Gas Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

David Curry

Updated: November 24, 2022

A bit of an unconventional name for a social app but one that fits with the main function of Gas, the act of “gassing” friends or crushes through polls and giving them compliments.

Targeted at high school teenagers and only available in a select few states in America and Canada, the app creates polls such as “Who should DJ at every party?” or “Who do you secretly admire?” with the name of four people at the school. The names can be shuffled or skipped, which provides the user with more chance to get the person they wanted.

Users earn coins for answering poll questions, which can then be used to add their name into more polls.

If a person is picked in the poll, they will receive a notification. To find out the name of the person, Gas offers a “God Mode” service at $6.99 a week, which reveals two names per week, gives unlimited hints, and doubles the number of coins from answering polls.

Building an app for teenagers is always difficult, especially with the location factor. The potential for it to be used in the worst ways as a tool to bully and harass has led to the failure of many teen-focused apps, such as YikYak, Whisper, and Secret.

Gas has avoided this so far by controlling the narrative through auto-generating polls, randomizing the names in the poll, and always focusing on positivity.

Outside of the app, Gas has been at the centre of a viral sex trafficking hoax, which started on Snapchat, and has since been republished on local news channels and police departments. The team at Gas have spent the past few weeks refuting the hoax, but have struggled to maintain the same growth, with five percent of users deleting the app during the second week of October.

We have collected data and statistics on Gas. Read on below to find out more.

Gas key statistics

  • Gas has generated $3 million in sales in less than three months
  • Gas has 1 million daily active users
  • In October, it was the most downloaded app in the US

Gas overview

TitleTitle 1
Launch dateSeptember 2022
HQLos Angeles, California
PeopleNikita Bier, Isaiah Turner, Dave Schatz, Michael Gutierrez
Business typePrivate

Gas revenue

Gas has made $3 million in cumulative sales, reaching that milestone in the second week of November.

Gas cumulative sales October to November 2022 ($mm)

DateSales ($mm)
October 20221
November 20223

Gas users

Gas reached one million daily active users in the second week of October.

Gas daily active users October 2022 (mm)

DateUsers (mm)
October 20221

Gas downloads

Gas had just over four million downloads in October 2022. We expect it to surpass that figure in November.

Gas cumulative downloads September to October 2022 (mm)

DateDownloads (mm)
September 20220.17
October 20224.25


How many polls have been answered on Gas?

One billion polls have been answered (Nikita Bier)

How many Snapchat users have interacted with Gas?

23% of Snapchat US users have viewed a Gas story (Nikita Bier)

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