March 2024 ASO Roundup: insights and hacks

Artem Dogtiev | March 7, 2024

App Marketing

Welcome to the spring of 2024, that was fast, right? And that’s the point – the app industry fires on all cylinders and it’s hard to keep up.

Generative AI has been shaping the app marketing landscape for more than a year, helping marketers with app engagement and retention. Now, you need to optimize metadata of all your apps and leg behind when many of your competitors use heavily ChatGPT to improve their keywords set, to optimize their app’s marketing copy even more effective.

We are fully committed to help you being up-to-date with the latest updates, how-tos, case studies to make the most of conducting App Store Optimization for your app portfolio.

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Discover How App Store Top Charts Impact your App’s Keywords

Joy Rubinstein Portman of yellowHEAD dives deep into how the App Store Top Charts work. Joy touches on what are the Top Charts and category rankings, differences between the Top Charts on Google Play and the App Store. As well as understanding between the major App Store Charts – Fee, Paid, and Grossing, what factors influence the ranking, how category ranking impact the app’s positioning for keywords.

Feeld ASO Audit Report

Buse Kanal points her ASO microscope on yet another popular app, this time it’s Feeld dating app, to give you an example of how multiple aspects of the ASO process need to be performed. She does a keyword research for the app, as well as its title and subtitle analysis along with assessing what can be improved for the app’s ratings and screenshots.

Understanding Sentiment Analysis in App Reviews

Sukanya Sur , Content Marketing Manager at AppTweak talks in length about what is sentiment analysis of a mobile app reviews. She explains how to make sense of reviews people leave for your app on the App Store or Google Play, how to perform competitive analysis to identify opportunities, leverage review sentiment to improve your app’s marketing, and more.

TechTalks | Monetize to Maximize: ASO Strategies for App Growth 

Adam Landis, Head of Growth at Branch and Thomas Kriebernegg , General Manager, SplitMetrics Acquire (formerly SearchAdsHQ) Agency got together to talk about ASO strategies for app growth. These include: – Enhancing app visibility by optimizing for relevant keywords; – Improving conversion rates with compelling app icons and screenshots; – Utilizing Apple Search Ads for targeted ad campaigns to complement ASO efforts; – Balancing organic and paid acquisition strategies for sustained app growth.

Alternative App Stores and Why They’re Worth Exploring

The article discusses the potential of alternative app stores beyond Google Play and Apple App Store, highlighting platforms from major device manufacturers like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and more. These stores offer unique opportunities for app developers to reach new audiences and stand out in a less crowded space. The benefits include reaching niche audiences, less competition, and features like dynamic pre-installs and on-device recommendation models. Statistics and insights emphasize the growing Android market and the advantages of using these platforms for app distribution and user acquisition.

App Store Optimization Goodies 🍪

These are just a few cookies I’m sure you wouldn’t mind “to have as a dessert” after reading the main list of articles. 😊

#146: ASO with ChatGPT with Thomas Kriebernegg, CEO & Co-founder of App Radar

ASO Strategies for all: From Startup to Enterprise

Contextualizing App Store Optimization (ASO) for businesses

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