How to Maximize Your Mobile App Marketing with Social Media

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Posted: April 19, 2016

Social media is a cost-effective marketing channel for app developers. When used effectively, it is a great way to draw in users, drive up demand and increase user retention. So how can you maximize your mobile app marketing with social media?
The Basic Rules of the Game
In case you are a developer or a designer, using social media to promote your app might seem like a daunting task. This is especially true if you do not have any marketing experience. However, this lack of experience can prove beneficial in the case of social media, since the medium thrives on developing personal connections. If you can imbue your messages with the passion you have for your product, that passion will come across naturally and draw people in.
Furthermore, don’t be afraid to add calls-to-action to your posts, whether this means asking for a like, share, retweet or feedback. You’ll be surprised at how effective these can be.
When it comes to content, you can take one of three routes:

  • Share interesting and impactful content that provides your audience with value.
  • Create valuable content yourself, such as articles, infographics and blog posts.
  • Hire a copywriter and/or designer to produce articles, inforgraphics and blog posts on your behalf.

Finally, you want to make sure that you use leverage to make your life easier. There are many social media management tools which can help you automate and schedule your posts. By using these tools, you will be able to keep a consistent posting schedule. You can also dedicate a chunk of your time to your social media efforts, instead of spreading the tasks out over several days.
The Main Platforms
There are several social media sites which are widely used for marketing. You have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, and Reddit.
Twitter is a great way to reach a mobile audience, since a majority of the user base accesses the platform through mobile devices. There are three things to keep in mind here:

  • Post length
  • Hashtags
  • Retweets

With Twitter you have a 140 character limit, so your messages have to be short and sweet. You also want to make sure that you use hashtags to their full effect. For example, during the premiere of a movie or TV show, during the Oscar night or during a football event, you can hashtag out marketing messages that help spread awareness of your app. However, make sure that you stick to a maximum of three hashtags per tweet, or else you risk turning users away.
Retweets are always a great way to increase visibility, which is why you want to leave enough room within the 140 character limit for a retweet and potential reply. If you can stick a call-to-action somewhere along the lines of “Please RT” within the message itself, it’s even better. To increase the likelihood of retweets, make sure to include rich media, links to informative articles, or viral content within the tweets themselves.
You can also use promoted tweets to great effect. Below, you can see one such example, straight from Twitter’s business blog. This tweet is a highly targeted and optimized app install card, which is designed to draw in users and drive up installations.
What really sets Facebook apart is the powerful audience targeting system, which allows you to choose the audience you advertise to based on everything from location to education, age, work and relationship status, gender and many more.
On this platform, calls-to-action are just as effective. Add them to your messages, and make sure that the content you share is top-notch, because Facebook ranks content based on the number of likes, shares, and comments. With strong visual or informational content, you can dramatically increase exposure here.
Facebook paid ads can be very effective, thanks to the strong targeting system available to marketers on this platform. The ads themselves look similar to Twitter’s app install cards. Below you can see an example of just how easy it is to design the ad itself, and what the final design will look like.
Source: Facebook
Marketers have started to realize the importance of visual marketing back in 2014. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, leveraging this medium on Instagram can provide your users with reminders of why they love your brand. Instagram uses hashtags as well, which can create powerful exposure when they’re used effectively.
For a great example of Instagram marketing, you can check out Starbucks’ profile. Starbucks greatly increased user engagement and brand loyalty by sharing and reposting images sent to them by customers.
Google +
Google + is a great platform if you want to increase your organic SEO. By using hashtags and posting relevant content that gets shared and liked, you have a very cost-effective way of getting your company and app to climb the page ranks.
When you think about social media marketing, Reddit is not the first site that pops into mind. That’s because you don’t have truly tried and tested methods for effective marketing here. However, if you can actively engage with the community, and provide value through your app, you can draw in a large number of users. This takes creativity, dedication and experience with the community itself.
If you are willing to go the paid route, you will be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive and effective marketing on Reddit can be. If you have a compelling app, and you market it in the right subreddit, you can get quality clicks for next to nothing.
Maximizing your mobile app marketing on social media requires an exchange of value between you and your users. Whether it’s a picture that brightens up someone’s day, or a blog post that provides a much needed solution, value on social media is rewarded with likes, attention and ultimately app downloads.

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