Well connected: how new mothers use mobile devices and what that means for digital advertisers

Anne Freier | March 20, 2017

App Business


Verto Analytics has recently taken a closer look at consumer segment “mother” to find out just what the online behaviour of new moms in the UK is compared to that of the general adult population in the country.

The typical digital day for a new mother starts unsurprisingly early with mobile app usage increasing from 5am. Activity peaks at around 1pm to 6pm on apps, whilst website activity is highest in the late evening – once the babies have been put to bed.


New moms are well connect. According to the findings from Verto Analytics, 96% of mothers say they own a smartphone, compared to 71% of the general population. In addition, they also own more home entertainment devices such as smart TVs (31% compared to 17% general public) and video consoles (34% versus 17%).


This offers some excellent potential for marketers to reach new mothers on smart and mobile devices and there are some websites moms visit more often than others.

According to the data, popular websites and apps include search and reference tools such as Wikipedia and Google.com, shopping apps (Amazon, eBay and Boots) as well as social communication apps (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).

A similar trend is seen across the general population. However, mothers tend to spend more time across these categories.

Screen Shotverto

Overall, mothers spend more hours online each month than the average online user, presumably because they’re at home more. The average new mom spends 112 hours on a PC per month, which is roughly 20% higher than the general population. In addition, she spends 76 hours online via mobile devices (10% more than the general population).

And which apps are their favourites? Verto Analytics found that communication apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp performed better across new mothers compared to the rest of the population. However, social sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter indexed lower.

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Overall, these findings offer interesting insights into the mobile device usage among new moms and where, how and when best to reach them.