Tyrone Dsouza, Managing Director and Partner, Mobobeat Talks Mobile Revenue Generation

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Posted: September 21, 2015

Tyrone Dsouza is Managing Director and Partner at Mobobeat. He has been in mobile Ad-Tech industry for close to 5+ years and worked with global Advertisers, Agencies, Affiliates, Ad Networks and Mobile Gaming Studios across India, China, SEA and Europe. He holds an MBA and prior to that has a 1+ year experience in internet marketing industry.

What is Mobobeat and how are you positioned in the market?
Mobobeat is mobile performance network. Mobobeat is a one stop shop for your mobile performance needs. Be it monetizing your inventory or delivering installs, we can help you. We work with affiliates, publishers , media buyers and agencies.
Affiliates – We focus on providing our affiliates the best offers and delivering quality users for our advertisers. Mobobeat boasts of some of the best converting exclusive campaigns. We also promote our own in-house app and subscription campaigns with our publishers and affiliates.
Media Buyers : Many of the media buyers are bogged down optimizing campaigns , creating landers and banners. Our media buying solutions, helps eliminate this by using our experienced team of campaign managers that optimize your inventory in real-time using our proprietary smart ad server. Media buyers just need to focus on buying traffic , we take care of the rest.
Publishers : We help guarantee the best Ecpm in the market through our advanced optimization alogorithm and smart ad server.
Can you tell us a bit more about your smart ad server and optimization algorithm?
Our smart ad server helps optimize your inventory in real-time. The ad server breaks down the inventory by Country, OS, Carrier, Category, Site and sends the inventory to the best converting offer in our system. This way our publishers get the best Ecpm. The conversion rate by category and site is then fed into our ad serving algorithm which ensure that we serve the most relevant ads to users thereby increasing the CTR and Conversion Rates. On the other hand the advertisers too get the best LTV and ROI.
Where is your company based?
Our company is Headquartered in Madrid Spain and have offices in India. Our parent company based in Spain is a reputed brand been in industry for over 5 years closely involved in affiliate programs and media buying.
What types of clients do you work with?
On the advertiser side we work with Gaming Studios , Utility Apps , Ecommerce Companies and agencies and the publishing side we work with Utlity apps , Indie developers , affiliates, Wap sites, networks and agencies.
What are your most successful types of offers and what generates the most revenue?
CPI , App install offers have been the most successful for us and generate the most revenue for us. Gaming apps for China , Korea , US , Russia work well. Ecommerce and Utility apps for India and SEA. We also run subscription offers in India and Europe.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
We are currently mainly focussed on emerging markets like India , Brazil and SEA. These are one of the fastest growing smartphone markets. Recent estimates show that in the coming years , India will be the second largest after US in terms of smartphone users.
What do you think are the most important trends in mobile advertising right now?

  • Performance advertising is growing and will command more dollars from traditional ad budgets
  • App promotion maturing, Advertisers are not just looking for installs but are looking for post install metrics like engagement, purchases and transactions.
  • India, SEA and BR the fastest growing smartphone markets will dominate.

What are your favourite apps?
For news – inshorts, Gaming – Subway Surfers, Clash of Kings, Utlity – Cleanmaster, Social – Whatsapp
You can find out more over on the Mobobeat website here.

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