Getir Revenue and Usage Statistics (2024)

David Curry

Updated: April 17, 2024

Getir is the leader in the rapid grocery delivery market, promising food delivery in under 20 minutes. Launched in Istanbul in 2015, the app has spread across Europe and into the US, and spawned an entire industry of apps modeled after it.

Its platform operates similar to a convenience store, stocking a limited amount of items like bread, milk, crisps, washing up liquid and frozen meals. Once an order is placed, the items are delivered from strategically located “dark stores” dotted in and around the city, which is how Getir manages to deliver within 20 minutes.

Getir’s rise to prominence happened quickly, expanding outside of Turkey at the start of 2021. It was the most downloaded delivery app in Europe in 2021, beating out Uber Eats and Deliveroo. It expanded to the US in late 2021.

That quick expansion has led to Getir’s valuation skyrocketing over 2021, going from $850 million at the start of the year to $7.5 billion by June.

Getir has not publicized its revenues or profit, although leaks suggest it made $1 billion revenue in 2021. Nazim Salur, CEO of Getir, said that the company is profitable in certain markets in Turkey, but on the whole the business is not profitable and will continue to be unprofitable as it expands.

Whether its expenses are as high as some other rapid delivery apps remains to be seen, with some in New York City and London spending over 10 times what they earn on customer acquisition, advertising and employee wages, according to The Information.

To maintain its lead, Getir has acquired some smaller rivals, including Moov, Weezy and Gorillas. Gorillas was the most expensive of the lot, with Getir announcing the $1.2 billion acquisition in December 2022.

Getir has struggled to maintain the same attention it had during the pandemic, with a loss of users and decline in revenue.

We have collected data and statistics on Getir. Read on below to find out more.

Getir Key Statistics

  • Getir generated $800 million revenue in 2023, a decline of $300 million on the previous year
  • It has been downloaded over 50 million times and has two million monthly active users
  • Getir was most recently valued at $2.5 billion

Getir Overview

TitleTitle 2
Launch dateJune 2015
HQIstanbul, Turkey
PeopleNazim Salur (co-founder, CEO)
Business typePrivate

Getir Revenue

Getir revenue declined in 2023, as less people use the rapid grocery delivery service.

Getir annual revenue 2020 to 2023 ($mm)

YearRevenue ($mm)

Note: Values estimated. Sources: FT, The Information

Getir Users

Getir had two million active buyers in 2023, a decline of 500,000 on the previous year.

Getir annual users 2019 to 2023 (mm)

YearUsers (mm)

Source: Company data 

Getir Downloads

Getir annual downloads tanked in 2023, dropping by 62% to 6.5 million.

Getir annual downloads 2017 to 2023 (mm)

YearDownloads (mm)

Note: Cumulative downloads; taken at the start of each year. Source: AppFigures

Getir Valuation

Getir’s valuation was cut to $2.5 billion in 2023, highlighting the company’s struggles post-pandemic.

Getir valuation 2021 to 2023 ($bn)

DateValuation ($bn)
January 20210.85
March 20212.6
June 20217.5
March 202211.8
Sept 20232.5

Sources: Company data, FT

Getir FAQ

How many people work for Getir?

Getir has 32,000 employees globally. Its riders are not self-employed, as is the case with most Uber and DoorDash drivers and riders, but hired by the company

What percentage marketshare does Getir hold in the rapid delivery sector?

We estimate that Getir is the most popular rapid delivery platform in Europe, possibly accounting for over 40 percent of the market

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