Wayfair Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

David Curry

Updated: May 4, 2022

From 2002 to 2011, Ninaj Shah and Steve Conine launched over 200 niche online stores, such as cookware.com, luggage.com and strollers.com, under the CSN Stores business.

At the time, this was a smart way of doing business. Internet users in the 2000s gravitated towards websites that were named after the specific product they were looking for, and they tended to perform better in search rankings.

But, as we entered the 2010s, things started to change. Amazon had shifted from selling books and buying single product websites to the “Everything store”, like an online Walmart. CSN Stores followed suit in 2011, launching Wayfair.

Wayfair is the amalgamation of all of the stores launched by Shah and Conine in the first decade of the company’s existence.

It did not, and still does not, manufacture its own products. Instead, it offers placement on their website and app to over 11,000 suppliers, which have uploaded over 14 million items to the platform.

By 2014, the move to a single platform had paid off, with Wayfair becoming the largest online-only home furniture retailer in the United States. In 2022, it was responsible for about 1.5% of all e-commerce sales in the country.

One of the ways Wayfair became the number one home furniture seller is through “Way Day”, which similar to Amazon Prime Day and Alibaba’s Singles Day is an event where thousands of items are put on sale, sometimes at extreme discounts.

Wayfair, like most online retailers, saw a huge boom in revenues during the pandemic. Revenues increased by 54 percent in 2020 and usage by 46 percent, higher than the two years preceding it. In 2021, it has struggled to maintain the same volume.

We have collected data and statistics on Wayfair. Read on below to find out more.

Wayfair key statistics

  • Wayfair generated $13.7 billion revenue in 2021, a 2.8% contraction on 2020
  • It posted a net loss in 2021 of $131 million
  • Wayfair has over 30 million active buyers

Wayfair overview

Launch date August 2002
HQ Boston, Massachusetts
People Niraj Shah (CEO, co-founder), Steve Conine (co-founder) 
Business type Public (NYSE: W)
Industry Shopping

Wayfair revenue

Wayfair had its first decline in annual revenue in 2021, after eight years of increases. In 2020, its revenues increased by 54%, the highest percentage increase since 2015.

Wayfair annual revenue

Year Revenue
2012 $601 million
2013 $916 million
2014 $1.3 billion
2015 $2.2 billion
2016 $3.3 billion
2017 $4.7 billion
2018 $6.7 billion
2019 $9.1 billion
2020 $14.1 billion
2021 $13.7 billion

Wayfair profit

Wayfair posted its first profitable year in 2020, but dropped back into the negatives in 2021, posting a $131 million annual loss.

Year Profit
2012 ($33 million)
2013 ($41 million)
2014 ($150 million)
2015 ($77 million)
2016 ($194 million)
2017 ($245 million)
2018 ($504 million)
2019 ($985 million)
2020 $185 million
2021 ($131 million)

Wayfair users

Wayfair’s active users have been in steady decline since Q1 2021, but the 27.3 million in Q4 2021 is still higher than it was the start of the pandemic.

Wayfair annual users

Year Users
2017 9.5 million
2018 12.8 million
2019 17.8 million
2020 26 million
2021 31.1 million

Note: Values are taken in Q2 of each respective year. 

Wayfair orders delivered

Wayfair annual orders declined by 16% in 2021 to 51 million. Order volume peaked, like most Wayfair metrics, in 2020 with 61 million orders.

Year Order volume
2013 3.31 million
2014 5.24 million
2015 9.17 million
2016 14 million
2017 19.4 million
2018 28 million
2019 37.6 million
2020 61 million
2021 51 million

Wayfair average order value

Wayfair’s average order value is one of the few metrics to increase from 2020 to 2021, rising 20% to $269.

Year Average order value
2014 $204
2015 $222
2016 $203
2017 $229
2018 $227
2019 $226
2020 $223
2021 $269

Wayfair e-commerce marketshare US

Wayfair is responsible for about 1.5% of e-commerce sales in the United States, making it the tenth largest e-commerce retailer in the country.

Wayfair FAQ

How many Wayfair users purchase through the app?

56.7% of Wayfair orders are completed through the app

How many new items does Wayfair add a month?

Wayfair adds about 100 new items on its website each month

How many monthly visits does the Wayfair.com website receive?

In February 2021, Wayfair.com received 91.8 million views. Wayfair.co.uk received 15.6 million and Wayfair.ca 11.5 million

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