Etsy Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

David Curry

Updated: January 11, 2022

Etsy is an e-commerce platform focused on small businesses and artisans which sell handmade or vintage items. It started life in Brooklyn, New York and quickly expanded throughout the US and into Europe.

In a competitive US e-commerce market with Amazon and eBay, Etsy separated itself with the uniqueness of items sold and the focus on quality. Etsy’s editorial team in the early days also focused on highlighting artistic work, rather than commercially-made items.

That has led to Etsy’s booming creator economy, with millions of sellers who use Etsy as a side-gig to sell handmade homeware or jewelry items. In some cases, the income from Etsy has allowed these sellers to go full-time.

Etsy has increased revenue and usage every year since its IPO in 2010, but the coronavirus pandemic supercharged its growth, from $818 million revenue in 2019 to $1.72 billion in 2020. Etsy also doubled active buyers in that time period.

In 2019, Etsy acquired music equipment marketplace Reverb for $275 million. In 2021, it acquired clothing reseller Depop for $1.63 billion, its largest acquisition to date, which mirrors Etsy in some respects with its vintage community.

We have collected data and statistics on Etsy. Read on below to find out more.

Etsy key statistics

  • Etsy generated $1.72 billion revenue in 2020, a 110% year-on-year increase
  • Net profit for Etsy reached $349 million in 2020
  • It doubled gross merchandise sales in 2020 to $10.3 billion
  • 89 million people are active buyers on Etsy

Etsy overview

Launch date June 2005
HQ New York City, US
People Josh Silverman (CEO), Rachel Glaser (CFO), Mike Fisher (CTO)
Business type Public (NASDAQ: ETSY)
Industry E-commerce

Etsy revenue

Etsy annual revenue

Year Revenue
2012 $75 million
2013 $125 million
2014 $196 million
2015 $273 million
2016 $365 million
2017 $441 million
2018 $604 million
2019 $818 million
2020 $1.72 billion

Etsy profit

Year Net income
2012 ($3 million)
2013 ($1 million)
2014 ($15 million)
2015 ($54 million)
2016 ($30 million)
2017 $82 million
2018 $77 million
2019 $96 million
2020 $349 million

Etsy GMS

Year GMS
2012 $895 million
2013 $1.35 billion
2014 $1.93 billion
2015 $2.39 billion
2016 $2.84 billion
2017 $3.25 billion
2018 $3.93 billion
2019 $4.97 billion
2020 $10.3 billion

Note: GMS stands for Gross Merchandise Sales 

Etsy users

Year Users
2012 9.3 million
2013 14 million
2014 19.8 million
2015 24 million
2016 28.5 million
2017 33.3 million
2018 39.4 million
2019 46.3 million
2020 81.8 million

Note: Annual totals are from Q4 of respective year

Source: Company data

Etsy sellers

Year Sellers
2012 0.8 million
2013 1 million
2014 1.3 million
2015 1.5 million
2016 1.7 million
2017 1.9 million
2018 2.1 million
2019 2.6 million
2020 4.1 million

Source: Company data 

Etsy FAQ

How many customers are repeat buyers on Etsy?

40% of Etsy buyers are repeat customers, 8.9% are what Etsy call “habitual buyers”

What is the most popular category on Etsy?

Homeware & Home Furnishings is the most popular category on Etsy, followed by Jewelry & Personal Accessories and Craft Supplies

How much did Etsy pay for Depop?

Etsy paid $1.5 billion (£1.1 billion) for vintage clothing reseller Depop

What is the gross merchandise sale of each active buyer?

In Q3 2021, the GMS for active buyer on Etsy was $132, a 20% year-on-year increase

How many times has the Etsy app been downloaded?

We estimate the Etsy app has been downloaded 88.9 million times (Appfigures)

What are Etsy’s seller gender demographics?

81% of Etsy sellers are women, according to the company’s 2020 seller census

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