Chinese authorities call on Apple to tighten controls on video apps

Andy Boxall

In App Business

April 20, 2017

iPhone Red

Chinese authorities are set to meet with Apple regarding video streaming apps available through the iTunes App Store, with a view to, “tightening up checks,” on the content they can provide, according to a report from Xinhua News Agency.

Confirmed by regulators at the Beijing Cyberspace Administration, it follows a joint investigation with two other government departments into three Chinese video streaming sites. The sites,,, and, have reportedly violated four regulations, and management teams potentially face criminal charges.

Exact details of the content shown hasn’t been released, but it includes live broadcast material forbidden by law, including adult content. The investigation says all three sites, “were found to lack systematic management and to have been inadequate in checking information, emergency response and technical support.

Apple is next on the list, and the meetings have apparently already begun regarding the live streaming apps available through the store. The clamp down on video is the latest in a string of new rules regarding digital content in China, such as app stores forced to register with the government, and complex approval processes for foreign-made apps.