Top Influencer Marketing Companies (2022)

Updated: June 27, 2022

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Innovative technology and mass digitization have changed the ecosystem of communication, and social media platforms have emerged to be the preferred method of exchanging information.

This rapid development has urged marketers and advertisers to adapt their strategies and tactics to more modern standards, understanding the new wave of audience that are growing to consider influencers as the new experts.

Influencer marketing agencies can help establish and strengthen the bond between your brand and potential customers by leveraging the major platforms of content creators. In this guide, we will present to you a list of top influencer marketing companies and platforms to reach brand awareness on a more advanced level.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly, with a predicted $370 million spend by 2027. That is largely, but not exclusively, due to brands relying on the established trust between the influencer and their audience to sell their products.

So with marketers drifting away from traditional advertising and focusing on influencers who are becoming the new, prime connection to target users, influencer marketing is the go-to strategy if you want your business to thrive in this evolved market.

In essence, influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that utilizes content creators, a.k.a influencers, to push their products and services to the public and attract their target audience to (ideally) drive profitable customer action.

Influencer marketing is so successful because of the power social media holds in the digital landscape, with influencers being the main driving force of social media platforms.

But why do content creators play such an integral role in the media, and how are they able to form such a loyal following of like-minded individuals that place a great amount of trust into these influencers?

What is an influencer?

It is probably best to first understand what an influencer is before diving into their magical abilities they seem to possess to have become a fundamental marketing strategy today.

While there are many types of influencers, this term usually points to a common definition that describes a person with a well-established online media presence. They create content within a specific niche, in the form of video, image or blogs, attracting their audience to ‘follow’ them and their talent.

These individuals become loyal ‘followers’ that follow the content and conversations of the influencer, forming a virtual bond, and trusting and believing in the topics, discussions and work that they share with their audience.

Connecting social media influencers with brands

Influencers typically narrow their content down to a niche area, focusing their conversation and engagement around particular topics. Their followers are therefore individuals who share the same interests, often looking to acquire more information about said topic by consuming content of the influencer.

With social media providing a kind of freedom to really anyone to set up an account and become a content creator, users are able to work themselves up to a certain virtual status where their following even idolizes them.

They become figures that possess the power to educate, engage and ‘influence’ a large number of people, revolutionizing and democratizing communication, and, therefore, the marketing ecosystem, allowing people of all types to take on an authoritative role in society to advertise a brand.

Top Influencer Marketing Platforms and Agencies

Why is influencer marketing important?

Influence marketing is a fast-growing marketing channel, making partnerships with brands and creators ideally profitable. With the global influencer marketing market value standing at about 13.8 billion U.S. dollars as of 2021, this concept continues to mature as a prime industry in the field.

Facilitating specific brands to sell their products and services via their endorsement on social media platforms with an extremely large follower base, 89% of marketers consider Instagram alone an important platform for their influencer marketing campaigns, followed by YouTube with 70%.

In a way, influencer marketing presents an iteration of a movie or music celebrity endorsement of products that took off back in the 40s and 50s, but on a much larger scale. And with today’s extreme proliferation of social media, we see that among hundreds of millions of users, some get to be extremely popular. This way they can influence people’s decisions on what to try, purchase or subscribe to.

These days people don’t really engage anymore with traditional brand ads as they used to. Therefore, brands needed another more creative way to reach out to their potential customers, and so the influencer marketing strategy has emerged as the prime method to adapt to this new digital marketing environment.

How does influencer marketing work?

Now that we understand how powerful and effective influencer marketing is within social media platforms, you may be curious to know how exactly this concept works in order to incorporate it into your own marketing plan.

Like any other marketing concept, successful influencer marketing is achieved through bespoke tactics and strategies as well as a detailed and methodical approach. So what are the concrete steps to influencer marketing?

We’ll walk you through the key components a successful strategy needs to have a great impact on your brand, drastically increasing the pace of profitable actions by your newly acquired customers.

Define your brand goals

It all comes down to your brand goals. You are looking to drive traffic and increase visibility to your brand – right? So, naturally you need to understand the ins and outs of your brand and its objectives to build an effective influencer marketing strategy that will serve all components of your business accurately.

Lay out all of the products and services that you offer and determine realistic goals that you would like for your brand to achieve, including any key metrics you want to reach, such as conversion rates, download or install rates.

It is also important to set measurable goals that you can track and report on throughout your influencer marketing campaign.

Know your ‘influencees’

Every marketing strategy needs extensive research around the brand’s target audience. You want to create an effective influencer marketing strategy that speaks to the right people in order to actually achieve your goals in increasing awareness, and ultimately, profit.

The best way to understand who exactly you are trying to ‘influence’ is to do some research into your competitors who are promoting a similar brand to yours on the relevant social media platforms. Then look into the users that are interacting with their ad posts.

This way you can develop audience personas to define your target audience, associating them with accurate attributes that can greatly help you tweak your strategy to match the qualities you are looking for in your influencers.

Choose the right influencers

So, what else does an influencer marketing plan need? You guessed it, the right influencer.

An online creator may be fitting to your brand, producing similar content on their platforms, but they also need to have the right stats as well.

Ask yourself the following set of questions to really determine if they are the right influencer to promote your brand:

Influencer checklist 

To answer these questions sufficiently to get the most out of your tailored strategy, influencer marketing agencies will help you gain the most accurate answers and data, guiding you ultimately to successful influencer marketing.

Reach out

Now that you have compiled a list of influencers that you believe will be of value to your brand, you can start your communication by interacting with their content organically. This includes liking their posts, commenting where appropriate as well as sharing and promoting their content.

Gradually, you can send out a direct message suggesting a collaboration. If they have provided an email address in their bio, feel free to send them an email as well. However, whichever contact method you choose, make sure to make your message personal. Avoid sending out a mass email or a generic message.


Once you have successfully convinced creators to promote your brand, make sure your influencer marketing campaign is truly a collaboration in which you and your creator will each contribute equally to the project.

Remember that creators take great pride and ownership in their content. And they are the experts in creating content, earning them the title of an influencer. So, you want to make sure you trust in their abilities to give the best quality of their work.

Leave it to your influencer to showcase their creativity for your brand, but also feel free to provide some guidelines about what you envision for your campaign, making sure both parties are on the same page.

Track & measure the process

Once you have launched your influencer marketing campaign, you want to keep track of your progress and measure the effectiveness of your collaboration efforts. It can be easy to get lost in the vanity metrics of likes and comments, but it is crucial to prioritize ROI stats as well for more valuable insights into your results.

As you laid out the KPIs for your campaign in the initial stages, it would be helpful to track progress of these metrics as well to calculate the impact of your strategy for the success of your brand.

When tracking and measuring your results, the first thing marketers tend to first look at is if conversion rates have increased. While this is important too, when it comes to influencer marketing, there is a deeper focus on attracting users as this leads to more sustainable success in sales.

Here are the three core goals you want to keep in mind when analyzing your campaign’s performance:

3 main goals for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a unique and creative way to gain more attraction to your brand, and its products and services. Creators are utilizing new content formats to promote brands, including reels, photography and short videos to attract their users.

Influencers’ followers are modern business’ new potential customers, so you want to switch your focus from sales and transaction rates to the creators’ followers, and their interests and demands to better nurture your campaign.

But in this newly evolved realm of social media marketing and the rise of influencers as a common marketing partner these days, it is easy to be confused about where to start to join this new trending format of advertising.

What are influencer marketing platforms?

Influencer marketing platforms are one of the places where you can kickstart your campaign. Unlike agencies, an influencer marketing platform is a digitized tool that helps brands run more efficient campaigns.

These tools are commonly used by brands as well as agencies and feature extensive functions that can optimize the process of your influencer marketing practices. For example, they may provide a large searchable database of potential and available influencers, third-party data analytics tools as well as brand-influencer relationship or campaign management.

Influencer platforms serve as a kind of support for all parties in influencer marketing, evaluating potential influencers and making sure they are most suitable to your brand. And as online creators gain more authoritative status with the rise in popularity of new media formats, influencer marketing platforms have expanded their services even more.

Here are the main offerings influencer platforms typically provide as an efficient software solution for brands and agencies:

  • Mass influencer databases, with valid stats
  • Influencer content amplification
  • Third-party analytics
  • Influencer marketplace
  • Campaign & relationship management

Influencer marketing tools are essential to help create a successful campaign with creators, all contributing to a well-oiled machine that will attract new target groups and drive a new wave of awareness to your unique brand. Nonetheless, influencer agencies go hand in hand with influencer marketing platforms.

So, it is a great idea to partner with one of our top influencer marketing companies to really get the most out of your campaigns and get the results you envisioned when first creating your marketing plan.

What do influencer marketing agencies & platforms do?

You want to partner with influencer marketing agencies that can help you in specific areas of your brand, providing just the support and expertise that you need to successfully run your influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing platforms, moreover, offer a direct way for brands to connect and work with influencers that are listed on a particular platform. Essentially, these platforms help influencers to monetize their social media channels and brands to reach out to their potential customers or increase engagement with their current ones.

Unlike collaborating with traditional marketing agencies, influencer marketing companies provide more specialised expertise and know-how surrounding the ecosystem of social media, including what media formats are currently trending as well as experience to work with brands and creators of all sizes.

In essence, influencer marketing companies have a variety of trusted influencer they work with, and can therefore add extensive value to your business, providing expert analysis to achieve your brand goals in no time.

Typically, influencer marketing platforms focus on the following functions:

The ecosystem of influencer marketing platforms

Partner with top influencer marketing companies

The crucial role that an influencer marketing platform plays for a brand is that it helps understand the users that follow a particular influencer and what impact and value that influencer can offer said brand. Some influencer marketing platforms also offer a service layer in which they help source influencers as well as manage campaigns and develop creatives.

There are influencer marketing platforms that focus on a particular platform, such as Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube. However, the majority operate across a number of different social channels. Similarly, some influencer marketplaces are known for sourcing influencers in particular areas of the market or verticals whereas others have a wider positioning.

Now that we have covered the realm of influencer marketing and the impactful role influencer marketing companies play, we are ready to present to you our carefully selected list of the top influencer marketing platforms.

Partner with one of our trusted influencer agencies that make sure your marketing campaign runs smoothly and efficiently, providing expert assessments and in-depth reports upon campaign completion.


List of influencer marketing companies

Admiral Media

Performance Marketing for Your Apps


Admiral Media is an award-winning & highly specialized performance and creative agency for top mobile brands and games. We place emphasis on ROI, creative strategy, and detailed reporting. Admiral Media was founded in 2019 by Andre Kempe, a mobile & performance marketing veteran with years of experience in the field. Andre has built a team of experienced marketing professionals that now run campaigns generating millions of downloads.

  • Services: Performance Marketing, Paid Ads, Creative Services, Influencer Marketing, TikTok Marketing, Consulting & Analytics
  • Offices: Marbella, Spain
  • Tagline: We Ship Performance
Learn more about Admiral Media


The Influencer Marketing Experts

(4 votes)
Americanoize aims to strategize, create and execute influencer marketing campaigns that are effective in growing a brand's following, value and sales.

Americanoize is an international web marketing agency based in Miami Beach, Florida. It aims to strategize, create and execute influencer marketing campaigns that are effective in growing a brand’s following, value and sales. They have worked with some of the leading brands, including McDonald’s, Ray-Ban, Samsung, Apple and more.

  • Price: 4 plans – FYI Exchange for $200 / month, Small Business for $300 / month, Essentials for $800 / month and Agency with a custom pricing.
  • Features: FYI studio to produce creatives, influencer talent management devision
  • Tagline: We Make Influencer Marketing Easy


Learn more about Americanoize


Tell a Better Brand Story


AspireIQ streamlines influencer discovery, management, and analytics, making it easy to build authentic influencer relationships at scale. The platform allows brands to search through millions of influencers or rely on a built-in recommendations engine to choose the best fit for their marketing needs. It also allows to streamline a workflow with multiple influencers to make it efficient and measure ROI for an entire influencer ad campaign.

  • Price: Three different tiers (Basic, Pro, Enterprise)
  • Features: Campaign creation, analytics, product tracking
  • Tagline: Tell a Better Brand Story
Learn more about AspireIQ

August United

End-to-end influencer marketing

August United is an influencer marketing agency that helps you achieve your goals and reach your core audience.

August United is an influencer marketing agency that helps brands achieve their goals and reach their target audience. They create core partnerships with influencers, conduct outreach, on-boarding, and, after the content goes live, they leverage paid social. Their number one aim is to activate influencers that drive business outcomes. The agency’s work with Influencers goes threefold – influencer strategy (identification, campaign concept development, performance control), influencer activation (marketing campaign amplification, awareness growing, engagement) and network development (influencer communities building).

  • Tagline: In a sea of sameness, influencers create a ripple effect.
  • Locations: Global


Learn more about August United


Be Part of the Conversation

(1 vote)
BEN has a global, full-service influencer marketing offering.

Billion Dollar Boy

Bright ideas. Made to be liked.

Billion Dollar Boy is a New York based influencer marketing agency.

Billion Dollar Boy is a New York based influencer marketing agency. Its team offers both strategy and execution related services to run effective influencer marketing campaigns. Working on a campaign strategy, Billion Dollar Boy marketers define campaign strategy, creative concepts and casting. The execution implies creators briefing, negotiation & contracting, content production, campaign management, paid social amplification and more. The effectiveness of results that Billion Dollar Boy delivers for brands based on analysis & benchmarking, access to proprietary tools, strategy optimization, ROI tracking, customized reports and annual planning.

Some of the brands the agency worked with are Primark, BMW, Bobbi Brown, Garnier.

  • Tagline: Bright ideas. Made to be liked.
  • Locations: London, UK; NYC, US
Learn more about Billion Dollar Boy


Influencer Marketing Intelligence & Analytics

(2 votes)
201751 - 100
BuzzGuru is an Influencer Marketing discovery and competitive intelligence platform, that provides agencies and brands....


The easiest way to find and analyse TikTok influencers.

(1 vote)

ByteSights is the world’s first platform for discovering TikTok influencers of any niche. Allowing you to find the best influencers for your campaigns. This platform allows you to quickly search through a database of TikTok influencers. Its search engine is built on a mixture of text search and metrics filters. Using these filters it is super easy to find the perfect influencers for your marketing campaigns.

  • Price: n/a
  • Features: first platform to search influencers on TikTok
  • Tagline: The easiest way to find and analyze TikTok influencers.
Learn more about ByteSights


We tell powerful stories for brands through AI powered branded content


Captiv8 features a discovery engine that breaks down influencers by reach, demographics, agency representation, and more. Brands are also able to predict engagement with each and every influencer they select for every campaign – that’s across all social channels. Once a campaign has gone live, Captiv8 monitors it in real-time and optimizes it as it progresses.

  • Price: N/A
  • Features: Data insights, campaign management, analytics, established Influencer Marketing Council to fight Influencer Fraud and False Impressions
  • Tagline: Data Driven Branded Content


Learn more about Captiv8


Influencer Marketing Perfected

Carusele is an influencer marketing agency that boasts the ability to track, test and score in real-time the content....

Carusele is an influencer marketing agency that boasts the ability to track, test and score in real-time the content they produce. From this they can discover which content performs the best, allowing them to syndicate it out to target audiences. They also feature a Content Performance Index, an algorithmic ranking of a brand’s content. Since 2014 the agency worked with dozens brands from Beauty & Lifestyle, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Retail & CPG industries, as well as Cause campaigns.

Learn more about Carusele

Clark Influence

From Strategy to Content Creation

Clark Influence is Montreal, Canada based influencer marketing agency.

Clark Influence is a full-service agency that develops and manages your own digital influencer marketing program. Based in Montreal and Toronto, the agency is celebrating its third anniversary. Thanks to their own influencer search software and talent specialists, Clark Influence are able to reach large targeted audiences and to measure ROI accurately. They have already worked with more than 800 influencers and more than 90 clients in North America and Europe
Over the years the agency worked for such brands as StutterStock, P&G, Bombardier and others.

  • Tagline: We create and execute innovative influencer marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Locations: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver
Learn more about Clark Influence


Drive High Quality Users With Youtube & Twitch Influencer Videos

Cloutboost is an Influencer marketing agency that specializes on YouTube and Twitch Influencer videos production.

Cloutboost is an Influencer marketing agency that specializes on YouTube and Twitch Influencer videos production. The team matches creators and brands, the services it provides feature precise influencer targeting & analytics, campaign management, Ambassador program, influencer audience retargeting and influencer marketing consulting. Under its clients belt such companies as Hotspot Shield VPN, AFK Arena, MMORPG game, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

  • Tagline: Drive High Quality Users With Youtube & Twitch Influencer Videos
  • Locations: Mountain View, US
Learn more about Cloutboost


Digital talent network and entertainment studio

(1 vote)

Collab is the expert in all things TikTok including campaign strategy, talent identification and original content production. Collab has created innovative content for linear and digital mediums alike, including Spike, CMT, History Channel, Spotify and Complex Networks. And while audiences continue to consume content differently, Collab is at the forefront of developing new methods of storytelling for this changing media landscape.

What They Do

  • Concept Development/Brand Strategy
  • Creator Identification, Procurement, Management & Contracting
  • Program Management & Activation
  • Original Content Production
  • Media Buying, Placement & Strategy
Learn more about Collab


A global, data-driven Influencer Marketing Agency


CROWD MEDIA is a global influencer marketing agency that partners with brands to create strategic, tailor fit campaigns with credible influencers to reach the brand’s goals. They help companies from different verticals embrace influencer marketing and amongst their clients you can find: Foreo, Bourjois, N26, Nescafé and Apple Music.

  • Tagline: A global, data-driven Influencer Marketing Agency
  • Locations: Amsterdam, Holland


Learn more about CROWD

Cure Media

We are a leading independent influencer marketing agency with global reach

(2 votes)
Cure Media is an Influencer Marketing Network based in Europe, with offices in Germany and Sweden.

Cure Media is an Influencer Marketing Network based in Europe, with offices in Germany and Sweden. Having extensive experience with running Influencer marketing campaigns, Cure Media team help brands to wide engaged audience via Instagram, YouTube and various blogs hosted by Influencers. Some of their clients are Coca Cola, Puma, Unilever and American Express.

Cure Media is an Influencer Marketing Network based in Europe, with offices in Germany and Sweden. They have performed over 10,000 campaigns across YouTube, Instagram and on key blogs. They feature over 150,000 influencers on their growing network. They also work with brands of all sizes and shapes, including Coca-Cola, Puma, Disney, Samsung, KIA, BOSS, Philips, Adidas, Intel, Bosch, Toyota, Warner Brothers.

  • Tagline: We are a leading independent influencer marketing agency with global reach
  • Locations: Stockholm, Sweden, Berlin, Germany
Learn more about Cure Media

Digital Voices

Content Your Customers Want To Watch. Not Ads They Want To Skip

Digital Voices is an influencer marketing agency that specializes in YouTube campaigns and influencer partnerships.

Digital Voices is an influencer marketing agency that specializes in YouTube campaigns and influencer partnerships. The agency works directly with brands to build their bespoke influencer campaigns, advising on strategy, design, video, photography and negotiations. The agency beliefs are based on the notions that true creativity is capable to win people’s hearts, short attention spans aren’t an obstacle to tell the story and engage people with long videos and that community building is crucial for a brand to be recognized.  Clients include Island, The Economist and Oxfam.

  • Tagline: We build powerful YouTube creator marketing campaigns
  • Locations: London, UK


Learn more about Digital Voices


Award-winning Digital Agency

(2 votes)
What They Do Search Optimisation Social Media Marketing Influencer Marketing Digital PR Web Development & Optimisation.

Distract is a fast-growing agency brings forward a bespoke solution designed to deliver results for your media marketing, from innovative paid social campaign to search strategy. Their clients range from national household names, to regional powerhouses and local startups. They are also a TikTok Ads Partner, with direct access to the advertising platform, being best placed to help you reach your audience with bespoke TikTok Marketing practices.

What They Do

  • Search Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Web Development & Optimisation
Learn more about Distract


Social media software for brands & agencies

Dovetaleis a brand new influencer marketing platform that was launched in early 2017.

Dovetale is a brand new influencer marketing platform that was launched in early 2017. It brings together multiple features that help brands to be efficient with their products promotion on social media. Including monitoring of own and competitors growth on social media, finding creators and compiling them into a list, influencer campaign management, reporting and influencers payment management.

  • Price: 3 plans – Starter ($200/month), Pro ($500/month), Enterprise (contact to get the pricing)
  • Features: social media followers dynamics monitoring, trends & insights finding to compare against competitors
  • Tagline: Social media software for brands & agencies


Learn more about Dovetale


When it comes to influencer and social media marketing, we get it.

Everywhere is Atlanta, Georgia based Influencer marketing agency with more than 500 employees and 10 years on the market.

Everywhere is Atlanta, Georgia based Influencer marketing agency with more than 500 employees and 10 years on the market. Influencer marketing is one of the services it provides along with social media training, public speaking, social media strategy, community building and management, blogger relations and social ad buying. Their case study includes such companies as Coca-Cola, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Cox Communications,, Cardlytics.

  • Tagline: When it comes to influencer and social media marketing, we get it.
  • Locations: Atlanta, US


Learn more about Everywhere


Fanbytes helps brands get in front of GenZ through innovative influencer marketing campaigns

(2 votes)

Fanbytes is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands to engage younger audience, specifically Gen Z, with their products and services via Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Augmented Reality Lenses. It worked with such brands and celebrities like Warner Music, Major Lazer, Deliveroo, Boohoo and more.

  • Price: n/a
  • Features: expertise in Gen Z engagement, connecting brands with a young generation.
  • Tagline: Engage Gen Z and Millennials in the most creative ways on Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok
Learn more about Fanbytes

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