Top Instagram Marketing Companies (2021)

Updated: January 16, 2022

Instagram marketing is where you advertise a mobile app using the might of Instagram. This form of mobile marketing can help you reach the right people in the correct context and boost your mobile app’s momentum. You’ll be able to drive installs for an app, optimize engagement, and meet business goals. You’ll obtain novel insights that show you how your audience engages and interacts with your content.

Most app developers and advertisers turn to Instagram marketing agencies to promote their app on the social media platform. These agencies are specialists with years of experience and offer various marketing strategies across multiple social media platforms, including Instagram.

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Source: Yodel Mobile

Instagram Marketing Agencies – What Do They Do?

Instagram marketing agencies are hired for the direct purpose of promoting apps and developing long-term strategies for the platform. Benefits of using mobile Instagram marketing agencies include the following:

  • They can take insights and use them to create multi-channel marketing campaigns which boost your visibility
  • They can significantly increase conversion rates and organic traffic
  • They can increase retention and engagement with creative communication strategies
  • They can help to acquire new users at volume in a scalable and profitable manner
  • They can tweak and adapt marketing campaigns in real-time and let you know what’s working and what isn’t

Instagram Influencer Marketing

In case you didn’t know: influencer marketing is essentially a form of social media marketing that uses product endorsements from people known as ‘influencers’.

These influencers are individuals who have a loyal social following and are often considered to be experts in their given niche. Influencer marketing works well because of the trust between the influencer and their followers; followers receive product recommendations from influencers.

Instagram Influencer marketing works in the same way. Your brand or business can work with Instagram influencers to boost the awareness of your products and services. Naturally, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms there is, so successful marketing campaigns with influencers can be highly beneficial. It’s also a platform with high engagement rates; users are more likely to interact with the platform.

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Source: The Influencer Marketing Factory

Instagram Ad Costs

Here are the average costs for advertising with Instagram.

Model Rates Country
Cost-per-follower (CPF) $0.14 US
Cost-per-click (CPC) $1.13 US
Cost-per-install (CPI) $2.23 US
Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) $6.70 US

Source: WebFX

There are many more reasons to use an Instagram marketing agency, but these are the key benefits. Here we’ve put together for you a list of the best mobile Instagram marketing agencies.

List of Instagram marketing agencies and services


Drive Higher Mobile R.O.I.

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Bamboo is a mobile advertising agency, founded in San Francisco, US in 2014. It specializes on mobile campaign management, mobile growth strategy, creative strategy and production, advertising iteration service. The agency ran paid ad campaigns on top social media networks to acquire mobile app users for leading brands like Dropbox, Hotel Tonight, Peloton, Microsoft and others.

  • Services: Media Strategy, Campaign Management, Creative Services For Paid Social, Paid Search and Mobile Ad Channels.
  • Offices: San Francisco, US
  • Tagline: “Meet the extension of your in-house growth team”


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