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Partner Post - Kimia Mobile Performance Marketing

Posted: June 16, 2016

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If you are generating money in affiliate marketing, you must be tired of reading “worldwide coverage”, “100% fill rate”, “top, best eCPMs”… Okey, it is true, sale pitches all sound the same, mainly because, in most cases, it`s basically true!; for example, Kimia has the in-house technology and dedicated commercial team to make sure we can monetise even the most difficult segments for all mobile traffic.
However, these words start to feel hollow after a while, and you need more support, you need actual working strategies to get that perfect ROI for each and every segment within your traffic. Kimia is aware that there is a large amount of webmasters that could improve their websites incoming revenue per impression, with just three very basic tools/tips.
Kimia CPM platform

Due to this we have been developing a specific, CPM based, adserver specially for webmasters, to complement our leading performance adserver for media buyers and networks.
If you have worked with Kimia before as a webmaster, you know that one of the many ways we optimize your mobile traffic is through Pops. (That´s a full page ad that opens in a new browser tab, hidden under the active content tab.) This ad format does not interrupt the user experience yet has a proven track record of yielding higher eCPM revenues than traditional display banner formats. Pops is not available on adSense, therefore this is an exclusive opportunity to optimize your traffic, let´s say, with Kimia!
However, we also know that one of the most important aspects of mobile traffic magnetization is the big CPM difference between 3G and wifi traffic due to the different conversion flows. So, to tackle this situation, we have further refined our platform, where you can now achieve top eCPMs per segment of your traffic, not only due to the high offer competition on CPM bids, but also due to the precise IP targeting for carrier/wifi and the device/platform.
On our platform you have free carrier/wifi identification and filtering tools that allow you to send us all your traffic while getting the most from each segment. We help you to filter out all the 3G/WIFI segments and send it to specifically targeted mobile product best performing for each country, vertical,  platform and carrier. We even offer you the freedom to utilize our expert IP filtering system to send certain traffic segments to offers/platforms outside of Kimia. Your ROI is our business, this is a partnership, and we want you to make the most profitable on every click.

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