Business of Apps publishes best Los Angeles app developers research

Alberto Furlan

In App Development. April 26, 2018

Business of Apps, the app developer news site and directory, has published its research on the best app development companies in Los Angeles.

The research, rounds up the best app development agencies in LA, and takes into consideration breadth of portfolio, diversity of verticals, past experience, design innovation and development for iOS and Android to reach its conclusions. As ever the companies need to have an office in the LA area to be chosen the companies.

The selected companies are: Dogtown Media, Sidebench Studios, Net Solutions, IT CRAFT, PhD Labs, MEDL Mobile, Swenson-He, ISBX, Digital Brand Group and Dom and Tom.

The list is unranked, and besides the above criteria the list was compiled to cover all budgets, all platforms (iOS and Android as well as cross-platform development with Xamarin and the like). You can read the guide on the top app developers in Los Angeles here, or browse Business of Apps’ developer directory for further tools and companies.