LinkedIn Usage and Revenue Statistics (2021)

Mansoor Iqbal

Updated: May 21, 2021

LinkedIn is the world’s preeminent social network for professionals. Members create CVs, list their current and previous job roles, skills and education. The business network is also a recruiting website, with businesses able to create profiles and list current vacancies.

LinkedIn was initially conceived in cofounder Reid Hoffman’s living room in 2002. Hoffman had previously worked for Apple, creating eWorld, which was an early attempt at a social network later snapped up by AOL. He would have another go at establishing a social network in 1997 with, which aimed to connect people with similar interests.

Hoffman had a stint at PayPal with college roommate Peter Thiel, before launching LinkedIn on May 5, 2003. Take up was slow, however Sequoia Capital provided the initial investment to kickstart LinkedIn’s growth, which would be returned mightily with the IPO in 2011 and the $26.2 billion acquisition by Microsoft in 2016.

It took LinkedIn until 2006 to start seriously looking into revenue generation and by the time it had filed for IPO, it was generating over $500 million in annual revenue. CEO at the time Jeff Weiner steered the company into a multi-billion dollar business, and remains an executive chairman at the company.

LinkedIn has looked, especially in recent years, to build out its platform to be more than jobs. Some of them have been unsuccessful, however others like news and events have been successful. LinkedIn plans to launch a Clubhouse clone, bringing live audio podcasts to the app.

We have collected data and statistics on LinkedIn. Read on below to find out more.

LinkedIn key statistics 

  • LinkedIn generated $8 billion revenue in 2020, an increase of 19 percent year-on-year
  • LinkedIn has 756 million members, however it is not known how many are active every day or every month
  • The United States has the most LinkedIn members, followed by India and China
  • Over 57 million business and 120,000 schools have LinkedIn accounts

LinkedIn overview

Launch date5 May 2003
HQSunnyvale, California
PeopleRyan Roslansky (CEO), Jeff Weiner (Executive chairman), Reid Hoffman (founder, Microsoft board member) 
Business typeSubsidiary
IndustryProfessional networking

LinkedIn revenue

LinkedIn annual revenue

2010$243 million
2011$522 million
2012$972 million
2013$1.5 billion
2014$2.2 billion
2015$2.9 billion
2016$3.7 billion
2017$4.5 billion
2018$5.2 billion
2019$6.7 billion
2020$8 billion

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn users 

LinkedIn annual users

201078 million
2011116 million
2012174 million
2013238 million
2014313 million
2015380 million
2016450 million
2017490 million
2018556 million
2019604 million
2020690 million

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn users by region

North America196 million
Europe198 million
Asia Pacific 206 million
Latin America114 million
Middle East & Africa39 million

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn users by country

United States178 million
India76 million
Mainland China53 million
Brazil49 million
United Kingdom30 million
France22 million
Canada18 million
Indonesia18 million
Mexico 16 million
DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)16 million
Italy15 million
Spain13 million
Australia11 million

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn organisations 

201718 million
201826 million
201930 million
202050 million
202157 million

Note: This covers businesses listed on LinkedIn 

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn schools


Note: This covers schools listed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn FAQ

How many LinkedIn members actively post?

Only three percent of members post more than once a week, although over 40 million apply for jobs once a week

What are LinkedIn’s age demographics?

By far the largest age demographic on LinkedIn is 25-34, which accounts for 59.9 percent of users. 18-24 is the second largest bracket, at 20.3 percent, followed by 35-54 at 16.9 percent. Over 55’s account for 3 percent of total users (Hootsuite/We Are Social)

What are LinkedIn’s gender demographics?

57.5 percent of LinkedIn users are male, 42.6 percent are female (Hootsuite/We Are Social)

What percentage of US adults use LinkedIn?

Over 25 percent of US adults are LinkedIn users, according to Pew Research Center

How many countries is LinkedIn available in?

LinkedIn is available in 200 countries

Is LinkedIn available in China?

Yes, unlike most social networks, LinkedIn has not been banned in China. LinkedIn regularly removes comments that the Chinese government flag (Inkstone)

How many jobs are listed on LinkedIn?

In October 2020, there were 14 million jobs listed on LinkedIn

How many job applications are made on LinkedIn per month?

According to LinkedIn, over 100 million job applications are sent each month

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