Let’s state the obvious – people love playing games, especially on their smartphones, and they do love brands. 

Now, if you ask a mobile marketer what does it imply she would tell you that it’s a great opportunity on one side to let brands reach more potential customers and on the other – for mobile game developers to generate revenue.

So far so good, right? But what if I tell you that there is a report that actually reveals specifically what brand categories people prefer who play games in various types of games such as Puzzle, Card, Word, and Action? Sounds even better, right?

Well, today Ravi will be talking about Digital Turbine’s BRAG INDEX IV report that brings up precisely this information.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Ravi’s background
  • What is Digital Turbine today and its mission
  • The BRAG Index report and its methodology
  • The biggest highlights from the report
  • The mobile games landscape today
  • The report insights for Word / Word Search game category
  • The report insights for Puzzle game category
  • The report insights for Card game category
  • The report insights for Action game category
  • Android or iOS?
  • Leaving his smartphone at home, what features would Ravi miss most?
  • What features he would like to see added to his smartphone?

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Ravi Pimplaskar:

What we did is we sort of indexed the people who play Word games against certain brands. And we really found that they had an affinity for fitness and travel.
Some of their top brands included, you know, Red bull, Delta Airlines, Panera Bread. But one of the things, Word  gamers, which isn’t surprising, are avid readers.

Puzzle gamers – what we really found about their interest is they gravitate towards beauty and adventure. Their favorite brand is  beauty products like Aveeno. They’re into Travelocity, Lululemon’s brands. One of the things that we did find about puzzle gamers – they really into traveling. So, you know, that Sudoku player sitting next to you on flight he may be more typical than you think.


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