The Best Mobile App Developers Directory

Christopher Reynolds

In App Marketing. April 12, 2012

The 2012 best mobile app development companies

Finding a quality mobile app developer is hard.  So, welcome to the mobyaffiliates 2012 list of the World’s Best Mobile App Developers. We’ve researched, filtered and structured a short-list of the most renowned, and promising, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and HTML5 dedicated app development studios, worldwide.  This app developer directory is still very much a work in progress, and we’re open to suggestions, so if you have a developer you’d like to recommend, please do contact us and let us know why they should be included.
Update – thanks to @technokitten of Mobile Monday London and others for the new suggestions.
You can grab the guide from this blog post or view or download it as a presentation from scribd or slideshare.

Mobile App Developers Guide

UK mobile app developers

Grapple Mobile – Award-winning mobile development agency based in London, with offices throughout Europe and the US. Worked with clients such as Xbox, BT and Adidas.
Somo Global – major mobile app developer as well as acting as a full service mobile marketing agency
Future Platforms – Brighton-based and well established mobile development agency with a stellar client list and world class technical and design credentials
Ribot – highly respected mobile app development and design shop with an award winning rosta of previous projects including for Tesco and other major brands
Paperbag – reported to be “lovely guys” developing mobile apps out of London and Belfast.
Ustwo – East London based mobile app developer behind major apps including Barclays Pingit as well as in-house successes such as Mouth Off
Hedgehoglab – the North of England’s best post-PC development house with a string of major clients
Mippin – Claims to be world’s largest app developer and publisher. Mippin offers both bespoke app development and an app creation platform to clients.
Gospelware – Mobile app and mobile game developer based in Gateshead, UK. Gospelware develops across Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms. Clients include Disney, Cravens and GameHorizon.

Italian Recipes app, by Golden Gekko

Italian Recipes app, by Golden Gekko.

Episty – London-based software company that focuses on mobile app and web app development. Clients include BT, Food Kingdom and ArtsThread.
Other Edition – Mobile development company that focuses on creating digital magazines for the iPhone and iPad.  Clients include magazine brands such as Dazed and Confused and V Magazine.
Mubaloo – Bristol-based mobile app developer that specialises in creating bespoke business apps for corporate clients, such as NHS, AXA and William Hill.
PocketApp – Cross platform smartphone app developer based in London, with offices in India. Clients include BBC, Sky, Vodafone and Samsung.
Golden Gekko – Award winning app developer base in London. Golden Gecko claims to produce more apps than any other developer. Clients include O2, Volkswagon and Unilever.
Simon Judge – Android-only developer based in Surrey, UK. Clients include Philips, Oracle and Sony Ericsson.
Copper Mobile – UK developer, with offices in the US and India, which supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone development. Clients include Cisco and the US Army.
SnApp – UK developer that focuses on creating apps for businesses. Has worked with Tesco, HMV and Waterstones.
Portable Pixels – London-based iOS and Android developer, responsible for the popular Hatchi virtual pet game. Clients include Audi, Alfa Romeo and Wallpaper magazine.
Mokaza – London-based app development team, responsible for iPhone apps SuperDoc, WordBlox and Instabam.
Bluemungus – Edinburgh-based iOS and Android developer. Clients include The Co-operative and rock band The Proclaimers.
Create Digital Media – iOS and Android development team based in Kent responsible for a number of featured iPhone apps. Has worked with travel brands Belle France and Alan Rogers.
Red Ninja – Liverpool-based cross platform app developer that focuses on augmented reality and location-based applications. Clients include Slazenger and TicketLine.
Streamba – Multi-platform smartphone app developer with offices in Glasgow and London. Developed apps for, Atlantic Fast Food and Peterson SBS.
The App Factory – Multi-platform app developer, based in Manchester, that focuses on the Android platform. Developed popular apps such as Facebook Pro and Find Phone.
Common – Award-nominated Android and iPhone app developer based in Huddersfield. Clients include Moonpig and HTC.
Gourmet Pixel – iOS-only developer responsible for a number of award-winning apps. Clients include Electronic Arts, Virgin and Shakeaway. Based in Berkshire.
Waracle – Mobile app developer based in Dundee, Scotland. Clients include Virgin Atlantic, NHS Scotland and the Scottish Football Association.
Chelsea Apps Factory – West London based apps production company, working with leading brands and media companies

App Developers in Ireland

Android App – friendly Irish mobile app developer, focusing, as you might have guessed on the Android Platform

European mobile app developers

Mobail Apps – Corporate app iPhone and Android app developer based in Madrid, Spain, Clients include Telefonica, Palladium, and Barcelo.
MAD Ideas – iOS, Android and web app developer based in Madrid, Spain. Has developed a number of transport-related apps for clients, including MADbus, RAEplus and BCNbus.
La Fapptoria – Barcelona-based developer covering iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry apps. Has developed apps for El Mundo, Real Valladolid CF, and Sara Lee.

El Mundo app, by La Fapptoria

El Mundo app, by La Fapptoria

DuoApps – iOS and Android developer based in Corsica, France. Has developed apps for a range of clients including Gizmodo, Menly and French magazine Marianne2.
KickYourApp – Paris-based app developer that uses a middleware development platform to create promotional apps for brands. Clients include EuroSport, Relais & Chateaux and Sprite.
Magic Apps – Android, iOS and Samsung Bada app developer based in Suresnes, France. An official Samsung Bada partner.
iD Apps – Multi-platform developer based in Boulogne, France. Clients include spirit brand Pernod and catering service Centrale De Reglement Des Titres.
greenrobot – Android app developer based in Berlin, Germany. Developed popular apps such as QuickSearch, GroovyMovie and PreisScanner.
MobileJuice – App developer based in Belgium. Develops apps across iOS, Android and BlackBerry and for clients such as Nokia, BMW and Red Bull.
EdgeLabs – Windows Phone, iOS and Android developer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Clients include Samsung,  LG and Portugal’s transport body Metro do Porto.

Nordic Mobile App Developers

Boost – mobile web focused app developer based in Norway
Crystal Code – iOS developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Offers both iPhone app development and mobile enterprise development. Clients include Puma, McDonalds and Pacifico.
Vitamin Interactive – Based in Malmo, Sweden. Produces mobile apps for iPhone and Android for client such as Sony Ericsson, O2 and Vodafone.
Plexical – App developer that focuses on HTML5 web-apps that are cross platform compatible.  Based in Goteburg, Sweden

Eastern European Mobile App Developers

Miquido – a mobile apps studio based in the heart of the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland, working for international and Polish clients across IoS, Android and mobile web
Next Root – Romanian app developer based in Timisoara. Works across Windows Phone, iOS, Android and HTML5 Platforms.
4mobile – Android and iOS app developer based in Prague, Cezch Republic. Worked with brands such as Samsung, Hallmark and Glu.

USA mobile app developers

Applico – Award-winning app developer, and mobile consultant, based in New York. Works across BlackBerry, Android and iOS plattforms. Clients include Toshiba, General Motors and NBC.
WillowTree, Inc –  One of the largest app developers in the USA, working across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms. Clients include GE, Time Warner, AOL and NBA. Based in Charlottesville, VA.

Bank Rate Calculator, by Applico

Bank Rate Calculator, by Applico

XCube Labs – Multi-platform app developer based in Dallas, Texas. Has developed over 400 apps, including Tap Zoo, iTarot, and Health Assist.
YMedia Labs – Award-winning app developer based in San Francisco. YMedia Apps include eCorner, Gootnau and Alpha Writer.
Mobisoft – Android, BlackBerry and iOS app developer based in Houston, Texas. Has developed over 130 apps across the Android Market, BlackBerry World and App Store.
ArcTouch – San Francisco-based app studio working across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BalckBerry platforms. Clients include Walmart, Honeywell and CBS.
Artyllect – San Francisco-based app developer with over 70 apps across Android, iOS and BlackBerry. Clients include IBM, TrendMicro and Intel.
Mozzapp – iOS and Android developer based in San Francisco. Combines onsite design with offshore development. Clients include MTV and The abc network.
Duff Research – Mobile app developer based in San Francisco, working across Android, iOS and Amazon’s Kindle. Clients include Adidas and TiVo.
DoubleDutch – San Francisco-based app developer that specialises in creating geo-social enterprise apps for businesses. Clients include Adobe, HP and Cisco.
Tiny Mobile – iOS, Android and Windows Phone app developer based in San Francisco. Developed the apps Ace Coin Bulldozer and Ace Slot Casino.
Cosmic Cube – San Francisco-based developer specialising in white label productivity and entertainment apps on iOS and Android.
Tierra Innovation – iOS, Android and web developers based in New York City.  Developed apps for The New Yorker and Napster.
Appital – New York-based iOS, Windows Phone and Android developer that specialises in enterprise, location-based and consumer-facing apps. Clients include SeaWorld and Central Park.
Tendigi – iOS developer based in New York. Developed apps for Ford, IBM and Estee Lauder.
Maag Studios – New York-based developer with offices in India. Developers for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms.
Two Bulls – Award-winning app developer that specialises in augmented reality. Has worked with clients such as CocaCola, Sesame Street and Deloitte.
Ubermind – Seattle-based app developer that works across iOS and Android. Clients include AmTrack and Alaska Airlines. Backed by Deloitte.
Pixel Lab – Seattle-based developer that specialised in Windows Phone and HTML5 platforms.  Responsible for porting Cut The Rope to HTML5 and Evernote to Windows Phone 7.

Canadian mobile app developers

Flowfinity – Enterprise app development platform based in Vancouver, Canada, enabling business to create their own apps. Clients include Heinz and Bacardi.
WhereCloud – iOS and Android app developers based in Montreal. WhereCloud boasts its apps have generated over 3 million downloads. Clients include Yellow Pages, LCG Medical and ShopWise.
Spark Platform – iOS and Android developer based in Ottawa, but with offices in Algeria and France. Clients include ClubMed, Algeria Post and The National Bank of Greece. Also offer mPayment solutions.
MindSea – Canadian iOS and Android app developer based in Halifax. Apps include PocketBooth, Masterfile and Post Media Newspapers.
FingerFood – iOS, blackBerry and Android developers based in Port Moody, BC. Developed popular apps such as the Black Friday shopping app and Snog Marry Avoid.
Ripe Apps – Toronto-based iOS and Android developer that offers a profit-share funding model for apps. Clients include Bank of Montreal and Chorus Entertainment.
Szello – App developer focusing on iPhone and BlackBerry development. Developed the popular Keep Up game and the video app for TED. Based in Ottawa.

Australia/New Zealand mobile app developers

OutWare – Award winning iPhone, Android and iPad developers based in Melbourne, Australia. Developed apps for major brands such as Visa, Penguin Books and Sensis.
NextFaze – Develops iPhone, iPad and Android apps, with a focus on apps for festivals and events. Clients include The Field Day festival and Toyota. Based in North Adelaide, Australia.
Secret Lab – Multi-platform app developer that specialises in smartphone games, such as Day of the Tiki and Heroes of the North. Based in Tasmania, Australia.
Appiphany – iPhone and Android app developer based in Melbourne, Australia. Developed apps such as Live Scene, Faces & Places and City Tag. Offers joint venture app funding model.
Wave Digital – iPhone, Android and Windows Phone developer based in Melbourne,  Australia. Clients include Spec Savers, AXA and Australia Post.
iApps – Multi-platform app developer based in Maloolaba, Australia, with offices in India. Develops both enterprise and consumer apps, including Pokemaker, Flight Box and iHeard.
Moa Creative – App developer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Develops iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps for major brands such as AA, 3 News and Air New Zealand.
Smudge Apps – iPhone, Android and Windows Phone developer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Has developed over 100 apps for clients such as Vodafone, Yellow Pages and Grolsch.

Asian/Middle Eastern mobile app developers

Robosoft – Award-winning multiplatform app developer based in Udupi, India. Robosoft mainly focuses on casual game development and developed titles Ranch Rush and Pipe Mania.
Vxtindia – Mobile Development company based on out of Pune, India, with a track record of producing high quality apps and games.
Dot Com Infoway – Multinational mobile app developer that works across all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada and Symbian. Headquartered in Chennai, India, with offices in the USA and Netherlands.

Gravity Surf, by Synqua

Gravity Surf, by Synqua

Sourcebits – Bangalore-based app developer, with offices in New York and San Francisco. Offers app development across all mobile platforms, as well as Facebook and web apps. Clients include Coca Cola and blog Boy Genius Report.
Synqua – Mumbai-based app developer that focuses on producing mobile games for clients and the Synqua brand. Apps include Lugage Mania and Gravity Surf.
WINIT – Cross-platform app developer headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with offices in New York and the Netherlands. Clients include Jet Airways and Cisco.
Divum – Multiplatform app developer based in Bangalore, India. Has created apps for a number of global clients including ESPN, Yahoo and MTV.
iAuro – Android and iOS developer based in Maharashtra, India, with over 50 apps published across the App Store and Android market, including MS Portfolio, Peak Meetings and PhonePhix.
Appio – New start-up app developer based in Singapore, with offices in Vietnam and the UK. Focuses on enterprise apps, for clients such as Smart Finance and Truffle Net.
Data Calibre – iOS developer based in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. Apps include BusyBee, Social Reminders and Baby Booth.
Ono Apps – Israeli app developer working across iOS and Android platforms. Apps include Mix-Tones, Guinness’ official app and Fitango.
Zemingo – iOS and Android app developer based in Israel. Apps include Dit It!, Coffe Call and Seembee.
iPhSoft – Israeli iOS app developer that specialises in iPhone games. Clients include AT&T Red Sprite Studios and Adventure Soft.
Gini Apps – iOS-only developer based in Israel. Clients include Hyundai and Poker Radar.