Google open-sources EarlGrey iOS UI testing framework

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

February 17, 2016

Google Logo Oct 2015

Google has launched EarlGrey, a new UI testing framework for Apple’s iOS, and has made the software open source. Announced on Google’s developer blog, the software has an excellent history, as Google used the framework to test out its own iOS apps, including YouTube, Google Photos, and Google Play Music for iOS.

There are several key features:

  • Built-in Synchronization: Google says the tool automatically waits for key events — animations, networks requests, and more — before tapping the UI. This means tests are easier to create, and don’t require heavy maintenance.
  • Design: All components related to element selection, synchronization, and assertion are extensible.
  • Visibility: Interactions will take place on elements that users can see, and fail for those that are hidden.

Developers will find EarlGrey on Google’s GitHub page here, where there’s also a handy getting started guide.