February 2024 User Acquisition Roundup: insights, trends, how-tos

Artem Dogtiev | February 29, 2024

App Marketing

This February, even though one day longer thanks to 2024 being a leap year, is over and it’s time to take a look at what interesting, insightful and useful for your app business we can share with you. So here comes the February 2024 UA Roundup to focus your attention on insights, trends and how-tos that matter to you user acquisition wise.

It’s given, it’s been more than a year since Open AI shocked the world with ChatGPT, that anything related to acquiring users for your apps is – one way or another – wrapped around Generative AI. But it’s not just that, it is still about people, app users those needs in apps we all need to meet to succeed with our app projects and businesses built on those apps.

Ok, no more dancing around – here is what caught our eye UA-wise this February.

TikTok Shares Insights Into Effective App Marketing Approaches

TikTok has joined forces with Adjust to come up with a guide that covers effective app promotion strategies. Although the guide is based on insights from the Middle East and North African regions, some of its insights can be applied universally. It focuses around three major strategies – driving demand among existing app users, re-engagement, and full-funnel approach during peak seasons.

Why Privacy Matters When Choosing an MMP

Daniel Johnson of Branch talks about the significance of app users privacy when it comes to choosing MMP for your app user acquisition campaign. Daniel stress on questions to ask a particular MMP you plan to work with, making sure you keep your users’ trust, and why privacy should be your guiding principle.

Master Mobile App Marketing with our 2024 Mobile App Trends Report

A brand new report addresses the major questions that any app marketer should be focus on – how to acquire new app users, how to continue to engage them, and – of course – how to monetize your mobile app’s user base. The report consists of the current mobile app marketing landscape assessment, patterns around opt-in rates for App Tracking Transparency year over year, the median eCPI for e-commerce apps, and more.

Mastering Ad Creative in 2024: Optimizing, Testing, Generative AI, and Key Trends

Paolo Vergani, Director, Creative Production at Liftoff, shares a recap of the company’s recent webinar dedicated to ad creatives that do convert. The major topics covered on that webinar were How Generative AI can bolster mobile ad creative, The most innovative mobile ad formats today, the four phases of iterative testing, and key trends for 2024.

App Marketing Agency Insights For Successful App Growth

Favoured team brings a number of insights for how to grow your mobile app successfully. The article goes over unique challenges of mobile app marketing, top app marketing strategies, paid advertising, app marketing agencies to hire, the financial aspect of app marketing, app marketing case studies, and more.


Making the Most of TikTok

#187: Boosting App Growth with Ad Creatives with Jessica Gotti, Head of Performance Marketing at Paired

Unleashing the power of re-engagement

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