Why You Should Consider Investing in AI Enabled Mobile Apps?

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Posted: February 28, 2018

Here’s everything you should know on why you should go with AI mobile app development.

In the recent times mobile technology has grown to be self-learning and context-aware in the way it works and communicates. Technologists are working to bring artificial intelligence into solutions to make it deliver advanced possibilities to deal with the growing user needs in reference with intuitive and smart solutions. On the other side, mobile app developers are taking it seriously and working on different facets and aspects of AI-based mobile app solutions.

This is certainly the main reason for it to make it to the list of top strategic trends of 2018 and making many mobile-app-based businesses adopt it at a high rate. Similarly, it is also quite responsible for the rapid rise in the adoption of the AI features like voice-activated searches, recommendation tools and chatbot systems. And this has been responded and encouraged by users with great acceptance.

Owing to this innovation-led growth and the unfailing reception in the space of Artificial Intelligence, over 200 companies are expected to invest into the technology in next one year, as per a latest research report. It’s time when you should ask your business – What are you doing?

Current AI Trends

AI is quite much there in the commercial mainstreams since a decade but has started growing to become a part of regular offerings and solutions now. Lately, users have started to shift towards apps that are more contextually aware. User experience is also moving from just being an easy and friendly interface to a predictive and intuitive system that attends, learns, responds and engages users intelligently. Hence, businesses should be looking towards how their services and offerings connect with users and where they can align them with AI to take the idea of solution to the next level of sophistication, automation and engagement value. As a forward-looking business if you are looking to grab things in time to be on a leading edge with your solutions, it’s time to think about integrating AI with your mobile apps solution.

How users and businesses are getting benefited with AI mobile apps 

Today AI is being used as a personal assistant to help you with your daily tasks both at work and home. It is relevant and applicable to virtually all the industry segments like healthcare, finance, education, media and automobile. It is helping you to search better results/answers for a project, applying concepts and patterns. It is even learning about your likings and preferences to help you with optimized results for things like searching for a restaurant or checking out sports events, matching your previous choices, next time you ask for a suggestion.

Though there are a number of ways in which AI is helping businesses to operate and execute things more intelligently and niftily, at the core of it it’s still all about fetching and churning data and working on it to offer smart self-driven solutions fed with synthetic intelligence. AI not just allows solutions to users through memory feeds, smart analytics and response mechanism but also facilitating solutions by learning from users and the environment within which they operate. And this is made possible through machine learning algorithms and sensory trackers that AI solutions come equipped with.

Building apps that can respond to user commands and queries by sensing their needs and preferences, businesses are increasingly looking to keep up with advanced possibilities in the space of automation and are making the most out of the AI benefits going with mobile app solutions built on Artificial Intelligence.

The most prevalent services AI is used for 

With the beginning of the AI era, most of the leading brands, businesses and providers have started coming up with their versions of AI-enabled solutions. These have been disrupting the way you see solutions, connect with the offerings and procure and utilize to extract value from them. The most compelling of these arrays across different facets, traits and roles of three major services – Automated Reasoning, Recommendation System, and Behavioral Pattern Analysis.

Automated Reasoning: Any solution that is built on Automated Reasoning can itself interpret and process meanings from instructions and communications by users. These can essentially act as triggers to make them revert users with something valuable and important. This is mostly helpful where analytical and logical processes are needed to be implemented to allow users to have solutions and results that are processed automatically through analytical thinking and logical reasoning of the system. Uber is a great example of this as it allows aggregated cab rental services to be processed through intelligent route references and optimized availability matrix based on processed data that dynamically works in real-time. Which allows users to connect and communicate with the AI-optimized cab rental service rendered through Automated Reasoning.

Recommendation System: When you talk about Recommendation Service or System, it is about allowing you an answer to a query by intelligently referring to your preferences and intuitively understanding your search goals. This may include anything from interpreting and validating your instructions to find more context-aware answers matching your exact request, allowing you just the right assistance for your query. You would find Netflix doing this beautifully. On Netflix, when you search for a movie it auto-suggests you flicks based on your first-entered letters and even allows you to get extended suggestions reading your key phrases and relating it with close possibilities. Taking the recommendation delight further, you also get suggestions based on your last viewed and most viewed videos and various other such parameters.

Behavioral Pattern Analysis: AI has allowed systems to be fed with intelligence and data processing capabilities to be able to read the behavior and actions of users while interacting with a service. You would find the best examples in Travel portals and Ecommerce sites that read their user’s preferences and ways while they communicate, navigate and zero-down to an option. The websites like Snap travel combines all the user interaction factors like feeds, patterns and frequencies for different actions and behaviors they exhibit. With this they are able to know which user likes which services and to what extent and when do they need it. It collects and processes data for both individual users and clubbed categories, to use them up for refined service inputs and better results.

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When and how to apply AI in mobile apps

Referring to the trends and looking at your communication and service goals, you should prepare an outline of how you want things to be in the AI component of your business. To know when you need to go with AI mobile app development for your business, you need to first understand how far you and your users are ready to put up with that service. Are you already into that process of communicating with them to be able to allow them better services built on the AI format. Or do you have enough resources to back that mechanism and are your processes developed enough to support the AI-driven mobile app solution. If you think your business is already serving all this at the ground level and is pretty much in sync with it, it’s time to go AI.

Final Word

It always pays to keep abreast with the latest technology and if you look around today, every new thing or idea zeroes down to AI, for all good reasons. Thus, getting your mobile app developed with latest AI component that best complements your idea of service and communication makes all the sense.

If you would like to know more about these technologies, as a leading Indian app development company, Konstant Infosolutions can be of help. Reach us out at mail@konstantinfo.com.