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The Worlds Top Mobile Advertising Networks, DSPs, Ad Servers and Platforms

Welcome to our 2012 list of the Worlds Top Mobile Advertising Platforms.  There are a huge number of mobile ad networks out there right now – until only recently there were only a handful.  What’s more is that new types of services such as mobile DSPs (demand-side-platforms) or mobile ad companies offering mobile rich media tools are also growing in importance so it’s about more than just networks these days.  Keeping track of all of these new types of services is tough, so we’ve created this list.  There are a number of categories we’ve used:

  • Global Networks – mobile ad networks with a global reach, typically sold on a CPC basis
  • Regional Mobile Ad Networks – have strength in particular geographic areas
  • App Promotion – focused on promoting mobile apps typically on a CPI (cost per install) basis
  • Mobile Rewards & Virtual Currency – linking mobile ads to in-game mechanics
  • Mobile Rich Media – focusing on mobile video, HTML5 and high engagement ads
  • Mobile CPA Networks – offer advertising on a cost per action basis – affiliate marketing for mobile
  • Premium Mobile Advertising Networks – restrict inventory to leading brands and publishers typically sold on a CPM basis
  • Local Mobile Ads – using geographic targeting to provide locally relevant mobile ads
  • Specialist Mobile Ad Networks – focus on a particular model (e.g. cost per lead) or a particular platform (e.g. Android)
  • Mobile Demand-Side Platforms – allow buying across multiple mobile ad networks, often with a services/ campaign management and analytics layer
  • Mobile Ad Servers, Optimizers and SSPs – allow publishers and app developers to integrate with multiple mobile ad networks

If you think there is another mobile ad network or service we should add to the list then contact us to suggest them.  For more check out our Mobile Advertising Networks Market Map and our Mobile Ad Networks Directory.
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Global Mobile Ad Networks

These are all mobile ad networks with significant global reach.  Generally offering mobile ads on a blind basis across a large network of sites and apps across Android, iphone, other mobile platforms and mobile web 
Leadbolt – offers a number of different ad formats including app walls, capture forms, interstitials, video and overlays as well as the traditional banners, strong in the games market and Android
NativeX – provides mobile monetization and user acquisition services in a range of countries across the world for iOS and Android
mMedia – a self-service mobile ad network that provides access to the premium inventory of Millenial Media
Avazu Mobile – offers RTB-enabled mobile advertising services based on a high performance technology platform
Revmob – IOS and Android mobile ad network that uses interstitial and notification ad formats to deliver high conversions and eCPMs
Mobbnet – traffic in US, Europe and other international markets and uniquely offers weekly payments to devs
Mojiva – one of the early mobile ad networks along with admob and inmobi – increasingly positioned as a premium and rich media mobile ad network
Adfonic – innovative mobile ad network offering a range of different targeting options and ad formats
Jumptap – large US-based mobile ad network – very strong in the US but with global inventory
Vserv – offers a very powerful ad server and mediation layer as well as acting as a mobile ad network with elements such as games/ ad walls
Admob – the original mobile ad network – still Google’s main solution for in-app advertising on Android and iphone, huge inventory despite the growth in competition
Inmobi – perhaps the world’s biggest mobile ad network after admob, very strong global footprint and increasingly offering rich media and other capabilities
Admoda – Uk-based mobile ad network with inventory worldwide
Google Mobile Ads – google’s solution for mobile search and mobile web display – all the inventory and targeting capability of Google for mobile devices
Millenial Media – US based mobile ad network working with brands, mobile app developers and mobile publishers with a range of mobile ad solutions

App Promotion

There are a number of services which focus on providing mobile app promotion or game promotion services for developers – ads can be run in exchange for ads on other sites or are available on a cost per install (CPI) basis to advertisers.  
Appflood – 100% commission free cross promotion network and mobile advertising platform
Jampp – Mobile App Promotion network offering 100 free installs for each new sign-up
Brusmedia – Offers CPI based campaigns to support your mobile app marketing activity
Chartboost – a cross promotion ad network for mobile games and apps that allows payment on a cost per install basis as well as cost per click with a range of ad formats
Revmob – reportedly the top performing mobile app promotion network using notification ads and interstitials on a CPI and CPD basis
Applifier – cross promotion network for mobile games offering cost per install pricing
Sponsorpay – offers mobile advertising on a cost per install or offerwall model on a cost per engagement basis
Tapgage – offers cost per install pricing as part of a mobile apps cross promotion click exchange network, was previously called Bizmey, based in Toronto Canada (Tapgage website)

Regional Mobile Ad Networks

Regional mobile ad networks that have particular depth in traffic in a specific region such as Europe or Latin America, many of them also have large volumes of traffic on a global level as well
Mobfox – very strong iphone and android network in Germany, Europe and globally, also offers a mobile ad server
Buzz City – a global mobile ad network but with particular strength in SE Asia, partly due to its ownership of some major mobile social networking sites popular in the SE Asia region
Wapstart – the biggest mobile ad network in Russia
Hunt Mobile Ads – the leading mobile ad network for Latin America and the US Hispanic market
Handsmobile – the leading mobile ad network in Brazil
mkmob – the biggest mobile ad network in the Carribean
Adyuz – Latin American mobile ad network
sofialys – based in Paris, France and offering a number of mobile ad solutions including its adbox mobile ad server
Ybrandt Mobile – based in India and offers a mobile ad network operating in 40 counties

Mobile CPA  Networks

Mobile affiliate or CPA networks provide inventory on a CPA basis.  This allows them to offer advertisers a performance model for mobile advertising.  App developers and mobile publishers can use mobile CPA networks as ‘fill’ for the inventory that CPC or CPM based networks cannot provide ads in.  Mobile affiliate marketers or media buyers also leverage CPA networks for PPC arbitrage using mobile ad networks.  
Impact-Mobi – global mobile performance network which offers CPL, CPI and CPA based models on a highly transparent basis
Mobpartner – the original mobile affiliate network – large range of offers, great tech platform and highly trusted billing and settlements process
Kissmyads – German based CPA network with a strong roster of offers targeting European markets across a range of merchant types
Yeahmobi –  a global performance based mobile affiliate network focus on affiliates. They share profitable campaigns with affiliates to help them make money, offer weekly payment; and provide a tracking and optimization tool “Yeahmobi Optimizer”.
Admobix – run a range of high payout and converting offers across multiple international markets
Sponsormob – well established mobile CPA network with high quality offers including pay per call and a strong tech platform
Mobilda – Israeli mobile affiliate network run by a larger online marketing – have some strong branded offers
Linking Mobile – UK based network with a range of extremely high quality programs with extremely high payouts – high quality brands and merchants
Mobaff –  invite only CPA network, with outstanding training, resources and affiliate support
Apprupt – premium mobile performance network which provides cost per install for mobile applications – strong in European markets especially Germany and has deals with major publishers for high quality inventory
Moolah Media – mobile CPA and CPL network with a range of integrations for mobile offers including in the Android messaging system
Offermobi – runs a range of mobile performance offers, coming from more of an online affiliate approach
Mobile Cactus – specialist mobile CPA network based in the US
Neverblue Mobile – the mobile arm of the well respective affiliate and performance network Neverblue

Mobile Rewards / Games/ Virtual currency

Mobile advertising can also be combined with rewards or virtual currency.  For example, a user can receive credits in a mobile game for watching a video ad promoting another mobile game. 
Tapjoy – offers mobile app and game users recommendations for apps and integrates with mobile games to provide in-app rewards, offer walls and virtual currency solutions
Playhaven – provides a solution for mobile games developers that includes message based ads, offer walls, in-app rewards, cross-promotion and other services from a single platform
W3i – provides a range of incentivised and non incentivised offers and app promotion services
Kiip – designed for games developers to integrate with existing in-game mechanics, showing advertising where rewards and levels are unlocked

Premium Mobile Ad Networks

Premium networks restrict access to mobile sites and apps from major brands or publishers, providing a high quality of environment for mobile ads.  In some cases, advertisers can specify individual publishers that they would like to buy inventory from.  
4th Screen – UK-based premium mobile ad network with access to leading brands, publishers and other trusted mobile environments
Taptap Networks – the largest premium ad network in Spain
YOC Mobile – runs a premium mobile ad network with leading branded publishers
Mobile Theory – a premium mobile ad network for branded publishers and advertisers, recently acquired by Opera Mobile and based in the US
Widespace – premium mobile ad network based in Sweden
Medialets – operates a private exchange with premium mobile ad inventory from leading publishers
Mobile Fuse – offers a mobile ad network targeted a brands with an open list of sites its network runs on, and the ability to target and remove sites from the list for any campaign
Microsoft Mobile Advertising – the premium mobile ad network operated by Microsoft
iAds – previously Quattro Wireless, offers Apple’s own mobile ad solution for premium brands
Amobee – offers a range of enterprise-grade mobile ad solutions for businesses spending millions on mobile ads, now owned by Singtel
Mobsta – a UK-based premium mobile ad network that offers geo-targeting via a partnership with Yoose

Local Mobile Ad Networks

Local Mobile Ad Networks allow advertisers to reach mobile users in specific locations based on geo-targeting.  Can be aimed at local businesses or for mobile shopper applications.  
Yoose – a hyperlocal mobile ad network that allows geo-targeting of mobile advertising
xAd – allows national brands and local advertisers to target local mobile display and search advertising
Thinknear – helps target mobile ads to consumers in precise locations
Placeplay – allows app and game developers to offer geo-targeted ads to increase app revenues

Rich Media Mobile Ad Networks

Rich media mobile ad networks focus on video or other forms of mobile advertising featuring multimedia or interactivity beyond basic banner ads.  All major mobile ad networks including the big generalist global players such as inmobi are also investing in rich media capabilities.  
Celtra – allows the creation and trafficking of a range of different rich media mobile ad formats
Greystripe – mobile video ad platform, the first ad network to specialise in rich media
Session M – founded by the former co-founder of Quattro Wireless, session M offers an engaging range of mobile ad formats including HTML5 and video that integrate with the mechanics of mobile games and apps
Zumobi – offers a platform that allows the creation of sponsored/ branded apps and experiences and rich media advertising
Ad Colony – a mobile video ad platform that offers a self-service option for developers and integrates with virtual currency as well as providing a premium service for leading brands – a platform for branded enhancements in mobile games offering sponsorship and ad opportunities for brands and other advertisers

Specialist mobile ad networks 

Specialist mobile ad networks focus on a particular platform (e.g. Android) or a special type of ad (e.g. a form fill) or a certain type of traffic (gaming, adult)
Airpush – the leading mobile ad network for Android app advertising – offers ads in push notifications, as an app badge and co-registration / sign-up
Pontiflex – sign-up ads and lead generation/ form fill ads called Ad Leads
Webmoblink – offers a self service marketplace across web and mobile inventory
Burstly – offers platform for direct selling of ads, a mediation layer/ SSP and a rewards/ virtual currency system
Sellaring – Audio based mobile ad network
Aarki – allows advertisers to choose which sites or apps they advertise on and developers to also pick the best campaigns for their site
Onmobi – a specialist mobile ad network for the gaming (casino, poker) and finance sectors with CPC / CPA / CPI / Rev share business models
Reporo – a UK-based mobile ad network specialising in adult inventory
Adultmoda – adult version of the mobile ad network admoda

Mobile Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)

Mobile DSPs allow advertisers to buy across a range of different mobile ad networks, publishers and exchanges from a single console.  DSPs typically offer other services on top such as planning & buying, campaign management, analytics and tracking.  
Human Demand – allows advertisers to access real time bidding inventory and buy from named publishers via exchanges
Strikead – a mobile demand-side-platform that allows buying across multiple mobile ad networks
Tapit – acts like a combination of an ad network and and agency providing a range of analytics, campaign management and optimization services on top of its mobile technology platform
Mdotm – a mobile demand-side platform integrating with a huge supply of traffic and focusing on using this to drive app-installs
Adiquity – a global mobile ad optimization platform that allows publishers to integrate with multiple mobile ad networks
Mobclix – mobile ad exchange offering Real Time Bidding across premium mobile app and game inventory

Mobile Ad Servers, Ad Optimization, Mediation Services and Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) 

Mobile SSPs and Ad Servers allow mobile publishers and app developers to connect to multiple mobile ad networks.  Mobile Ad Servers will optimize ads from the various networks to maximise earnings and eCPM. 
mAdserve – available as an open source mobile ad server, mAdserve was created by the engineers who built the mobfox mobile ad network.  The platform connects developers with over 30 mobile ad networks without taking a cut of the revenues.
Mopub – works as a mobile ad server for a range of leading mobile apps and games, integrating multiple ad networks and providing a range of analytics, optimization and ad management services from a single SDK, publishers can also offer inventory via real time bidding
Inneractive – allows developers to connect to over 100 sources of revenue and advertisers to create cross platform, international campaigns
Nexage – offers Real Time Bidding, RTB, private exchanges and acts as an ad server and media layer for mobile app developers and publishers
Smaato – connects mobile app publishers, developers and mobile websites with 80+ mobile ad networks across all platforms
Ad Marvel – a mobile ad optimization network that integrates analytics and a mobile ad network optimizer, owned by Opera (Ad Marvel website)
Mocean – a mobile ad server that allows publishers and developers to manage multiple mobile ad networks and direct sales
Adfrap – a mobile inventory management solution for mobile publishers
That’s it – don’t forget to contact us if you think there’s a mobile ad network out there that we should add to the list and check out For more check out our Mobile Advertising Networks Market Map and our Mobile Ad Networks Directory.
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