Digital Turbine’s new report highlights brands’ with “BIG” opportunities in mobile games

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Posted: March 4, 2024

Digital Turbine and Apptopia today announced the launch of the BRAG Index IV, pivoting the Index’s scope to focus specifically on the “Brands in Games” (B.I.G.) opportunity. The B.I.G. BRAG Index marks a pivotal moment for brand advertisers seeking to capitalize on the explosive growth and untapped potential of mobile gaming.

With leading publications heralding mobile gaming as a pivotal advertising frontier for 2024, the B.I.G. BRAG Index lists the brands consumed more by gamers than the general population. This fills a crucial void by identifying who is poised to harness this dynamic platform across various brand categories and game genres.

From Airlines to QSRs, Brick-and-Mortar Retailers to Beauty & Cosmetics, the B.I.G. BRAG Index IV highlights over 100 brands with untapped advertising potential in mobile games. Whether targeting fitness enthusiasts, adventure seekers, or beauty aficionados, the index offers invaluable insights for crafting tailored marketing campaigns in 2024.

The B.I.G. BRAG Index is based on a survey of 1,200 U.S. mobile gaming consumers’ brand interest and purchase intent in Q4 of 2023. From these responses, the following interests and brands were found to be the most over-indexed by players of the four most popular categories of mobile games—Puzzle, Word, Card, and Action:

  • Word Gamers show an affinity for fitness and travel, with top brands including Red Bull, Delta Airlines, and Panera Bread.
  • Puzzle Gamers gravitate towards beauty and adventure, favoring brands like Aveeno, Travelocity, and Lululemon.
  • Card Gamers exhibit a penchant for beauty and DIY projects, embracing brands such as Tarte Cosmetics, Ace Hardware, and SHEIN.
  • Action Gamers also love action offline, enjoying adventure sports and outdoor activities, aligning with brands like Jordan, Levi’s, and Travelocity.

Jon Hudson, VP of Global Sales at Digital Turbine, remarked: “The B.I.G. BRAG Index is an indispensable resource for brand advertisers navigating the ever-evolving landscape of mobile marketing. Armed with comprehensive insights from the B.I.G. BRAG Index, advertisers across all brand categories can seize untapped opportunities and unlock the full potential of mobile gaming in their 2024 marketing strategies.”

Mobile gaming presents an unparalleled opportunity for brands to connect with consumers at scale. With over 150 million players in the USA alone, mobile gaming boasts a larger audience than top social platforms like Instagram and TikTok combined. US consumers spend an average of 28 minutes daily immersed in mobile games, surpassing engagement on any social platform except YouTube.

The B.I.G. BRAG Index also reveals the profound impact of in-game advertising, which averages up to 22 seconds of attention—nearly ten times the engagement of popular social media platforms. Moreover, mobile gaming offers advertisers access to a unique audience segment, with 21% of mobile gamers eluding traditional social media outreach efforts.

Despite this staggering appeal, brand advertisers have been slow to capitalize on the mobile gaming phenomenon. While nearly 11% of app usage occurs within mobile games, advertising spending in this space languishes at less than 4% of total ad spend.

Download the full report here.

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