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Artyom Dogtiev

Updated: September 9, 2019

Push Notifications technology has gone a long way since it was introduced on mobile by Apple 10 years ago. Today this tech serves a plenty of functions to communicate with mobile app users. This is the way for companies to let people know about discounts, share geo-targeted information on specific time, tell about new features available and much much more. Thanks to its tremendous popularity, a number of companies popped out on the market to serve the needs of businesses that went mobile.

On this leaderboard we’ve ranked top Push Notifications providers, based on a combination of several criteria, such as employees number, estimated annual revenue and estimated monthly web traffic.

Push Notifications Companies Ranking (August, 2019)

#CompanyOffice LocationsFoundedSocial Presence *Estimated Monthly Web trafficEstimated Annual Revenues $ millionEmployees
 1IntercomUS, UK, Australia201126k+/ 38k+5.1m+96m201-500
2LeanplumSan Francisco, US201210k+/  25+1.1m+27m201-500
3MappSan Diego, US, Milan, Italia, London, UK, Paris, France, Munich, Germany.201622k+/ 7k+0.1m+25m201-500
4MoEngageSan Francisco, US20148k+/ 1k+0.03m+11m201-500
5VizuryBangalore, India200816k+/ 2k+0.3m+4m201-500
6CleverTapUS, California20135k+/ 10k+0.03m+33m51-200
7WebEngageMumbai, India201110k+/ 3k+0.5m+3.5m51-200
8SendPulseNew York, US20151.5k+/ 3k+12.5m+3m51-200
9TaplyticsToronto, Canada20131k/ 1k+3m51-200
10PushwooshWashington, US2011377/ 9500.1m+2m51-200
11AccengageParis, France20103k+/ 4k+1.2m51-200
12Pusher BeamsUK, London20114+/ 11k+1.2m+1m51-200
13eSputnikDnipro, Ukraine2013108/ 840.5m+51-200
14IBM Mobile Push NotificationNY, US20101k+/ 177k+51-200
15VwoPune, India2015334/ 9312.9m+18m11-50
16KumulosCary, US, London, UK20111k+/ 2k+8m11-50
17OneSignalSan Mateo, US20141k+/ 4k+1.9m+4.5m11-50
18PredictSpringLos Altos, US20133k+/ 1942m11-50
19FoxPushDubai, UAE201611/ 155.7m+1m11-50
20BatchParis, France20141k+/ 2k+0.1m+1m11-50
21iZootoSeattle, US20161k+/ 1k+27.8m+11-50
22PushEngagePhiladelphia, US, Bengaluru, India2016123/ 6542.2m+11-50
22DaoPushKyiv, Ukraine20197/ 10.1m+11-50
23PushBotsCairo, Egypt2012358/ 1k+1m2-10
24CatapushMilan, Italy2015684/ 371m2-10
25aimtellMission Viejo, US201557/ 2922.8m+2-10

Note: * number of LinkedIn and Twitter followers respectively.

Source: Owler, LinkedIn, SimilarWeb, Twitter

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