Explore the 6 themes driving app growth in 2024

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Posted: March 7, 2024

As we navigate the evolving landscape of the app industry, the need for innovation, strategic insight and community has never been more crucial. That’s why we would love to invite you to join us at App Promotion Summit London on April 25th.

This year, we will explore the themes that are supercharging a new wave of app growth and enabling apps to grow and scale in the new app environment:

Unleashing AI for App Marketing: Step into the future with AI-driven marketing strategies, leveraging predictive analytics and data-driven insights to revolutionize user engagement and drive significant growth.

Improving Retention: Find out how to create that brand loyalty and increase retention rates by monitoring user behaviour, adapting quickly and cultivating long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Driving Product-led Growth: Discover how leveraging the unique features of your mobile offerings can naturally attract, activate and retain a sophisticated user base through outstanding experiences and seamless onboarding processes.

SKAN 4.0 Enabled User Acquisition: As we anticipate the arrival of SKAN 5.0, gain clarity on navigating the complexities of the current landscape, optimizing acquisition strategies within the SKAN 4.0 framework to ensure precise attribution while respecting user privacy.

Subscription Business Models: Gain insights into the dynamic subscription-based app market, exploring effective tactics for acquisition, retention, innovative pricing structures and maximizing customer lifetime value.

New Channels: Explore new marketing channels, from Connected TV (CTV) and Web2App advertising to leveraging Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, to maintain a competitive advantage.

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  • Make connections with potential partners and innovative service providers

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