Top Mobile CPA Platforms 2016

Artyom Dogtiev

In Mobile Advertising. September 26, 2016

Top Mobile CPA Platforms 2016
Back in early 2000, it was the web where affiliate or partner programs did take off. With the rise of mobile from 2008 and on, naturally it became the next medium for partner programs to flourish on. A typical mobile affiliate network operates as a CPA platform (CPA stands for cost-per-action), essentially it’s a proxy between merchants, that need to promote their mobile products, like mobile apps, software or physical goods and affiliates who’re willing to advertise those items with their inventory (apps, websites).
An individual or a company, that registers as an affiliate on a mobile CPA platform, gets a unique affiliate link to sell products through, as well as a supply of graphic creatives to promote apps or other products and services that merchants bring on the platform. Also they get an access to a dashboard to get reports on their performance and track they generate as affiliates.
Any mobile affiliate platform pays its affiliates commissions they generate, using the CPA model.
CPA (stands for cost-per-action) – a model that implies an affiliate is paid for a specific action end users take with a product or service he advertises on a mobile CPA platform. An example of an action can be a purchase, subscription, a finished level in a game, a filled-in profile or an app install. A sub-case of CPA is a CPI (stands for cost-per-instal) model, that implies that an affiliate is paid only when a click on an advertiser’s ad resulted into an actual mobile app install.
It’s important to mention that recently Facebook has launched specific action-based bidding support to allow advertisers to pay not for app installs only but for specific actions app users take inside an app.
Offer Types
Different types of products or services affiliates advertise on a mobile CPA platform called offers. There are several most popular to mention – apps, games, coupons, dating, ecommerce, lead generation and more.
Payment Methods
There are several established payment methods affiliates get their commissions with on any mobile CPA platform. These are PayPal, wire transfer, cheque, and Payoneer.
Payment Terms
Another feature that distinguish one mobile CPA platform from the other is how often it pays its affiliates commissions they earn. A time frame may vary from daily to monthly and on a rare occasion every 45 days. So the payment terms are usually called Net XX, where XX stands for a time frame, e.g. 7, 15, 30, 45.
With all these terms defined, we can now walk through the list of some of the best  mobile CPA platforms out there.

App Store Affiliate Program
App Store Affiliate Program is the Apple © affiliate program for website or app owners to advertise apps, music, movies, books and other iTunes content and get their revenue share. The biggest advantage for affiliates to sign up for the Apple’s affiliate program is the Apple’s brand and reputation that backs it up and which has deserved trust of millions of people.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS
  • Campaign types: CPA
  • Offer Types: Music, Apps, Movies, TV Shows, Books
  • Payment methods: Wire Transfer, PayPal
  • Payment terms: Net 30

App Store Affiliate Program

Amazon Mobile Associates API
Amazon Mobile Associates API is an affiliate program from Amazon © that helps app businesses to monetize on their apps more efficiently. By selling products from the Amazon online store affiliates sales are backed up by the authority of the Amazon’s brand. The affiliate platform provides affiliates with various ad formats such as text links, mobile banners, responsive banners, integration with blogging platforms as well as mobile app integration.

  • Mobile platforms: Amazon, Android, iOS
  • Campaign types: CPA
  • Offer Types: Physical and Digital products
  • Payment methods: Direct Deposit, Amazon Gift Card, Check
  • Payment terms: Net 30

Introducing Amazon Mobile Associates Program

ClicksMob is a mobile performance company, founded by Rossi S.Rotem Amar and Vadim Drabkin in 2012 and based in San Francisco, US. There are several reasons for affiliates to consider the ClicksMob affiliate network, namely it offers the best prices on 200+ ad campaigns, proprietary reporting and tracking, 24/7 customer support and all commissions are paid always on time.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, WAP
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPE, CPI, CPL
  • Offer Types: Apps, Dating, Games, Mobile
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, PayPal
  • Payment terms: Net 30

ClicksMob Introduction

MUNDOmedia is a performance based advertising Canada-based company. MUNDOmedia affiliate network supports Mobile, Display, Search, Social and Email traffic type, it’s established relationships with over 2,000 advertisers around the globe. It also provides real-time tracking and reporting across mobile and desktop.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPL, CPC, PPC and CPM
  • Offer Types: Apps, Games, Entertainment, Healthcare, Finance, Gambling
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Check
  • Payment terms: Net 15

MUNDOmedia global digital advertising agency


YeahMobi is a performance based mobile advertising company, founded by Peter Zou and Frank Wang in May, 2009 in China. YeahMobi’s mobile app traffic monetization platform offers the suite of features for affiliates to increase revenue on their apps, these are proprietary NativeAds formats, programmatic mediation to ensure the highest eCPM possible, rich fill-rates worldwide via either SDK or API integration. For media buyers YeahMobi can offer a premium portfolio of top converting offers, dedicated managers support and a worldwide ad campaign coverage with attractive payment options. Also YeahMobi helps ad networks to increase their fill-rate, get access to exclusive advertisers, as well as bulk API connections.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  • Campaign types: CPA
  • Offer Types: Apps, Games
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, PayPal
  • Payment terms: Net 7

YeahMobi website homepage

Avazu Private Exchange

Avazu is an online advertising and digital marketing company, founded by Yi Shi in October, 2009 in Germany and later headquartered in Shanghai, China. Avazu Private Exchange (APX) –  an exchange platform for independent publishers to convert website traffic into revenue. The platform features  premium offers from advertisers, as well as rich media resources for publishers to advertise those offers.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI, CPL
  • Offer Types: App Installs, Mobile Content
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer
  • Payment terms: Net 3, Net 7

Guus Esbir Wildeman, Avazu Europe on Mobile Performance Marketing


RevMax a mobile monetization solution company, founded by Ryan Gray in 2015 in Tulsa, US. RevMax provides a platform for media buyers to maximize their profit, it features RevLink™ technology that allows them to run multiple campaigns with automatic geo optimization. One of the unique features is Private Mastermind forum for people who are new to media buying to get advice from professionals. RevMax provides offers from 250+ countries, as well as flexible weekly net 4 payment terms for publishers.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Web
  • Campaign types: CPA
  • Offer Types: Apps, Games, Mobile
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer
  • Payment terms: Net 4 Welcomes Mobile Media Buyers

Matomy Media Group is a global and multichannel performance-based advertising solutions company, founded by Adi Orzel in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2007. Matomy’s performance marketplace has more than 6,000 CPA and CPI offers for affiliates to profit on, as well as a referral program that rewards affiliate partners with 4% of referred affiliate’s commissions.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI, CPL
  • Offer Types: Apps, Coupons, Dating, Ecommerce, Entertainment, Games, Lead Gen, Utilities
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Paypal
  • Payment terms: Net 7, Net 15, Net 30

Matomy Media Group Introduction

Mobvista new
Mobvista is a mobile advertising and game publishing company, founded by Robin Duan in March, 2013 in Hong Kong, China. Mobvista CPA platform features M System, the company’s proprietary solution for affiliate to build their own monetization system, with customizable ad formats, profitable campaigns from third parties and traffic allocation sophisticated system.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Feature Phone, Windows Phone, Blackberry,
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI
  • Offer Types: Apps, Dating, Games
  • Payment methods: Alipay, Bank Transfer, Paypal
  • Payment terms: Net 7

How to Monetize your Android Apps?


Adxmi is a global mobile advertising platform, founded in China in 2010 by Youmi Technology. With Adxmi, 10,000+ publishers get access to the extensive global database of offers from 190,000 mobile app owners. The platform covers 1 billion mobile users worldwide and generates 3 billion mobile ad impressions daily.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI, CPC
  • Offer Types: Apps, Games, Mobile, Mobile Content
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Paypal
  • Payment terms: Net 7

Adxmi – mobile advertising and app monetization platform

Mobidea is a mobile programmatic affiliate network company, founded in 2012. One of the features that sets Mobidea apart from other CPA platforms is its Academy educational project for mobile affiliates to learn how to use its platform efficiently. Mobidea provides programmatic mediation for affiliates to manage the stream of offers they’re getting efficiently and increase their revenue significantly.

  • Mobile platforms: all major platforms
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI
  • Offer Types: Apps, CPI, Dating, Games, Mobile Content, Social Commission
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Paxum, Payoneer, Paypal, ePayments
  • Payment terms: Net1

Mobidea programmatic network for affiliate marketers


ClickDealer is a global performance marketing company, founded in 2012 by Dmitry Atamanyuk in Amsterdam, NL.
ClickDealer’s platform offers solutions for publishers, media buyers and agencies to reach their objectives. The offers pool provided by the platform covers 12+ most popular and lucrative verticals, more than 180 countries and consists of 5,000+ offers.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Feature Phone
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI
  • Offer Types: Apps, Gaming, Mobile Content, E-commerce, Nutra, LeadGen, Social Networking, Travel, Binaries
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments, ACH, eCheck
  • Payment terms: Net 2, Net 7

ClickDealer Legendary MeetUp, 2015

AppsUnion is a mobile CPA platform, launched in 2012 in China. AppsUnion is focused on working with advertisers directly and providing exclusive offers. It provides a proprietary tracking software that insures transparency and ease of its implementation to a mobile app.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI, CPL
  • Offer Types: App Installs, Casino, Coupons, Games, Mobile Content, Utilities
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Paypal
  • Payment terms: Net 7

AppsUnion mobile CPA platform

ClickAdu is an internet advertising network, founded in 2014 by Slava D in Czech, Prague. ClickAdu CPA platform commands more than 3,800 active campaigns with more than 2,300 active publishers, it features more than 70 million impressions daily, dedicated account managers to provide 24/7 support, CPM & ROI optimization and multiple payments support with payouts twice a month.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Feature Phone, Windows Phone, Blackberry,
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI, CPL
  • Offer Types: Apps, Mobile
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer
  • Payment terms: Net 15

ClickAdu sophisticated monetization solutions

Performance Revenues
Performance Revenues is the first real CPA Network. Finally, it is possible to guarantee CPA campaign to Advertisers from all verticals. This has become possible through an in-house technology dubbed KPI Hero which automates the process of converting CPI to CPA or to any other KPI.
The technology constantly monitors the performance of each campaign, calculates the effective CPA for each source, and performs the required actions to increase or pause publishers based on their performance.
We believe that this is a real game changer and a leap forward into the not-so-far future, where most campaigns will run on CPA.
If you are looking to gain quality engaged users, our cooperation can benefit you by achieving great success based on our key assets:

  1. Optimization Tools (KPI Hero) – In house algorithm that maximizes your KPI goals
  2. Fraud Detection Tool (Forensiq) – protects your brand and ensures quality users
  3. In-House Monetization solutions (HeroSDK) – Direct in-app traffic
  4. Our Super Hero marketers – dedicated experienced account manager 24/7

Performance Revenues mobile affiliate company

CPALead is mobile & web ad and affiliate network, founded in 2006 in Las Vegas, US. There are more than 200k affiliate members from that 180 countries that enjoy CPAlead affiliate network capacity bring over 20 new advertisers on board and provide direct CPA lead generation offers, both for website and mobile apps, among those affiliate product promoters, content locking and media buying publishers. All platform members can communicate with each other via built-in Member Chat to share tips and tricks on successful affiliate marketing. Up to date CPAlead has paid more than $100k of revenue to its affiliate members.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPC, CPI
  • Offer Types: App Installs, Coupons & Daily Deals, Dating, E-mail & Zip Submits, Education & Career, Entertainment, Financial & Credit, Free Trials, Gambling & Casino, Games, Insurance and more
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Paypal
  • Payment terms: Net 7

Introducing CPAlead

Kimia (from Arabic Al-Kimia – the alleged ability to  turn common metals into gold) is a mobile peformance marketing network, founded  by Karel de Beule in Madrid, Spain in 2006. Kimia offers the sophisticated platform, with device and carrier targeting, for mobile publishers, ad networks and media buyers to monetize mobile traffic locally. On average it hosts more than 1,000 ad campaigns per week, covers all geo locations and biz verticals and delivers exclusive offers.

  • Mobile platforms: All
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPL, CPM, CPI
  • Offer Types: all kinds of offers for a wide range of biz verticals
  • Payment methods: BankWire, Paypal, Paxum
  • Payment terms: Net-7, Net-15, Net-30

Kimia leading network for mobile online performance 
kimia latest kpi
Any mobile app developer or online business owner, who needs to increase his revenue stream, should check out these companies listed above. It’s important to remember that even though they provide an account manager for you to make your ad campaigns efficient, it will require a significant effort on your side to make such affiliate partnership profitable. It’s an on-going process and it requires constant refinement. Follow CPA platform company blog to get your hands on any educational material they provide, search resources like Slideshare for relevant materials as well.