Appmobi launches app security platform specifically for hybrid HTML5 and Cordova apps

Andy Boxall | November 11, 2015

App Development

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Hybrid mobile app experts Appmobi has announced the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform, which adds high-level security features to hybrid HTML5 and Cordova apps, making them more suitable for business use.

The good news is, the platform works with existing app development tools, and comes in an easy to install package that can be hosted by a company, or in the cloud. Hybrid apps are useful, cutting down on development time, and increasing versatility by being truly cross platform.

Appmobi new platform provides security services for hybrid apps

Appmobi screen

Appmobi’s platform has five separate features:

  • Security Kit: The base on which secure hybrid apps can be built, with a wide variety of security settings, and different user levels.
  • Push Messaging: Encrypted messages with the option of forced authentication.
  • Secure Live Updates: Update apps at any time using secure packets.
  • Data Store: A safe place to keep app data separate from the mobile device.
  • Secure Analytics: Real-time intelligence from a secure stack.

To learn more about Appmobi’s secure hybrid app platform, visit the company’s website here.

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