Winning with influencers in a Post-IDFA world

Jidé Maduako (CEO @ Yoke Network) presented at App Promotion Summit USA (WFH) about how to understand the impact of creator campaigns and the importance of influencer content in your campaigns in this session.

In this session Jidé covers:

1. Talking about the effects of privacy, so like what is going on with privacy and with apple and how it’s actually affected influencer marketing or just mobile marketing in general.

2. Understanding the impact of creative campaigns. This is really important because now especially with the removable fingerprint especially with what’s going on in terms of limited data that we have, it’s key to understand where you’re actually getting value as a mobile advertiser from your influencer campaigns.

3. And finally he touches on the importance of influencer content which is crucial because there’s a lot more of an emphasis on it now that we can only really optimize or there’s a limit to the amount that we can optimize campaigns through content creators.

Yoke Network essentially love helping mobile apps to grow through influencers and how they do it is that they have built their network of over 2000 creators and over 600 million total audience.
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