Deliveroo Revenue and Usage Statistics (2024)

Mansoor Iqbal

Updated: April 10, 2024

Deliveroo is a food delivery company that serves as an intermediary between customers and restaurants. Using the app, customers place (and pay for) an order, which is then conveyed to the participating restaurant.

When the food is prepared, a Deliveroo courier collects the food and delivers it to the customer in the comfort of their own home, office, or wherever else they’ve chosen. Deliveroo takes a cut of the revenue, and pays the delivery delivery, unless the restaurant carries out its own deliveries.

Deliveroo was founded by Will Shu in 2013. The American (a banking analyst by trade) had recently moved back to London after an MBA, and was shocked at how few of the city’s better restaurants offered delivery. He moved to rectify this by creating Deliveroo, alongside Greg Orlowski.

The pair had attempted something similar a few years before, after Shu initially moved to London and found himself eating from his local supermarket as opposed to the higher-quality takeaways he enjoyed in New York. They were limited by the failure of smartphone technology to match their ambitions, however.

The app uses an algorithm to ensure the efficient delivery – aiming to maximise earnings for both restaurant and courier, and minimise customer waiting time. Delivery radius is limited to maintain this level of efficiency, and to encourage people to order from restaurants local to them.

As Deliveroo grew in the UK, it expanded operations to most of Western Europe and Hong Kong. In most countries, Deliveroo is either second or third and in competition with Uber Eats and Just Eat Takeaway.

Amazon invested in Deliveroo in late 2019, an affirmation that its own food delivery services in the UK were not going ahead. The two companies reaffirmed their partnership in 2020, when Deliveroo added a premium delivery service for Amazon Prime users.

The coronavirus pandemic provided Deliveroo with new avenues to generate income, through dark kitchens which do not have any store-front and only work for delivery apps and grocery delivery. These became popular in 2021 with several rapid delivery apps launching in London.

In the three years since the pandemic, Deliveroo has struggled to grow at the same rate and has had to pull out of some territories due to low market share and high costs.

We have collected data and statistics on Deliveroo. Read on below to find out more.

Deliveroo Key Statistics

  • Deliveroo generated £2 billion revenue in 2023, an 2.7% year-on-year increase
  • Deliveroo also reduced its net loss in 2023, from £245 million in 2022 to £38 million in 2023
  • There are 7.1 million Deliveroo users, mostly in the United Kingdom
  • Deliveroo lost 31 percent of its value on the first day of its IPO (Bloomberg)

Deliveroo Overview

Title 1Title 2
Launch dateFebruary 2013
HQLondon, UK
PeopleWill Shu (founder, CEO)
Business typePublic (LON: ROO)
IndustryFood delivery

Deliveroo Revenue

Deliveroo increased its revenues by 2.7% in 2023 to £2 billion.

Deliveroo quarterly revenue 2018 to 2023 (£mm)

Deliveroo annual revenue 2015 to 2023 (£mm)

YearRevenue (£mm)

Sources: Company data, Food Delivery App Report

Deliveroo Profit

Deliveroo has never posted an annual profit, but its net losses did decrease significantly in 2023 to £38 million.

Deliveroo annual net profit/loss 2017 to 2023 (£mm)

YearNet income/loss (£mm)

Sources: Company data, CNBC, Financial Times

Deliveroo Gross Transaction Value

Deliveroo increased its gross transaction value (GTV) by 4.4% in 2023 to £7.1 billion.

Deliveroo quarterly GTV 2018 to 2023 (£mm)

Deliveroo annual GTV 2018 to 2022 (£mm)

YearGTV (£bn)

Source: Company data, Food Delivery App Report

Deliveroo Users

Deliveroo had over seven million active users in 2023, most of which are based in the UK.

Deliveroo annual users 2017 to 2023 (mm)

YearUsers (mm)

Source: Company data

Deliveroo Restaurants

Deliveroo has 183,000 restaurants on its platform, an increase of 3.9% on 2022 figures.

Deliveroo annual restaurants on platform 2017 to 2023 (mm)


Source: Company data

Deliveroo Market Share UK

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Deliveroo FAQ

How many countries does Deliveroo operate in?

Deliveroo currently operates in 12 countries

How many riders work for Deliveroo?

Deliveroo has over 100,000 couriers working for it, the majority of which are based in the UK

How much do riders earn on average?

According to Indeed, Deliveroo drivers earn between £7.71 and £13.89 per hour in the UK (Indeed)

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