Top Ad Servers (2019)

Artyom Dogtiev

Updated: April 6, 2020

The modern online advertising market is a multi-billion industry that grew, in US alone, from $43 billion in 2013 to reach $129 billion in 2019. It consists of several key players and technical solutions, namely – advertisers, publishers, SSP (stands for Supply Side Platform), DSP (Demand Side Platform), ad networks and advertising agencies. In the intersection of all of them lies the crucial component of ad servers.

In this guide we review the ad server space in detail, covering the major types of different ad serving and ad mediation platforms ranging from general players to specialist mobile and video ad platforms.

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Ad Server Definition

What is an ad server?

An ad server is an advertising software hosted on a server to manage online ad campaigns and used by publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, and ad networks. Ad server software defines what ad to display at what specific time frame and on what website or mobile app. There are multiple kinds of ad servers – open source ad server, self-hosted ad server, video ad server and more ad hoc ad server solutions.

In addition, it also collects data on ads performance (number of impressions, clicks, CTR ratio and more) for all parties to use, as well as defines targeting, performs ad budget control, and frequency capping. A publisher ad server helps web and mobile publishers to earn money with their inventory. Selling ads on their website or inside mobile allow publishers to generate revenue from the content they produce, while keeping that content free for their audiences.

Let’s look under the hood of an ad server and answer the question – what does it do? The sequence of events of a digital ad serving process looks like this:

  • a user arrives at a website or opens a mobile app
  • suitable to specific criteria ads are requested from the Ad Server. Such criteria may include, the date and time of day, the dimensions of the ad slot, the geo location, user device OS and more
  • the Ad Server selects which ads should be displayed based on the criteria
  • the selected ads are returned to the website or mobile app for the user to see.
  • the Ad Server tracks each time the ad gets clicked and stores this data to provide analytics to the Ad Server user.

Now, let’s review several types of ad server companies, as well as several ways to split them into two major categories.

First Party vs Third Party Ad Servers

First-Party ad server is the one that is hosted on a publisher’s server to serve advertisers ads that it needs to display on its website(s) or inside mobile app(s). It helps to simplify and streamline the process of selling ad slots to advertisers. In times when no direct ad campaigns (sold directly to the publisher) are being run, the server defines what ads from a partner ad network or another ad server to display inside a publisher’s inventory.

Third Party ad server is used by advertisers and ad agencies to store and manage advertising code, as well as to deliver, track and analyze ad campaigns run on multiple publishers websites. It helps advertisers to verify the validity of data provided by publishers for impressions and clicks they delivered. Yet another use of a 3rd party ad server is to allow advertisers to run A/B testing to optimize their ads campaigns.

Hosted vs Self-Hosted Ad Servers

Hosted ad server is the one that is hosted for a client by an ad server company. Such servers don’t requite any technical knowledge for how to run it on a client’s side and wholly rely on an ad server professional expertise. They don’t requite installation, provide technical support, can be updated automatically

Self-hosted ad server is the one that is hosted on a client’s own online server. It provides higher level of control over user’s data, as well as higher level of software customization. Obviously in a contrast with a Hosted ad server, this one does require technical knowledge for how to install it, as well as how to maintain it properly.

Open Source Ad Servers

Open Source server is a free ad server system that enables publishers, ad networks and advertisers to perform a number of operations with ads. Specifically – serve ads on websites and in apps, as well as collect data for impressions, clicks and conversions. It’s capable to manage and run ad campaigns for multiple advertisers, as well as from an ad network or ad exchange and perform other functions typical for a Third Party ad server. Essentially, the only difference between such server and a Third Party one is that the former provides its services for free.

The next significant division for ad servers comes from a type of devices ads are being displayed on – a computer or mobile device (a smartphone or tablet).

Mobile Ad Servers

Mobile ad server is a web-based self-serving software solution for advertisers to manage their mobile ads they display inside apps or on mobile web. Among pros that they bring up for advertisers: they allow to have a control over bids and budgets, help with campaigns scheduling, provide sophisticated targeting, as well as guarantee transparency in ad campaigns analysis and valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

Video Ad Servers

Video ad server is an advertising software hosted on a server to manage video ads. It handles video ads displaying on multiple websites or in apps to specific audience, as well as ads performance tracking and reporting to advertisers.

Average eCPM Rates

When it comes to choosing a specific ad platform, one of the major metrics for online marketers is eCPM, which stands for effective Cost Per Mile, where mile stands for a 1,000 ad impressions. Some of the recent eCPM rates for the leading ad servers presented on the following tables, for Android and iOS respectively.

Average US eCPM rates for Android by platform

platform / ad typeRewarded videoVideoBannerInterstitialNative
Unity Ads$8.65$4.66

Source: Blognife

Average US eCPM rates for iOS by platform

platform / ad typeRewarded videoVideoBannerInterstitialNative
Unity Ads$7.78$5

Source: Blognife

  • You can read more about mobile app advertising rates here.

  • Most popular SDKs

    Every ad server company on the market has its own SDK – a software that publishers need to implement into their apps to display advertisers ads, manage their campaigns and track its performance via reports. According to MightySignal, mobile app and SDK intelligence company, the most popular SDKs on the market you can see on the following table.

    Monetization SDKs in Top 200 Free iOS Apps

    Name# of apps use it% of the Top 200 apps
    Google AdMob 12563
    FB Audience Network 6231
    Google Mobile Ads6131
    SupersonicSDK 4523
    VungleSDK – iOS 4422
    Unity Ads4221
    AppLovin 4221
    AdColony 2312

    Source: MightySignal

    Monetization SDKs in Top 200 Free Android Apps

    Name# of apps use it% of the Top 200 apps
    Google Admob 13970
    Mopub 4824
    Inmobi 4121

    Source: MightySignal

    Ad Serving Systems

    Also there are several core technologies and principles that make today’s digital advertising tick, let’s walk through the major ones to get an insight look into ad servers work. These include the following:


    Waterfall is the system of prioritizing ad networks ads that a publisher displays in his desktop or mobile inventory one at a time. It implies defining what ad network should be the first to serve ads from and listing in a particular order all the rest ad networks a publisher works with. Due to the lack of competition between ad networks in such system, publishers can’t maximize their inventory revenue potential. The arriving of such system successor suggested developing programmatic advertising platforms.


    Programmatic advertising is based on using software to buy digital advertising, in a contrast with traditional ways that involved human interaction such as issuing manual insertion orders, pricing negotiations and such. It brings higher efficiency to the whole digital advertising ecosystem, using software algorithms it’s possible to match advertisers needs and publishers inventory much more efficiently.

    Real Time Bidding/ RTB

    Real-time bidding is one of the aspects of programmatic advertising, it’s an online auction for advertisers to bid for placing their ads on desktop and mobile publishers inventory. Those auctions are often facilitated by ad exchanges or supply-side platforms.

    Header Bidding 

    Header-bidding was originally developed for a desktop online advertising and later was adopted to mobile advertising as well. In a contrast with Waterfall Ads, this system implies all ad networks that a publisher works with to compete with their ad offers for a specific ad slot publisher needs to fill in. A competitive nature of such system forces advertisers to increase prices to win that publisher’s slot and hence helps the publisher to maximize his eCPMs.

    Ad Mediation

    Ad Mediation is a web based software solution for publishers to participate in a real-time auction based selling. Its algorithm is designed to choose what specific ad network(s) to send requests to deliver the highest fill rate for publisher’s ad slots. The benefit of ad mediation for website and mobile app publishers comes from using of a single SDK, with which publishers can set priority for serving ad networks demand, according to their specific eCPM, geography and other parameters. Also, with ad mediation solution, publishers are in a position to force advertisers to compete over their inventory and so they can significantly increase their profit.

    SSP (Supply Side Platform)

    A supply side platform helps to manage inventory for publishers, faciliates them to monetize it and often also includes ad serving functionality. Via advertising networks or ad exchanges, SSPs are connected with the demand side of the online advertising equation – DSPs (stands for demand-side platforms). Essentially SSP is the tool for publishers to offer impressions on their websites or inside their apps to as many advertisers as possible and therefore maximize their revenue potential.

    Now, once we’ve covered the ground for online advertising industry major definitions, let’s walk through the major advertising servers operating on the market.

    Note: the companies on the list we’ve compiled below are not in any priority order

    The List of Best Ad Servers:


    AppNexus is a New York based internet technology company, founded in 2007 and in September 2018 acquired by ATT to become part of its Xandr company. AppNexus platform consists of three parts: AppNexus Marketplace – the leading destination for quality, cost-efficient, transparent and brand-safe digital advertising,  it hosts ads for over 34,000 publishers and 177,000 brands, AppNexus Publisher Suite – it enables publishers to increase their total yield through forecasting, SSP, ad serving, and audience extension and AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) – a customizable DSP that leverages advanced Machine Learning to deliver better outcomes for advertisers.

    • Key features: ML-driven highly scalable ad serving capabilities, Yieldex Analytics revenue forecasting, multiple screen campaigns running, customizable & extensive targeting and reporting
    • Ad formats: Banners, Rich Media, Text, Video
    • Platforms support: Android, IOS, Mobile Web

    Appnexus internet technology company website screenshot

    Facebook Audience Network

    Facebook Audience Network is the extension of the Facebook Ads platform on mobile apps and web, launched in 2014, to reach audiences outside of the Facebook app and its website. The Facebook ad server allows advertisers to reach people that are registered on Facebook off the platform without compromising on targeting precision and achieve one or more of the following objectives – brand awareness, traffic, conversion, app install, product catalog sales, video views, and reach.

    • Key features: powered by Facebook, high targeting precision, 40% of top 500 mobile apps are integrated with the system, connects apps with real people that keep a profile on Facebook
    • Ad formats: banner, carousel, intersticial, native
    • Platforms support: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Unity, tvOS

    Facebook Audience Network

    Google Ad Manager

    Google Ads (previously known as DoubleClick or DFP) is the Google’s SDK for in-app advertising, compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. With the streamlined APIs everyone has come to expect from Google, this SDK features all ad formats, refined to fit any kind of mobile application. The ad server is available to customers of AdMob and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) customers.

    • Key features: powered by Google, suitable for both local and global ads, near 100% fill rate, Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Call model based, comprehensive reporting, quick and robust support
    • Ad formats: banner, interstitial, video, native ad
    • Platforms support: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

    Google Ads Manager website screenshot

    AdMob by Google

    AdMob is an ad server from Google for more than 1 million mobile app publishers to monetize their mobile inventory worldwide. It features the Google’s best-in-class ad technology, with its proven records to help millions app developers to generate revenue with ads in their apps, cross-platform capability and tight integration with Google Play services.

    • Key features: Powered by Google’s ad tech, Universal App Campaigns, easy automation, free & unlimited analytics with Firebase, cross-platform capability, connects with over 40 third-party ad networks
    • Ad formats: Native, Rich Media, Rewarded Video
    • Platforms support: Android, IOS, Unity, Cocos

    AdMob by Google website screenshot

    Oath Ad Server

    Oath Ad Server is an ad server for publishers from over 74 countries worldwide that features advanced advertising management and serving capabilities across all marketing channels, leveraging the Oath (former Yahoo) hardware and software infrastructure. The ad server helps advertisers to run ad campaigns using various ad formats – display, video, mobile, and rich media ads with sales and utilize business analytics tools developed by Oath engineers.

    • Key features: powered by Verizon, seamless programmatic management, advanced mobile targeting
    • Ad formats: Banners, Rich Media, Video
    • Platforms support: Android, IOS

    Oath Ad Server website screenshot


    Founded in 2011, AdColony is a mobile advertising platform, created by mobile developers, for mobile developers. It has grown into one of the largest mobile advertising and monetization platforms in the world with a reach of more than 1.5 billion users globally. AdColony is known for its exclusive Instant-Play™ HD video, Aurora™ HD Interactive video, and playable technologies, its global performance advertising expertise, its programmatic marketplace, and its extensive ad SDK footprint in the top apps worldwide.

    • Key features: in-house design team with 65+ people on board, focus on brand advertisers and app install marketers, 1.5 billion users global reach
    • Ad formats: Banners, In-App, Incentivized, Interstitial, Rewarded Video, Rich Media, Video
    • Platforms support: Adobe Air, Android, IOS, Unity

    AdColony mobile advertising platform website screenshot


    Mintegral is an AI-driven, programmatic and interactive ad platform. It provides mobile user acquisition and monetization solutions to worldwide brands and mobile developers so they can reach their marketing goals. With a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region, Mintegral offers full stack products and one-stop mobile marketing and analytics services, from supply-side to demand-side, including Advertiser Self-serve, DSP, SSP, DMP and Creative Lab.

    • Key features: AI-powered, extensive set of targeting options, high transparency, an easy 4-step ad campaign launch process
    • Ad formats: rewarded video, native video, interstitial video, playable ads
    • Platforms support: Android, HTML5, IOS, Mobile Web, Windows Phone

    Mintegral programmatic ad platform website screenshot

    Adobe Advertising Cloud

    TubeMogul is a global advertising platform from Adobe for brands and agencies to plan, buy, measure and optimize their ad campaigns. The major feature that sets TubeMogul apart from other platforms is that its programmatic sophistication allows marketers to run ad campaigns across digital screens, TV and out-of-home channels with a single dashboard.

    • Key features: global reach (over 70 countries), platform transparency, advertising education solution for marketers, multi-channel (desktop, mobile, streaming devices and TV)
    • Ad formats: video
    • Platforms support: Android, iOS

    TubeMogul website screenshot

    Unity Ads

    Unity Ads is an ad server for mobile game developers to monetize their games with Unity Technologies. It enables them to monetize their entire player base, via ads that are native to Unity-based games. Thanks to its smooth integration, Unity ads allow game developers to target players that are most likely to be interested to try a particular game. Also it allows game developers to increase LTV (lifetime value) of their player base.

    • Key features: mobile game monetization focused, built-in to the Unity Engine, simple setup
    • Ad formats: Banners, Interstitial, Video, Rewarded Video
    • Platforms support: Android, iOS

    Unity Ads website screenshot


    Rubicon Project is a digital advertising technology company. It offers a global exchange system for advertising, it connects ad sellers and ad buyers worldwide. Rubicon Project’s ad server helps sellers (publishers) to get connected with premium buyers, showcase their inventory in a dedicated storefront, respond to a buyer’s RFPs and more, sellers (advertisers) can reach desired audience from a broad spectrum and from all over the world.

    • Key features: 60,000+ app publishers, 1 million+ websites, 900,000 advertisers bid for publishers inventory
    • Ad formats: Native, Pre-roll & Mid-roll & Post-roll video, Vertical Video, Reward Video, Outstream
    • Platforms support: Android, IOS

    Rubicon digital advertising technology company website screenshot


    Pubmatic is a publisher-focused programmatic advertising company. It provides publishers with a single dashboard to view their inventory, simplifies ad serving workflows to increase efficiency for campaign creation, inventory management, channel configuration and user access controls. With Pubmatic ad server, publishers can optimize demand channels, get access to enterprise-level analytics and automatic integration with all leading DSPs.

    • Key features: 800 million + monthly unique users, 55 billion + daily ad impressions, quality controls & compliance, automated buying & selling
    • Ad formats: Banner, Intersticial, Native, Rich Media (MRAID 2.0)
    • Platforms support: Android, IOS

    Pubmatic programmatic ad company website screenshot


    MoPub is one of the world’s largest ad servers for mobile developers to generate revenue. Founded in 2010, by former Google and AdMob engineers Nafis Jamal, Bryan Atwood and Jim Payne; MoPub was acquired by Twitter in 2013. MoPub Marketplace  is the leading mobile in-app RTB exchange, the platform programmatically connects buyers to publishers around the globe. Marketers, agencies, and ATDs can access this supply through the 180+ demand-side platforms (DSPs) that work with MoPub.

    • Key features: reach – 1.5 billion unique devices, 450 billion monthly app ad requests, connects 50,000+ mobile apps and 180 DSPs, supply quality control, provides access to Twitter users audience
    • Ad formats: video, native, native video, opt-in video, rich media, display
    • Platforms support: iOS, Android

    MoPub ad server website screenshot


    Smaato Logo
    Smaato is a global real-time bidding ad server for mobile publishers and app developers. Founded in 2005, with headquarters in San Francisco, Smaato offers a supply-side platform for managing ad inventory, and the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange for dealing with multiple ad networks. Smaato connects publishers and app developers to over 450 demand partners, offering publishers global reach. Meanwhile, its Dynamic Demand technology allows for an auction to be held within the ad server while still accessing direct, indirect and programmatic channels to drive more revenue.

    • Key Features: free for publishers and app developers
    • Ad formats:  interstitial video, rich media, VAST, native, and other standard display formats
    • Platforms support: iOS, Android

    Smaato real-time bidding ad server company website screenshot


    OpenX programmatic advertising platform that offers ad server for publishers. It was founded in 2007 by Damon Reeve and Scott Switzer. It empowers them with the tool to sell, manage and deliver their inventory across multiple formats and screen sizes. The system has intuitive UI and provides publishers with advanced pacing controls and in-house marketplace quality team to ensure safety. They can rely on a dedicated 24/7/365 support team, and an OpenX Community of over 1,500+ users.

    • Key features: integration with OpenX Ad Exchange, highly customizable, a header bidding line item support, SSP, yield optimization
    • Ad formats: banner, native, interstitial, rich media and video
    • Platforms: Android, iOS

    OpenX programmatic ad platform website screenshot


    Fyber is a leading mobile advertising technology company with headquarters in Berlin. In 2015, attracted by Falk Realtime’s SSP and ad serving technology, Fyber acquired the ad tech company. In 2016 the company launched Fyber Open Mediation, a program enabling app developers and publishers to work directly with a wide variety of quality ad network partners. With its focus on the world of freemium apps, Fyber’s ad mediation service provides single integration for direct deals with major ad networks and customized delivery of ads to user segments.

    • Key Features: Open mediation, audience segmentation.
    • Ad formats: Banners, Interstitial, Native
    • Platforms: iOS, Android, Unity and Adobe Air.

    Fyber mobile advertising tech company website screenshot


    InMobi is a cloud-based mobile advertising platform for enterprise marketers. Among multiple solutions for advertisers and publishers, its as server, the InMobi Mediation Platform, powered by AerServ, helps publishers to maximize their ad revenue with a unified auction across multiple demand sources. The solution empowers app marketers with the best of header bidding to mobile apps. InMobi Mediation Platform sports transparency and provides online marketers with comprehensive reporting.

    • Key Features: 2x lower latency with simultaneous auction on dynamic bids from buyers, transparency, global demand support, diverse choice of formats
    • Ad formats: Banners, Interstitial, Rewarded Video
    • Platforms: iOS, Android

    InMobi cloud-based mobile ad platform website screenshot


    ironSource is the leading in-app video advertising platform. The ad platform financially powers the free-to-play and free-to-use mobile game and app ecosystem for over 1.5B people around the world. Given that statistically only 2% of users pay to play, it provides tools to engage the other 98%. Over 80K apps use ironSource technologies to grow their app businesses, several prominent to mention – Kongregate, Zeptolab, Big Fish Games, Zynga and Playrix.

    • Key Features: interactive ad units by Playworks Studio, leading video SSP
    • Formats: playable ads, rewarded video ads, interstitial, offerwall
    • Platforms: iOS, Android, Unity and Adobe Air.

    ironSource in-app video advertising platform website screenshot


    Sizmek is the world’s largest independent ad server company founded in 1999, acquired by Amazon in May, 2019. Its AI-powered platform helps advertisers to gain insights within their data across the 5 key dimensions of predictive marketing—campaigns, consumers, context, creative, and cost. Sizmek provides resources at a global scale and allow advertisers to combine dynamic creative, coupled with predictive AI – to deliver impressions that deliver high ROI. Artificial Intelligence algorithms are also applied by Sizmek to help advertisers to plan, buy, execute, and measure campaigns with laser-precision.

    • Key Features: omnichannel marketing solution – mobile, display, rich media, video and social, AI, powered by Amazon tech infrastructure
    • Ad formats: HTML5 Scroll Reveal, 360 Image Reveal, and Out-Stream Pushdown
    • Platforms support: iOS, Android

    Sizmek ad server company website screenshot


    AdButler is BC, Canada based ad serving company that since 2004 helps publishers of all sizes to monetize their inventory and advertisers to find the right audience for their products and services. With AdButler users get to use the industry fastest performing ad code, provided with all ad formats to choose from, real-time reporting and white-label interface. Among the company’s clients are HP, Microsoft, IBM, AllState, DELTA, Shell, LinkedIn.

    • Key Features: fastest ad code, simple UI, video ad-serving platform (VAST 2.0), header bidding, affordable prices, text ad blocks support, white label interface, 
    • Tagline: Ad serving — simplified.
    • Platforms: iOS, Android and Mobile Web.

    AdButler ad server company website screenshot


    Spotx is the leading global video advertising platform that enables media owners and publishers to monetize premium content across desktop, mobile and connected TV devices. SpotX ad server features programmatic infrastructure, data enablement, and monetization solutions for OTT, outstream, and addressable TV. It gives media owners and publishers the control, transparency, and actionable insights needed to understand buyer behavior, manage access and pricing, and maximize revenue.

    With best-in-class tech purpose-built for video, SpotX’s holistic, brand-safe solution is employed by some of the largest media owners and publishers in the world including fuboTV, Microsoft Casual Games, Newsy, Samba TV, Sling TV, Vudu and partners with a variety of different companies within the digital video ecosystem including comScore, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, JW Player, MediaMath, MOAT, Nielsen, Oracle, and more.

    • Key Features: works with OTT, addressable TV
    • Tagline: Online Video Advertising Platform
    • Platforms: iOS, Android and Mobile Web.

    Spotx video advertising platform website screenshot

    Revive Ad Server

    Revive is a free, open source ad serving software for publishers, ad networks and advertisers. With an easy to use interface, it allows them to serve ads on websites, in apps, and in video players, and collect detailed statistics about impressions, clicks and conversions. As well as manage and run ad campaigns for several advertisers, from ad exchanges and at networks at the same time. Revive allows publishers to define rules for delivery of campaigns and ads, including frequency capping, URL targeting, geo-targeting. On top of that the platform provides tracking and reporting on campaign performance, including impressions, clicks, click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM, and conversion details, like basket value and number of items purchased.

    • Key Features: software and web hosted edition, free
    • Tagline: The world’s most popular free, open source ad serving system
    • Platforms: iOS, Android and Mobile Web.

    Revive ad server website screenshot


    Adzerk is an ad tech company that provides both ad server as a service and ad server custom software solutions. It empowers advertisers engineers with APIs to quickly design, build and launch customized First-Party advertising server within a couple weeks. With Adzerk businesses can quickly integrate ads into their websites or mobile apps. Adzerk’s customer list includes Fortune 500 brands, public companies, and unicorn startups, including LiveNation/TicketMaster, TradingView, imgur, Strava, and more.

    • Key Features: native ads-focused, sponsored listings, RTB integrations, server-side platform, hosting on own domain, Management, Native Ad and Reporting API.
    • Tagline: Build a custom ad server in just weeks
    • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web

    Adzerk ad server tech company website screenshot


    Sovrn is an advertising technology company that provides Meridian solution – an ad server for publishers. The company’s mission is to help publishers to increase their revenue, get insights for their audience and comprehensive reporting on their ad campaigns, as well as acquire more knowledge about effective monetization. Meridian ad server provides a suite of advertising tools for display, mobile and video advertising.

    • Key Features: header bidding, VPAID and VAST video support, OnScroll InView ads, integration with all major advertising buyer worldwide
    • Tagline: Insights, audience access and advertising solutions that publishers can profit from.
    • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web

    Sovrn advertising technology company website screenshot


    Amobee is a premium mobile ad network and technology company. It offers an ad server, as well as a wide range of advertising/monetization solutions for advertisers, developers/publishers and organizations. Amobee primary offering, PULSE, involves the latest mobile advertising technology including a secure and industry-designed mobile advertising platform and also incorporates a wealth of analytics, reporting and campaign management tools. Amobee also offers a downloadable ad SDK for smaller scale in-app advertising, which is compatible with all major mobile OS and features built-in rich media support.

    • Key Features: running ad campaigns across TV, digital and social
    • Tagline: Advertising solutions for the converging world
    • Platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry

    Amobee mobile ad network and tech company website screenshot

    Final Thoughts

    Over the course of the last 3-4 years, the mobile advertising industry has called for publishers and advertisers to embrace automation. Programmatic spend is up and rich media and native ad formats are in demand. Mobile ad servers now have an incentive to innovate – to move with the market and meet publisher needs. The next frontier for programmatic advertising is using big data and Machine Learning algorithms that it fuels to analyze ad campaigns performance, connect advertisers and publishers like it was not possible before. The introduction of European GDPR regulations has brought a new level of responsibility for all parts of the digital advertising equation. An ad server technology aside, respecting of people’s right to be able to control their digital data is what all online ad companies should respect and embrace. We hope this guide helps you make an informed choice to pick up the right company to work with to drive more revenue for your business.

    If you think there is an ad server that should be included above, get listed now.


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