisher or media buyer seeking new revenue-generating offers.
The full list of the best mobile affiliate and mobile CPA networks:


Yeahmobi is one of the top global mobile affiliate networks offering a range of monetisation solutions to app developers, mobile site owners, ad networks and media buyers. Yeahmobi currently runs over 2000 offers for app developers, has its own CPA network and a solid reputation with independent affiliates and larger app developers and publishers.
Signing up as an affiliate with Yeahmobi includes the following benefits:

  • Top payouts with short payment terms – Run campaigns for 200 global advertisers to receive top payouts with weekly payment terms. Daily payment is also available for top earners with high quality traffic
  • Free Real Time tracking system – Track a range of parameters and optimise campaigns according to device/OS/carrier/screen/referrer/site/brand/model etc. Affiliates can also choose to whitelist converting campaigns, increasing ROI and reducing wasted clicks
  • Access over 2000 quality offers – Yeahmobi works with global brands and as such is able to provide over 2000 top quality offers to run. Other offers can also be requisitioned in a short amount of time
  • Extra income – Master Affiliates can earn an additional 3% lifetime commission on referred affiliates, and periodical shares of profit commissions are also available from media buyers using the Yeahmobi platform

Yeahmobi Review:


Matomy Mobile
Matomy is one of the leading global mobile marketing platforms, and it offers extensive affiliate benefits across its CPA network. Matomy currently runs over 5000 active offers across its network every month in a wide range of categories, providing realistic monetisation opportunities to app developers, publishers and mobile media buyers.
The platform provides three key tools to affiliates of varying experience, the Mobile Zone tracking platform and Total Mobile Conversion reporting tools are designed for affiliates whilst the complete tracking and optimisation platform is suited for publishers looking to branch into mobile media buying.
High performing Matomy affiliates are able to access premium rates with its Black Card VIP program, which awards VIP bonuses for successful targets and provides access to Matomy networking events at various trade shows. Novice app developers can also generate additional income through Matomy’s affiliate referral programme and earn rewards of 5% commission on successful referee income.
Other Matomy benefits include:

  • Weekly payments
  • Localised traffic in over 80 countries
  • Banner rotation and exclusive creatives for top affiliates
  • Inventory optimisation

Monetisation Opportunities with Matomy


ClickDealer is a global performance-based internet marketing company specialising in CPA campaigns – they are dedicated to optimising revenue generation. On the mobile side of things they offer advertisers a range of benefits for using them; mobile advertisers benefit from targeting, global campaigns, and account managers on hand to aid them. Additionally, the mobile media buying teams at ClickDealer generate specific media that is tailored to advertisers’ mobile campaigns.
Developer benefits:

  • The ability to generate ongoing revenue with advertisers
  • Each developer on the ClickDealer network is provided with an SDK that is easy to install and setup
  • A range of mobile formats are supported such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows
  • A mobile app is available which allows developers to check their profits on the go

ClickDealer Talks about the Chinese Mobile Market


Avazu Mobile

Avazu Mobile, a business unit of Avazu Inc, is a performance-based mobile ad network that connects mobile ad buyers with mobile ad sellers globally. The network uses a real-time mobile advertising platform that features targeting capabilities to calculate ROI for most types of mobile advertising campaigns. Each mobile ad campaign is linked to an action such as an app download, call, form fill or purchase – advertisers pay only when the action is completed. Avazu Mobile offers its advertisers a pay per conversion model that allows them to invest wisely in mobile advertising, reports that include statistics and analytics, and a global reach and ad serving functionality to help launch campaigns worldwide.
Publishers benefit from:

  • Mobile advertising strategies that are custom made to suit the target audience meaning publishers benefit with high payouts
  • Real time reporting and tracking that keeps clients up to date when changes happen while also letting them know what’s working
  • Cross platform functionality means mobile platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry are all accessible
  • Avazu Mobile aggregates campaigns with over 100 different ad networks

Avazu Mobile Website Example

Appflood Affiliate


AppFlood’s Affiliate Program offers some exclusive CPI and CPA based offers on an international basis. AppFlood is leveraging its relationships with major Chinese and global app developers and publishers to provide high paying offers and campaigns.  This allows affiliates to access a new market segment with attractive and well-converting affiliate programs. AppFlood is developing long-term partnerships and relationships with both super-affiliates and individual media buyers and mobile publishers seeking to work with a highly trusted brand with world class technology and operating processes.

  • Weekly / Net 7 payments via wire transfer or paypal
  • Payout bumps available for the best performing traffic and affiliates
  • Run 100s of Cost Per Install and Cost Per Action offfers

Exclusive Offers on the Appflood Affiliate Program



MobPartner is a global affiliate network, which helps advertisers acquire new app users with its risk-free CPA model and offers a variety of monetisation options for publishers, mobile site owners, ad networks and app developers. Currently, MobPartner’s affiliate SDKs are compatible with iOS and Android apps only, however the network is due to launch integration options for Windows Phone 7 and Bada in the not too distant future.
MobPartner’s attractive app developer affiliate scheme includes the following:

  • Revenue maximisation with reduced acquisition costs – Run and display banner and text ads in from over 1000 global CPA campaigns each with high payouts. Developers can also access APIs to integrate the platform into ad network aggregators
  • Create CPI campaigns to publicise paid apps – Affiliates can also use the iOS and Android SDKs to run their own CPI ad campaigns, with total control on budget allocation and spend
  • Real-time Reporting – Access 24/7 statistics and analysis in real time basis for a simple way to monitor the best performing campaigns
  • Flexible system with simple integration – MobPartner’s affiliate system is flexible enough for novice app developers to start earning income from instant monetization, and also provides more advanced capabilities for affiliate marketing experts

How to sign up as a MobPartner affiliate:


KissMyAds is a performance marketing network, based in Cologne, which offers a range of tools and solutions to run effective campaigns across the mobile web. KissMyAds solutions for publishers and app developers are simple to use and provide a risk-free platform for the effective monetization of web traffic.
Affiliates using KissMyAds can access:

  • Optimised fill rates – run offers from premium global advertisers with guaranteed high publisher payouts
  • Full control – using the network’s Publisher Platform affiliates have complete control over which campaigns to run and the placement of in-app or mobile web banners
  • Real Time reports – KissMyAds Publisher Platform also offers real-time reporting and statistics to analyse and optimise the success of campaigns
  • Account management – Affiliates can receive higher levels of support and management via personal consultations to maximise revenues via monetization with the network

How it works:


ZingGaming is a performance marketing network for F2P mobile and MMO games – they are based in London. The company features and uses a variety of media channels (mobile web, display, social) to identify which segments of a client’s traffic deliver the best ROI for their gaming titles, they achieve this through the process they call cross-channel and intra-channel optimisation. The process delivers game players with high retention and engagement rates. Advertisers on the ZingGaming platform are supported by risk-free CPI and CPL business models, while publishers benefit from the following:

  • Competitive payouts
  • Uses the simple and reliable HasOffers platform
  • A dedicated publisher manager to take them through the early steps
  • The use of international campaigns – meaning a better audience reach
  • New games titles

ZingGaming Website Screenshot

ZingGaming Website


Clicksmob is a global mobile affiliate platform, which specialises in risk-free performance based marketing campaigns to ensure 100% monetisation of publishers’ unsold traffic. Clicksmob works with advertisers, app developers and larger publishers including mobile site owners, media buyers and mobile operators. It currently serves ads in over 200 countries, and welcomes applications from affiliates across the globe.
The key features of ClicksMob’s affiliate programme are:

  • Simple integration – The system is suitable for novice app developers and integration requires a minimum amount of time and installation
  • Access to top campaigns with high payouts – ClicksMob offers its affiliates access to the highest performing global campaigns on its mobile marketing network in over 200 countries
  • 100% Fill Rates – Select from a wide range of advertising campaigns to monetize 100% of mobile web traffic, irrespective of device or mobile OS.
  • Real-Time Reporting – Access real-time statistics and data around the clock for accurate tracking and campaign measurement with ClicksMob’s proprietary platform
  • Publisher Support – Dedicated account managers can provide strategic support to larger publishers across the platform

International Offers from ClicksMob


Offermobi is part of the MOKO group and is a ‘boutique’ performance advertising network focused on providing publishers with monetisation opportunities offering high payouts. The network offers risk-free performance based ad campaigns to advertisers, and its CPA model allows CPS, CPL and CPO actions.
Offermobi aims to provide top quality services in a transparent environment, and as such its affiliate scheme is focused solely on the mobile web. Affiliates can access top offers by running campaigns for big brands across their mobile web traffic, and affiliate support teams offer ways to increase monthly revenue.
Other monetisation opportunities available with Offermobi include:

  • Additional income generation by monetizing existing mobile web traffic
  • Access to a wide variety of offers
  • Valuable account services and updates

Interview with Offermobi CEO Mark Roth


AdMobix is a performance based online and mobile marketing provider for publishers, online affiliates and advertisers. AdMobix has its own performance based CPA network that currently plays host to various US and international online ad campaigns, and has been rated one of the Top 15 Affiliate Networks in the world by mTHINK’s Online Advertising Blue Book. Thanks to its extensive experience in online marketing, AdMobix is able to provide an effective solution for affiliates who are looking for better ways to monetise their app real estate.
By signing up to AdMobix, developers can monetise their current users and acquire new users with engagement-focused CPA campaigns. Affiliates can access the network’s global reach which provides top performing campaigns with higher payouts for maximised ROI.
AdMobix also provides Search Engine Marketers and media buyers a self-service for conversion tracking pixels on offers run across their inventory. This ensures continual campaign optimisation and when used with the network’s Lead Time Check feature can deliver maximised profits.
The benefits of AdMobix are:

  • Wide selection of branded offers with industry highest payouts
  • Effective and robust campaign reporting
  • Simple set up for quick revenue generation
  • On-time payments
  • Community input
  • ‘Always On’ affiliate support

AdMobix Mobile Trends 2014

Performance Revenues

Performance Revenues is a performance marketing network, first established over 3 years ago by delivering performance marketing solutions to online and mobile advertisers, publishers and developers. Recently, the network has experienced exceptional growth and as such as become a leading traffic source with a inventory of global traffic in verticals such as mobile, software downloads, PC games and financial leads. Currently the network is partnered with around 50 global advertisers, offering independent app developers a manageable portfolio of offers to choose from.
Due to its empathy with affiliates, the team behind Performance Revenues has created an affiliate scheme that meets goals and objectives and helps solve typical problems and concerns. Performance Revenues provides additional support to its affiliates with dedicated account managers. With its CPA network, Performance Revenues delivers lead, download and install CPA/CPI campaigns as well as search and social media campaigns so is effective at offering monetization across a variety of mobile traffic sources. Affiliates can also earn additional revenue with a $1000 sign up bonus, provided an equal amount has been generated in commissions within the first three calendar months of joining the scheme.
Joining Performance Revenues as an affiliate provides:

  • Access to top best-converting offers with high payouts
  • Regular, on-time payments
  • 100% reliable reporting, tracking and marketing tools
  • 99% fill rate with global offers across web and mobile

Payouts Explained
Payouts explained


Tapgerine was founded in 2012 and is an affiliate network specialising in real-time optimisation technology. The network’s ‘dynamic’ use of RT optimisation technology enables the network to pair developer traffic sources with top performing CPC, CPM, CPA and CPI campaigns to generate the best results for advertisers and developers.
Features of Tapgerine’s affiliate scheme include:

  • Access to over 1000 high paying ad offers from advertisers across the globe
  • Traffic support from all countries and mobile OS
  • CPA model unlimited campaigns with large budgets for increased earnings
  • Publisher Platform, offering real-time stats and reporting
  • Weekly payments, with payouts on request available for highest earning affiliates

Tapgerine’s affiliate network has a wide niche coverage with offers available in categories including mobile content, finance, daily deals, freebies, downloads, games, dating and lead generation. The network also partners affiliates with dedicated account managers to improve and optimise affiliate revenues.
Summary of Affiliate Benefits

Neverblue mobile

neverblue mobile
Neverblue is a global performance-based online marketing company, based in Victoria (British Columbia). The company specialises in lead generation and client acquisition, however it does provide an attractive affiliate scheme to mobile developers and publishers.
Features of Neverblue’s affiliate scheme include:

  • Exclusive access – including offers, industry-leading payouts and global deals
  • Proprietary Platform – dedicated affiliate interface offers reporting facilities to optimise offer selections and generate more revenues
  • Generous referral program – earn more by introducing colleagues, enjoy monthly recurring commissions based on combined earnings for 6 months
  • Multiple creative download – download multiple creatives and set up pixels and tracking links in a matter of minutes

Neverblue Webinar: Running Mobile Offers

Neverblue Mobile Webinar from Neverblue Marty on Vimeo.


The Unilead Network is an international CPA tracking platform and mobile advertising network that was founded in 2011. Unilead specialises in tracking mobile actions as installs and in-app actions for the iOS and Android platforms. Advertisers are offered a variety of ad formats they can use to drive traffic to their app, along with self service systems that determine where the traffic is coming from and the ROI they would need. Affiliates can sign up to Unilead and start choosing which of the 100 and more offers they would like to use. For affiliates, the benefits of using the network are:

  • They have access to a range of mobile offers from key advertisers
  • The payouts they receive are high
  • There is 24/7 support if they need it
  • The integration with any mobile tracking system is fast
  • They can earn a certain amount of commission for referring their friends
  • Payment can be issued through PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney or Wire.
  • Real time reporting is available to use

Unilead Website Screenshot
Unilead website


Founded in 2006, Sponsormob was one of the first CPA networks for the mobile web. They help advertisers by increasing their reach through data-driven mobile ads, while publishers and affiliates are offered strategic integration opportunities matched with a variety of mobile campaigns. Using RTB, Sponsormob optimises the data they generate which allows them to deliver optimal conversions to advertisers. There are a number of mobile conversion solutions available as well for them: app installs, cost per action, cost per click, call back and more. For publishers and affiliates, the benefits of joining the network are:

  • Fast, transparent reporting
  • A partnership with campaign managers who are determined to succeed
  • Statistics are updated for publishers on an hourly basis
  • A variety of performance and brand campaigns are on offer
  • High earnings per mille, or eCPM
  • The statistics are broken down by OS, handset, country, subIDs and carrier

Ten tips on how to build and grow a Mobile App Business


Khing Logo
Khing is a global performance marketing agency and CPA network – founded in 2013, it is headquartered in London. The central goal of the company is to boost a client’s acquisition across both mobile and web formats. The company offers a risk-free performance model to advertisers, including CPL, CPA, CPS and CPI – clients only pay when they deliver. Khing also gives advertisers the opportunity to engage with a global audience, and within an invite only platform – which means only suitable publishers are matched with an advertising campaign. Publishers that sign up with Khing benefit from:

  • Mobile traffic on an international scale
  • A large number of ad units to increase a client’s banner fill rate to 100%
  • A variety of campaigns to ensure maximum monetisation of inventory and fast payment
  • An in-house platform allows clients to access real-time reporting 24/7
  • A system that has been designed to quickly allows clients to setup their offers and start generating revenue

Khing Website Screenshot
Khing website


Glispa is a German performance-based marketing company for mobile and digital entertainment that was founded in 2008. On the mobile side of things, they provide mobile, social media and search engine marketing solutions fueled by their own technology. Glispa generates mobile traffic in the form of installs, signups and more – they have access to a performance network of over 9000 publishers which enables them to drive users to the intended goals more easily. The company has experience in affiliate marketing with its program offering attractive services to facilitate traffic monetisation. The benefits of using Glispa’s performance affiliate network are:

  • A reach of over 2 billion mobile and web users across the world
  • All leading third-party mobile tracking providers are deeply integrated with
  • Reporting is transparent and is based on user metrics and KPIs
  • Risk-free pricing in the form of CPA, CPL and CPI models – no setup fees or fixed costs
  • International and local publishers with traffic in key and emerging markets
  • A optimisation engine that is based on post-install/registration engagement data

Glispa Website Screenshot
Glispa website
Final Thoughts

There you have it, a list of some of the key Mobile Affiliate and Cost Per Action Mobile Ad Networks. With a large variety of suppliers to choose from, it can be hard to decide which to go with. That’s why we recommend taking the time to try some of them out – see what works and what doesn’t. It’s also worth remembering that some of these are specialists in their chosen areas, where others provide a broader service offering – developers and publishers should think about what they are specifically looking for. You can find the full list of mobile affiliate networks in our directory.
If there are any Mobile Affiliate and Cost Per Action Ad Networks you think we may have missed, leave us a comment below or add yourself to our directory here.