GameRefinery reveals new contextual ad targeting tool for mobile games

Anne Freer | September 2, 2020

App Marketing

Mobile game analytics specialist GameRefinery today launched its Data Enrichment contextual ad targeting solution for mobile games.

The feature allows game advertisers to step away from Apple’s IDFA tracking which is being deprecated as part of the iOS14 rollout.

The feature will provide contextual metadata for games and automated ad creative analysis from hundreds of thousands of mobile games.

The mobile advertising industry has become so reliant on data that announcements like Apple’s decision to depreciate IDFA tracking have huge repercussions – but we must remember that the vast majority of consumers make choices based on their affinity to a given product, which means there is a personal and emotional element to their preferences,” said Markus Råmark, CEO of GameRefinery.

“The launch of our data enrichment APIs couldn’t come at a better time in light of these industry changes. It helps take the guesswork and uncertainty out of planning an ad campaign, and offers a solution for advertisers looking for a way to target ads without relying on companies like Apple and Google continuing to allow conventional user tracking.”

According to GameRefinery the solution has been five years the making. It is based on some 10,000 manual analyses to create proprietary training data sets for AI machine learning models.

The company’s internal research shows that high-affinity scores correlate with better user

retention; a good indicator of users who go on to become paying players.

Further, by using affinity to target an ad campaign towards higher quality players, publishers can see better return on ad spend.

“GameRefinery has enabled AdColony to leverage granular app-specific data and optimise results for our partners without compromising the privacy of mobile users,” said Andrzej Dzius, CTO at AdColony

Data Enrichment APIs cover genre, game features, player motivation and art style and visuals. Once connected, the machine learning models combine visual recognition and natural language processing to tag every game on the ad platform’s database with a genre. The system then offers accurate insights for all individual game types.

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