Top Mobile Ad Mediation Platforms 2016

Artyom Dogtiev

In App Business. February 8, 2016


Mobile Ad mediation is a technology that sends advertising requests to multiple ad networks to ensure mobile publishers find the best available network to fill their ad slots. With ad mediation, publishers can manage, optimize and increase profitability of their inventory.

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The benefit of mobile ad mediation for app developers and publishers is using of a single SDK, with which publishers can set priority for serving ad networks demand, according to their specific eCPM, geography and other parameters. Also, with ad mediation solution, publishers are in a position to force advertisers to compete over their inventory and so they can significantly increase their profit.

The key trends include real time bidding that allows publishers to choose an ad network with the highest bid. Another trend is new formats adoption, such as native and video ads. With native ads, publishers get un-intrusive way of exposing ads inside their apps and increasing its efficiency. Video ads demonstrate much higher potential to generate profit as oppose to regular still image banners.

More sophisticated ad mediation providers quickly adopt a new mediation type. With traditional, so-called “Waterfall principle“, ad mediation all demand is separated into so-called “buckets”. With this scheme, publishers serve, or “empty” each ad network bucket, one after another, without any preference, which results in serving even low eCPM offers. The new mediation type, “Weighted Mediation”, is built upon using weighting co-efficients to prioritize ad networks that allows publishers to significantly increase their profit. The next Big Thing for mobile ad mediation in 2016 will be programmatic ad mediation. With this type of mediation, publishers can significantly reduce time they spend on actual demand mediation and increase their revenue even more.

We’ve pulled together the list of best mobile ad mediation platforms and here they are.

The Full List


new_mopub_light (1)

MoPub is a leading ad server and programmatic exchange company, founded in 2010 by Bryan Atwood in San Francisco, US and acquired by Twitter Inc. in 2013. The company’s ad network mediation solution supports all top ad networks globally and the list of partners keeps growing. It empowers publishers to make a bigger profit on their ad inventory, the MoPub’s single SDK makes it easy to work with multiple ad partners and increase publishers fill rate. The company doesn’t charge publishers a fee of their network revenue.

  • Tag line: Drive More Mobile Ad Revenue
  • Key features: Free, Custom SDK events, top ad networks support
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Twitter Flight 2015 – How the MoPub Marketplace Works by Helen Friedland



AdMob is a mobile advertising and monetization platform, founded in 2006 by Omar Hamoui and acquired by Google in 2009. AdMob provides publishers  a free ad network mediation tool to simplify their ad operations and increase their revenue. The solution offers two types of mediation – Impression Goal Campaign and Ad Sources Ordered by eCPM.

With an Impression Goal Campaign, publishers run ad campaigns with a specific impression goal, daily limit and predefined duration. Once impression goal is served, additional ad requests will be filled by eCPM-based ad sources, including the AdMob Network, the AdMob eCPM Floor Beta, third-party ad networks. With Ad Sources Ordered by eCPM type, publishers run campaigns, using ad networks eCPM value as a criteria of  choosing ad sources.

  • Tag line: Monetize Your Apps Intelligently
  • Key features: Free, supports leading ad networks, two types of ad networks mediation
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Cocos

Launchpad Online: Ad Network Mediation



Appodeal is a mobile app monetization company, founded by Natalie Portier and Pavel Golubev in January, 2015 in San Francisco, US. The company’s ad networks mediation platform empowers publishers with a single, easy-to-setup solution that supports all major mobile platforms to increase revenue they make with ad networks. The solution features daily payouts, guaranteed eCPM improvement over time and 100% fill rate.

  • Tag line: Programmatic mediation
  • Key features: Free, 100% fill rate, simple 10-lines-of-code SDK, comprehensive documentation
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Cocos, Marmalade, Gideros, PhoneGap, Adobe Air.

Appodeal – Programmatic Ad Mediation for Mobile Apps



Smaato is the global real-time advertising and monetization platform for mobile publishers and app developers, founded in August, 2005 by Ragnar Kruse. The platform’s ad mediation solution allows publishers to diversify their demand and generate more revenue by increasing competition. The solution provides integration with a new or existing account with major SDK-enabled ad networks publishers are already working with into their SPX demand stack.

  • Tag line: Monetize your App with the Smaato Publisher Platform
  • Key features: 420+ demand partners, easy integration, higher eCPM
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Smaato: Why Integrate The Smaato SDK?

OpenX Mobile


OpenX Mobile is a digital advertising technology company, founded by Scott Switzer and Damon Reeve in 2008 in Pasadena, US. One of the platform cutting-edge features is an ad mediation solution, it allows publishers to fetch third-party ads with a single SDK and increase their revenue. The third-party ad networks include AdColony, AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, InMobi, Millennial Media and MoPub. It supports two advertising formats – banner  and interstitial ads.

  • Tag line: Online Advertising Technology to Maximize Ad Revenue
  • Key features: OpenX video player, native ad units support, openRTB support, rich media ads
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

OpenX: Mobile Advertising

Opera Mediaworks


Opera Mediaworks is a mobile advertising company, founded in 2013 in San Mateo, US. Opera Mediaworks, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Opera Software ASA.  AdMarvel, the company’s ad-serving and mediation solution for mobile publishers, provides publishers with access to more than 120 certified demand partners ad requests. The AdMarvel Optimizer solution allows publishers to automatically channel mobile traffic towards  ad networks with the highest eCPM rate across geographical regions. The solution supports tag-based smartphone, tablet and interactive TV ad inventory.

  • Tag line: Ad Serving & Mediation
  • Key features: rewarded ad mediation, certified demand partners, interactive TV ad inventory
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Rewarded Ad Mediation


Mobvista new

Mobvista is a mobile advertising and game publishing company, founded by Robin Duan in March, 2013 in Hong Kong, China. The company’s ad mediation solution, M System, allows publishers to set up custom ad formats and run profitable ad campaigns from multiple third party ad networks. With M System, publishers get access to offers from all premium networks like Facebook, AdMob, Pubnative, Supersonic and many others. One of the M System distinctive features is allowing developers to set up house ad campaigns to promote either their own apps or another advertiser’s product through a direct deal.

  • Tag line: A Tool To Help You Create A Highly Efficient Monetization System Of Your Own.
  • Key features: customizable ad formats, house ads, smart traffic allocation
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Mobvista Leading Global Mobile Advertising Platform EN



Affle is Singapore headquartered company that offers Mobile Apps and Ads as a Service (MAAS) platform for marketers and publishers. Founded in 2006 Anuj KumarAnuj Khanna Sohum and the group of  the entrepreneurs in Singapore. Affle’s platform for publishers features integrated SDK for analytics, 500+ million database of app user profiles, audience intelligence tool for CPM, segmentation, promotion and monetization. The platform’s mobile ad mediation tool brings publishers optimization of their app user experience based on profile and predictive algorithms, as well as native, rich media, video and app walls ad delivery.

  • Tag line: Mobile Audience as a Service Platform
  • Key features: 500+ million app user profile database, display, rich media, native & video ad unit portfolio.
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Affle – Mobile Audience as a Service Platform



MobFox is a mobile advertising company, founded by Julian Zehetmayr and Maximilian Springer in 2010 in Vienna, Austria. The company’s publisher platform features direct integration with 31+ mobile ad networks through a server-side connection that allows publishers to dynamically allocate their inventory to one or more third party ad networks. One of the platform’s distinctive features is providing dynamic custom event classes, publishers can quickly integrate native ad SDKs that MobFox do not support on the server-side. Advertising networks mediation is available for banner ads, interstitials, full-screen video and native ads.

  • Tag line: The Open Mobile Advertising Platform
  • Key features: No SDK required, free, custom events, dynamic allocation
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android, Windows Phone

MobFox homepage

mobfox native ads


Fyber Official Logo

Fyber is  a leading mobile advertising technology company, founded Andreas Bodczek and Janis Zech in 2009 in Berlin, Germany. With ad networks mediation solution, Fyber wants to help publishers to get their apps to the ad market faster, providing an SDK that supports all major mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Unity and Adobe Air. The solution managing features allow publishers to be efficient with their direct deals management and refine monetization strategy. Fyber’s ad mediation dashboard empowers publishers with a number of features to enable, configure and optimize ad demand partners without any app code modifications.

  • Tag line: Integrate, Manage and Optimize Ad Networks
  • Key features: certified partner with top ad networks like AdColony, Facebook Audience Network, AdMob and others
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Adobe Air

What is Fyber?

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Mobile Advertising Companies

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AerServ is a free mobile SSP and monetization company, founded in 2012 in Newport Beach, US. The AerServ’s Mediation platform gives publishers an efficient and easy-to-use tool to make advertisers competing over their inventory. Aerserv’s focus on a video ad format gives its platform a great potential to generate high revenue for publishers, it’s capable to bring 10x CPM of what banner  to deliver. The platform’s dashboard allows publishers quickly identify high and low performing ad networks and easily add or remove ad partners.

  • Tag line: Maximize Your Mobile Revenue
  • Key features: focus on video ad format, multiple ad formats support with aerWall tech.
  • Mobile platforms: Android native, Unity 3D, Adobe Air

AerServ Homepage



Interactive is a mobile ad marketplace company, focused on native and video ad format, founded by Offer Yehudi and Ziv Elul in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2007. The company’s ad network mediation platform INNEX provides developers several unique features, such as Unified Auction to manage bids from DSP and premium traffic sources on a single dashboard and maximize revenue and dynamic floor pricing by country and/or property. The ad mediation platform supports mobile native video & display, mobile rich media and interstitials. INNEX reporting and analytics feature allows developers to maximize their inventory’s profitability, yet ensuring brand safety.

  • Tag line: Global Independent Mobile Ad Exchange Focused On Powering Native And Video Ads
  • Key features: parallel bidding by RTB and non-RTB demand sources, dynamic floor pricing, programmatic offline deals powering
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Inneractive: App Monetization. Simplified



Epom is a premium mobile advertising network and ad server company, founded by Anton Ruin in 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine. The company offers the ad serving platform to launch ad campaigns across  both mobile web and in-app platforms. The Epom’s Ad Server competitive advantage is in providing ‘Unimobile’ technology, which is an exclusive solution for non-mobile optimized web pages. The solution is capable to track any visitor, opening a site on a mobile device from a smartphone or tablet, and identify the device model automatically, leading to the display of a mobile ad, customized to the correct device size. Epom’s real-time bidding platform provides publishers access and mediation of 20 mobile specific DSP partners, it allows them to manage their ad campaigns efficiently and increase revenue.

  • Tag line: Access Advertisers Worldwide
  • Key features: supports standard ad sizes as well as rich media, expandable/collapsible ads and full-page interstitials, precise targeting options include city, state, country
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

EPOM Ad Server for Networks


Adtapsy is a mobile ad revenue company, founded by Borislav Gizdov and Branimir Ivanov in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2013. With Adtapsy ad mediation platform SDK, publishers get access to the most profitable ad networks such as Chartboost, Revmob, Applovin and many others. The platform’s distinctive features are an ability to auto-switch to the most profitable ad network to ensure up to 99% fill rate, as well as real-time leaderboards and regular prizes for the best publishers. The platform’s eCPM predictive analytics feature allows publishers to analyze historical performance and pre rearrange multiple waterfall combinations for each app and for each country. With the Adtapsy dashboard analytics feature publishers can track such important KPI as Impressions, Fill Rate, eCPM and Revenue in real time.

  • Tag line: Maximize In-App Revenue From Ad Networks
  • Key features: 196 mediation geo-specific “waterfalls”, real-time analytics
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Adtapsy website homepage



Supersonic is a mobile advertising and monetization technology company, founded  by Arik Czerniak and Gil Shaham in 2009 in San Bruno, US. With Supersonice video ad mediation platform, publishers can serve ads from leading video ad network and maximize their revenue with this top-performing ad format. The video ad mediation SDK offers publishers two types of mediation – “waterfall” and weighted, where the first types allows to serve offers from multiple video ad sources one after another, and the latter allows to prioritize the best performing sources.

  • Tag line: Maximize Your Ad Revenue
  • Key features: two types of video mediation, focus on a video format
  • Mobile platforms: iOS Android, Unity, Adobe Air

Supersonic homepage



AdiQuity is a mobile ad and monetization company, founded by Anurag Dod in 2006 in Bangalore, India. The company offers monetization solutions for both mobile sites and apps. With AdiQuity Plus, the company’s ad mediation platform,  publishers can optimize their inventory across multiples ad networks and increase their fill more than 95%. The platform’s ad network management has manual and automatic optimization mode to manage relationships with existing ad partners and add new ones quickly and efficiently. AdiQuity ad server features multiple targeting options along with setting the price and budget and publishers own campaigns uploading.

  • Tag line: Monetize Your Mobile Website To Its Full Potential
  • Key features: Carrier, handset and geo-wise reporting, own campaigns uploading, manual / automatic optimization
  • Mobile platforms: iOS Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, webOS, Blackberry.

AdiQuity homepage




FusePowered a mobile game publisher-centric monetization company, founded by Jon Walsh in Toronto, Canada in 2009, acquired by Upsight in January, 2016. Among other app monetization companies, FusePowered stands out as the only company that is solely focused on helping mobile game publishers to optimize their inventory and increase revenue. With a single SDK publishers can use a broad spectrum of monetization solutions – targeted IAP offers, rewarded video and relevant ads. The company’s ad mediation solution AdRally unifies publishers partnership with major ad networks as Adcolony, Applovin, Unity Ads, mopub and many others. It supports rewarded video, static and video interstitial, as well as rich media format. AdRally optimization features include adaptive ranking algorithms, discovery and serendipitous testing, data significance thresholds and more.

  • Tag line: Everything You Need to Monetize and Optimize Your Game
  • Key features: eCPM floor thresholds, adaptive ranking, ad partner target management
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Corona, Marmalade, Adobe Air

Inneractive: App Monetization. Simplified



TapSense is a mobile advertising exchange company, founded in 2011 by Ash Kumar and Amit Manjhi in San Francisco, US. The company’s ad mediation solution offers publishers multiple ad formats support, sophisticated yield optimization tools to optimize publishers inventory allocation to maximize revenue. Among other optimization features is ability to optimize fill rates and eCPM via smart publishers impressions allocation among demand partners. TapSense SDK supports all leading ad networks .

  • Tag line: The Leading Mobile Advertising Exchange
  • Key features: multiple ad formats support, yield optimization tools
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android.

TapSense homepage




PropellerAds media is an internet media company, founded in 2011. The company offers a wide range of solutions to monetize mobile and desktop software, social, websites, 404 web pages, as well as advertising solutions to acquire mobile app users across different geo locations and business verticals. The ad networks mediation solution from PropellerAds allows publishers to get thousands of advertisers and third-party ad networks to bid over their inventory, choosing the highest eCPM bids to increase their profit. The ad platform supports various formats such as onclick ads, Dialog ads, mobile interstitials, banner and video ads, as well as direct links.

  • Tag line: Online Advertising Made Easy
  • Key features: 100% malware free ads, personal account manager, in-time payouts
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Web.

PropellerAds media website home page


Final Thoughts

With the release of ad network mediation solutions from multiple app monetization companies, finally mobile publishers have gotten the right tool to be in control of what ads to serve and could increase their ad revenue significantly. The ad mediation providers market is moving toward Weighted Mediation type, as the one that is capable to deliver even higher profits. In a situation when publishers finally could set a priority for specific ad demand suppliers, advertisers are forced to innovate to find news ways of increasing their eCPM and overall attractiveness to publishers. Native and video ad formats are in intersection of ad network mediation solution providers and publishers best interests. The latter get un-intrusive ads to expose inside the apps and be clicked by app users, the former get an upper hand in competition with other ad mediation providers.

You can find more coverage of this area in our app monetisation directory.