88% of mobile marketers focus on first-party data collection in 2021

Anne Freer | January 14, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Collecting first-party data has become a primary goal for marketers in 2021, according to a new report from Merkle shared with Marketing Dive.

It appears that 52% of marketers are already more focused on digital strategies that allow them to collect more first-party data.

The collection and storing of first-party data over the coming six to 12 months was one of the top priorities for marketers (88%).

Meanwhile, 41% of respondents said that digital media activation was more impacted due to the rise of privacy-related data restrictions.

Other areas impacted included web analytics (39%), digital media measurement (35%) and direct marketing activation (35%).

The report states:

“Marketers don’t have to infer customer preferences or behavior through secondary behavior but are instead explicitly told, straight from the source. The best zero-party data is when the customers trust the brand and are willing to volunteer their data with the understanding that it will improve their experience.”

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