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In-app advertising is the most popular kind of online advertising that drives revenue for hundreds of thousands app brands and indie developers who have mobile ad inventory. Because the majority of mobile users spend the bulk of their mobile time in apps, advertisers are focused on running ads in iOS and Android apps. These ads can be either rotated using the Waterfall rotation method, when ads from multiple advertisers are rotated in a queue or using more sophisticated method, called the header bidding, when advertisers actually need to bid for ad inventory inside a publisher's app.

List of in-app ad networks, servers and platforms

Updated: June 18, 2019


The Mobile Ad Quality Marketplace

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In-Game Advertising & Monetization Solutions

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Mobile monetization and marketing

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The Full-Stack Programmatic Ad Platform

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A real-time bidding ad exchange & Exclusive traffic

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Banner 60% (Mobile web 30%, In-app 70%), Native 35%, Video 5% Demand types.


Performance Marketing Made Easy

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Instagram Ads

Drive awareness and increase your customer base

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Google App Campaigns

Universal App campaigns that streamline the process for you

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Global RTB exchange for mobile ads

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...every impression, providing higher visibility and transparency for users and boosting the prices of in-app and mobile website traffic.


The future of Mobile Advertising all in one Powerful Platform

Tractas is a global ad network for direct in-app, display publishers and direct offers a with multiple ad formats support.


Direct Traffic Mobile User Acquisition Platform

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The AppLike ad solution is essentially a mobile app for in-app video placement, where each add is presented to mobile users as a recommendation for a new mobile....

Google Ads

Get your ad on Google today.


Mobile advertising network

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