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CPA (stands for Cost-Per-Action) is the most advanced mobile advertising payment model. With this model advertisers pay publishers for specific actions (like sales or registrations) that people take inside mobile apps after being engaged with ads. To calculate cost-per-action for a specific action one needs to divide a total ad campaign spending on a number of specific actions that this particular campaign generated. Pricing for various kinds of CPA such as app install, register, purchase can vary from $4 to $75 per action. Cost Per Action model is in the roots of a digital affiliate marketing. We’ve analyzed the best CPA Advertising Networks in this directory.

List of the top CPA ad networks

Updated: May 21, 2019


Creative & Media Buying Lab for Mobile Advertising

(1 vote)


Leader of global game distribution & mobile advertising

(2 votes)


The Mobile Ad Quality Marketplace

(1 vote)


Global Mobile Affiliate Network

(1 vote)


A real-time bidding ad exchange & Exclusive traffic

(1 vote)


One team. Different Vectors. Highest Profit.

(3 votes)
...professionals! SIGN UP NOW and your personal manager will contact you right away! What’s more? • premium CPA and CPI campaigns with the best payout.


Engineered for Growth

(1 vote)


Viewability experts

(1 vote)


Marketing Powered By Technology

(1 vote)


High Quality Mobile Traffic & Exclusive Placements on SONY Xperia, Native SDK

(1 vote)
...anti-fraud tools to grant a high level of security; Performance-based solutions (including CPI, CPC and CPA) to meet your own KPI and marketing goals in user acquisition and revenues.


Monetize your audience to the fullest!

(1 vote)


Top verticals - high profits

(1 vote)
pick from thousands of CPA campaigns Campaign rating tool.


Performance based

(1 vote)
...Global scope of mobile users in over 190 countries Support of all type of campaigns (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, etc) and irregular creatives High level of user targeting by different parameters Unique....

Hyper Ad Exchange

Global programmatic native ad platform

(1 vote)


Fraud Detection & Prevention Platform

(1 vote)
Action is developed for CPI, CPA, CPL traffic analysis and is widely used by Advertisers, CPA Networks and Advertising agencies.

Unilead Network

No.1 in Russia and Eastern Europe

(1 vote)

App Samurai

Self-Service Mobile Advertising Tool for Startups

(1 vote)

Placed Affiliate

Earn Revenue With Your App Without Ads

(1 vote)


The Mother of all Ad Networks

(2 votes) reach, connects mobile marketers with millions of mobile consumers via savvy CPC, CPI and CPA partnerships with mobile publishers and app owners.


Exclusive CPI/CPA offers with top payouts

(1 vote)


1 Trick to Make More Money Per Click

(1 vote)

Doble Via Latam

Best Performance Agency

(1 vote)


Holistic approach towards buying and analyzing media


Mobile monetization and marketing

(2 votes)


AdzMedia - A Global DSP and RTB for Mobile Advertising

(1 vote)


In-Game Advertising & Monetization Solutions

(1 vote)


No.1 Ad network in Japan

(1 vote)
...offer a large number of campaigns supporting iOS and Android, driving app downloads as well as CPI,CPA and CPC.


Burst your app to the top!

(1 vote)


Best CPI affiliate Network with over 500+ offers

(1 vote)
ADAttract is a CPA Affiliate Network that provides performance based online marketing for advertisers and publishers.....


Web & Mobile traffic Ad network

(1 vote)
) to reach your audience and meet your CPA goals Flexible CPM & CPC Rates.


Premium Online Advertising

You name the model and we deliver results – CPA/CPI/CPS/CPL/CPM.


Latin America’s Top Performing CPA Campaigns

Fingertipads is a performance based advertising company specialized in direct and exclusive CPA offers for the LATAM region.


The company defining digital advertising


The transparent real-time enabled mobile ad exchange

(1 vote)


Data. Insight. Action.


Mobile marketing solved


Drive campaigns for post-install events

(1 vote)
Liftoff is the leading mobile app marketing and retargeting platform for running true CPA-optimized mobile app install campaigns.


Real rewards for virtual achievements


A clearer view of digital advertising

YOC Group

Engaging global advertising

Lazarus DSP

Omnichannel DSP from Mobusi formats include native, video and display, with pricing structure that is based on CPM model with CPA, CPC and CPM goals and direct CPA, once testing was done.

Solve Media

Mobile ads with guaranteed engagement

Google App Campaigns

Universal App campaigns that streamline the process for you

(1 vote)


Strength in Numbers


Mobile DSP offering Real Time Bidding

...Custom advertising solutions can be developed for brands and advertisers with flexible CPC, CPM and CPA pricing models.


Cross-Device Marketing Solutions

Linktest by 50mango

powerful tool for checking offers' links

Reddit Ads

Upvote your advertising

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