Remerge and Verve Group pioneer on-device bidding for Android Privacy Sandbox

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Posted: March 11, 2024

Remerge and Verve Group are among the first mobile DSP/SSP partnerships to work with Google on building and testing the Android Privacy Sandbox.

The companies came together to explore the integration of the Privacy Sandbox in real-world use cases, using Remerge’s demand-side platform (DSP) capabilities and Verve Group’s on-device SDK.

Running a successful “bidding proof of concept” test

Explaining how the test worked, Luckey Harpley, Remerge’s Staff Product Manager, said:

We set up a test in the form of an on-device, single seller, single buyer auction using the Sandbox’s Protected Audience API (PaAPI). With an emulated device and Verve Group’s test app and SDK, we joined the device to a Remerge custom audience via custom audience delegation. Verve Group initiated an auction which Remerge won, allowing us to successfully render a banner ad via Verve Group’s SDK.

Gaylord Zach, Head of Mobile Product at Verve Group, added:

We also initiated efforts to address ‘frequency capping’ within PaAPI. The absence of advertising IDs presents a challenge for implementing frequency capping on the buy side, as actual user information is unavailable – so frequency capping will be transitioned to the device level to ensure effective control and management of ad exposure.

Positive signs for the Android Privacy Sandbox rollout

The test marks a major milestone in the Android Privacy Sandbox rollout and highlights the progress industry players are making:

This is great validation for all parties involved”, said Luckey. “Not only does it prove that our products work, but it shows that the Privacy Sandbox’s APIs are working too – which is evidence that in-app retargeting will continue to thrive in the privacy-first era.”

Gaylord stated:

 “For us, the test symbolizes a collaborative effort towards innovation, privacy, and industry progress. The successful execution of these tests demonstrates the feasibility of integrating Privacy Sandbox technologies into real-world applications.

Check out the full interview for more insights

Read the full interview with Remerge and Verve to learn more about their progress with on-device bidding, and get industry perspectives from both the sell side and buy side.

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