Introducing World AdTech Day: Celebrating adtech innovators worldwide

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Posted: March 25, 2024

World AdTech Day (#WorldAdTechDay) is a novel celebration set to spark on March 27, 2024. This special day recognizes and appreciates the valuable contributions of adtech professionals who drive innovation in advertising and form the global marketing landscape. The celebration marks a shift from adtech’s service function to a trend-setting role in the industry.

🌐 World AdTech Day philosophy

World AdTech Day’s observance highlights the evolution of advertising technology into a complex realm demanding distinct professional expertise. It pays tribute to the steadfast endeavors of individuals adept at curating impactful and captivating consumer interactions, reshaping the dynamics of brand-audience engagement.

World AdTech Day underscores the crucial role played by adtech professionals, whose mindset fosters synergistic advertising, user-friendly digital products, and responsible online marketing practices.

On March 27, distinguished thinkers and practitioners converge as a united community of professionals committed to various business facets: ad exchanges, affiliate programs, conversion tracking, analytics systems, as well as marketing and advertising software.

✨ Establishing a new tradition to celebrate adtech pros

Media buyers, algorithm developers, big data analysts, RTB programmers, PPC managers, and affiliate marketers are warmly invited to partake in the festivities on March 27, 2024 and beyond.

Participants can signify their involvement in the adtech community by sharing videos or photos capturing their daily tasks or noteworthy accomplishments, using the hashtag #WorldAdTechDay. Whether highlighting a recent project or sharing a humorous meme, there’s boundless opportunity to celebrate the ethos of innovation and teamwork within the adtech sphere.

Key events, activities, and announcements related to the celebration will be highlighted on the World AdTech Day’s website.

👁️‍🗨️ World AdTech Day encourager

World AdTech Day is established by Adsterra, a global advertising network that has been fueling the adtech industry since 2013.

Renowned for its innovative in-house ad formats, Adsterra also develops smart solutions for marketing automation, always prioritizing responsible and caring communication with clients, as stated in its Partner Care Program.

Despite setting a debut to the celebration, Adsterra steps aside from heading all further activities. “We want to draw attention to the adtech industry actors as visionaries and pioneers of the most important innovations, not service staff. All who invest time and talent in developing advertising technologies deserve to have their merits noticed and celebrated. This day must become a true fest when professionals all over the globe will share their best achievements and have fun, of course,” Gala Grigoreva, CMO at Adsterra, says.

📌 Celebrate World AdTech Day with the global adtech community in recognizing the brilliance and dedication of adtech professionals worldwide.

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