TikTok @ APS London 2024: The power of impactful entertainment

App Promotion Summit London took place on April 25th, 2024, drawing its biggest audience yet with over 700+ in-person attendees. To conclude this milestone in APS history, TikTok delivered the final talk of the day at APS’s main stage where Julia Dolzhenkova, Product Marketing Manager at TikTok UK, shared some fascinating insights regarding TikTok’s continued evolution and recent successes in adapting to customer needs in the digital age.

As part of their commitment to keeping audiences engaged and responsive, TikTok revealed that 76% of their users watch what the platform’s recommendation system suggests. Additionally, 69% of TikTok users are likely to download an app or follow a brand after encountering it on the platform, and an impressive 91% have taken action — be it liking, sharing, or making a purchase — after viewing content. These metrics underscore TikTok’s robust influence in driving user engagement, conversions, and brand awareness, making the platform a lucrative acquisition channel for mobile apps.

In 2023, TikTok launched numerous new solutions and anticipates more advancements in 2024, focusing primarily on bringing more automation and vertical solutions to the platform.

The talk also covered TikTok’s recent transition into a Self-Attributing Network (SAN) as part of its efforts to enhance its mobile measurement framework for app advertisers. TikTok’s SAN integration now gives advertisers more performance insights, enabling them to make more informed decisions, customize their attribution windows, and access enhanced performance solutions.

TikTok Creative Exchange

Source: TikTok presentation at APS London 2024

To conclude the talk, TikTok turned to its first-party Conversion Lift Study, an incrementality test measuring the true impact of TikTok advertising campaigns, and its bespoke Creative Exchange, which enables brands to produce engaging content at scale. Notable case studies include Bolt, which achieved a 20x relative lift in app installs and 95% incremental conversions, and Pret-à-Manger, which saw a significant reduction in costs, with an 89% decrease in cost per unique subscriber and a 39% reduction in cost per app install.

This wealth of data and new initiatives demonstrates TikTok’s commitment to maintaining its status as a leader in digital marketing and consumer engagement.


  • TikTok Marketing Science Global Entertaining Ads Study 2022 (UK Results) conducted by Marketcast (> 76% follow the algorithm)
  • TikTok Marketing Science EUI High-Value Audience Research 2023 (UK  Results) conducted by PA Consulting (> 69% likely to download an app)
  • TikTok Marketing Science Global Time Well Spent 2021 (EU5 Results) conducted by Kantar (> 91% take action)

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