We passed the Equinox a couple of weeks ago - the spring is here and, in kind of celebrating spirit, I want us to take a look back at 2023, a bird-view on the app industry via the one and only State of Mobile report from Data.ai.

The app industry is on scale of millions of apps used by billions of people, apps permeate the entire world economy. By now, you just can’t find an industry that hasn’t been influenced by mobile. 

Competition is high, new technologies emerge and from time to time we all need to take a step back and take a holistic view on the industry to check out on the trends and understand how well we fit into this picture.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Lexi Sydow's background
  • Big data points from the State of Mobile 2024 report
  • How much time people spent in mobile apps in 2024
  • How much money people spent in mobile apps in 2024
  • Apps vs. games - where do people spend more time?
  • Mobile advertising growth year over year
  • AI & Mobile - the increasing popularity of ChatGPT4
  • The influence of Generative AI on top apps growth
  • Top Apps & Games of 2023

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Lexi Sydow:

"We saw 257 billion app downloads in 2023 alone, which is a roughly flat year on year. And that's sort of what we'd expect to see given more maturity in the market. These are completely net new installs. And it equates to about almost  half a million downloads every minute is what that equates to you globally"

"$171 billion being spent across iOS, Google Play and third party Android stores in China. So the top five markets are China at $52 billion being spent alone. That actually is down 10% year on year. Number two is the U S, up $45 billion, and that's up 6%. Japan at 18 billion is our number three kind of market on mobile, up a modest 1%. "

"And in 2023, we saw $64 billion annually being spent in the non game sector, and that has grown roughly 6.5 X from 2016, where it was only $10.3 billion. So just a huge growth in like the last seven or eight years there.


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