Yahoo expands mobile app developer suite with Apple Watch analytics

Yahoo recently announced that its Flurry analytics platform now supports Apple Watch analytics, allowing app developers to see how consumers interact with their apps. Flurry analytics helps developers to actively track users, document their actions using the Apple Watch and create custom offers and events.

Flurry adds Apple Watch extension

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The Watch Extension key is easily added to a developer’s iPhone app and then submitted into the App Store.

Bradley Jones, Director, Product Management, Flurry Yahoo, says:


“With this new opportunity in wearables, many developers are experimenting with strategies for building successful Apple Watch apps. The Watch is shifting the way the industry thinks about app creation. Analytics are an important part of this journey. This is uncharted territory for developers and advertisers alike, and understanding user behavior is crucial for success.”

With little data on experiences available, apps on wearables are a different ball game. Content needs to be condensed to a quick glance and apps need to be built to not exceed hardware memory limits. Watch apps call for a more intuitive design. At Yodel’s recent meet-up in April, Jones discussed the challenges marketers and developers will face, noting that the Watch is yet untested territory for developers. Being able to analyse its users, will be key to understanding it better.

App Annie recently took a closer look at the app market for the watch and found that developers are getting very enthusiastic about the market early on. “If you’ve had a hard time getting noticed on the app stores due to the sheer quantity of apps available, this is a great avenue to get noticed,” App Annie said in their blog post. Yahoo is one of few companies including Fiksu, App Annie, and Localytics which are providing data on over 3,500 apps available for the Apple Watch.

As IDC forecasts Apple Watch shipments to exceed 15m this year, we are likely to see more developments in this sector.