A European mobile marketing agency boldly goes to the US market

Partner Post - Adsbalance The Global App Performance Marketing agency

Posted: December 28, 2020

Adsbalance, a mobile performance marketing agency based in the UK and Russia, is opening the office in the United States.

We have been working with the US brands almost from the start of our journey in 2017 (including Amazon, Aura, PerBlue, Mesmerize, etc.) and managed to bring more than 5,000 000 app users for our clients. In the past few months we realized we could drive even more effort into the market and maintain a closer communication with our new customers by opening the office in the US.  We’re quite good at remote work – as if any of us had a choice these days – but making everything more personal is, we believe, key to long-term relationships due to the fact that no expectations, implications, nuances are neglected because of communication failures

The agency specializes in buying mobile social media traffic, including the trending TikTok and Snapchat and more tricky platforms like Twitter. They have a wide network of in-app traffic providers (the overall number of sources connected is more than 40) and run millions through Facebook. Also, Adsbalance has been the first agency to introduce TikTok (as a client) to the Russian market and also the first to buy the TikTok traffic for their clients (you can read more about the experience in the CEO interview)

Another stated area of expertise is the creative production: not only do they always use their own images and videos for the campaigns, but the clients also buy the creative assets to use them with other agencies or for the in-house needs.

They have been working with all of the app types you can imagine, but the biggest long-term clients are represented by e-commerce, finance and utility verticals.

The US expansion comes with a special offer for the new US-based clients (the full terms are available on demand) and, hopingly, opening an office in California in Q1 2021.

You can leave a request (or book a call right away)on the website and get a tailored user acquisition insight if you share them with the public details of your UA campaigns (like goals, traffic sources and whatever you find suitable)

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