Back in the day, when app developers made money selling copies of their apps, a growth strategy was important, then in-purchases came along and the necessity to retain app users, by having a solid strategy, became even more important. Today, when app subscriptions are the name of the game, it is absolutely crucial to have a robust app growth strategy to build a profitable app business.

Chances are you listening to this episode as you’re on your Uber ride and so who else not a former member of Uber’s marketing team should be on this episode to talk about a profitable growth strategy for subscription apps, so we’ve got Alex.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • The landscape of challenges app marketers face today
  • 7-step strategy to build a profitable growth subscription strategy for apps
  • #1 – External Validation
  • #2 – Internal Validation
  • #3 – Conceptual Packaging
  • #4 – Monetization Goals
  • #5 – Pricing Structure & Simulation
  • #6 – Experimentation & Roll out
  • #7 – Feedback Loops
  • What bugs Alex about the app industry
  • Android or iOS? iOS
  • Alex’s  first mobile phone was an iPhone
  • What features would Alex miss most? Communication apps

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Alex Guerra:

“The first step is about external validation, external assessment. These basically imply making sure that your customers are perceiving your value proposition in a way that makes you identify these key success factors and which are relevant for them.”

“The second step is Internal Analysis and this normally works the best for companies that already have a subscription plan or any sort of pricing model that they want to revisit.”

“I think there is a need to be more focused on monetization.”

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