Why App Developers Should be Excited About Apple Announcements at WWDC 2018

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Posted: June 14, 2018

Apple announced a slew of new features in the recently concluded WWDC 2018: Why App developers can’t wait to get their hands on them? 

The World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is one of the biggest dates in Apple calendar when apple makes some of the biggest announcements. It is a summer event for software developers from around the world to know about the latest OS updates and new features.  This event features several workshops, training and networking sessions. One can expect to know about some significant changes to the hardware too. 

In this post, we will explain to you the new initiatives announced by Apple at WWDC 2018 and how app developers can take advantage of it to build futuristic apps. 

What are the new initiatives announced by Apple?

The WWDC 2018 was held at McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA from 4th June to 8th June. The flagship two-hour event saw several announcements being made. Here are some of the biggest announcements made in WWDC 2018. 

iOS 12

Apple confirmed that iOS 12 is their next major software update. It is going to release a free update this year, which will be supported by latest iPhones and iPads. It means all the devices that are compatible with iOS 11 will also be compatible with iOS 12. 

Coming to digital health tools, the iOS 12 will allow you to limit your iPhone and iPad usage. You can now see details like – how often you unlock your device, how long you are using a particular app when you are using an app and so on.  These changes are meant primarily to combat smartphone addiction.  

The new software iOS 12 will automatically recognize the codes you come across while logging into the app. Users no more need to switch between messages to copy and paste code within apps. When the new codes come in – iOS 12 will recognize them and suggest the autofill option. With iOS 12, you will be able to grab your password conveniently on any iOS device except Mac. You could manually copy and paste the password between different platforms, but this feature saves you a few secs.

Another advancement that can be seen in iOS 12 is the warnings about reused passwords. The OS will prompt you to create a unique password that can be saved for later use. Although this feature is seen in Safari, it is the first time any such feature is extending to apps on your device. In case you forget the password, you can take help of Siri to display any particular password. 

Smooth animations

The smoother animation is another biggest announcement made by Apple in WWDC 2018. According to sources – the apps are likely to launch faster and the keyboard popup more swiftly. With speedier animations, iOS 12 will attract its fans. This new feature may end all the framerate drops and annoying stuttering, which no one likes on their expensive smartphone. 

Swipe gestures

Apple is bringing some unique features which are similar to the swipe gestures on iPhone X. Whether it is swiping from top to down or right to left – all these gestures will bring you home. This is in fact the best way to prepare iPad Pro without a home button and just Face ID. 

New life to Siri & AR

Apple has given a new life to Siri based on which it will now suggest app actions based on the time of the day and location. For example – Siri will suggest you arrange a party or call your girlfriend if it is her birthday. It will also be able to handle daily routines. You can activate Siri with a raise of your wrist towards your face. 

Apple teamed up with Pixar in an effort to bring AR to the mainstream. In fact, Apple is doing everything to bring AR technology to the masses. This feature lets you see virtual images as if they existed in real life. Last year, Apple announced ARKit for developers to build their own AR apps. This year, Apple made it easier for developers to create AR videos that can be shared on social networks.     

New features in Apple Watch

The company updated Apple watch with new features like – yoga mode, automatic workout detection, hiking and interactive notifications.  It means if you forget to start the watch at the beginning of a workout, it will record your active period automatically. The new walkie-talkie feature in Apple Watch let users communicate with other users who are using Apple Watch. 

Apple’s next macOS Mojave

Mojave is the company’s next macOS with many features. This OS adds a dark mode to make the background colors black and grey. This mode is not only ideal for viewing screen in a dark room but is useful for editing photos and doing other creative tasks. Additionally, the Desktop Stacks feature sorts the random files on the desktop by categories.  


The Animoji characters which were debuted with iPhone X were expanded with animals, ghosts, and creepy creatures. Personalized avatar is the biggest advancement, which means users are now allowed to create characters that have their own appearance and skin color. Although Samsung already introduced this feature in Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, Apple seems to have put more efforts into this to make it unique.   

Security and privacy

Besides the above, the company has laid a lot of focus on enhancing the security of apps. The security settings are made stronger for all apps that cover the camera and microphone.  We can expect some anti-tracking and privacy features on Safari browser. 


With so many features unveiled at WWDC 2018, app developers from around the world are excited to use them to build futuristic apps. As we always can see, Apple is going to launch iOS 12 post the launch of this year’s iPhone. The major focus of Apple is on reliability and performance enhancement. 

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