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Artyom Dogtiev | December 3, 2015

App Marketing

With the current state of the app economy, app developers, both indie and big app brand holders, are ought to be concerned with the right strategy for app user acquisition and associated user acquisition costs. To get these questions answered, in addition to educating themselves about these topics, app business owners need to approach the right app user acquisition platform. Making mistakes with app user acquisition strategy costs companies a lot and ultimately halt their growth. There is a number of platforms that excel at finding the right strategy to connect apps with the right audiences and figuring out an optimal user acquisition cost. Let’s take a look at the CPI (cost per install) recent dynamics.
The app user acquisition cost fluctuates over time, with a tendency to increase. The Fiksu CPI Index, which measures the cost per app install directly attributed to advertising, demonstrates that in September of 2015 CPI for iOS apps was $1,53 / install, a 15%  increase since August of 2015 and $1,88 / install for Android apps, 2% decrease since August of this year. The factors that influence CPI are new smartphone or tablet hardware releases, seasonal effect (holidays, vacation periods and so on) and advertisers competition level increase.
Fiksu CPI Index
Source: Fiksu
To define a strategy for how to acquire users for a mobile app, essentially app developers should answer two questions – who are the users of their apps and what marketing channels should they use to reach them. Even though different apps have different users and therefore require different approach for user acquisition, there are common goals that app marketing platforms, we’ve put on the list below, can help you to achieve. These goals are:

  • To Grow an App User Base
    By definition any mobile application needs its user base to grow, because there is a certain limit of how much profit you can make with a single app user, his LTV. The term LTV, which stands for life time value, defines a specific value for a profit that can be generated with a single app user. To be able to grow your app business, you need to find new users. App marketing companies have a diverse marketing toolbox, which contains of ad platforms to drive installs, ad networks with lots of affiliates, they have established partnership with, and other tools to reach new app users.
  • To Solve the App Discovery Problem
    To this day both iTunes App Store and Google Play store suffer from the app discovery problem. Any mobile app has two major ways of being discovered – via search and top charts on app stores or via outside channels, for the most part, these are mobile app ad networks and social media app install driving platforms. It’s been proven, that both in-app search and top charts simply aren’t enough to provide discoverability for a vast number of apps on these app stores. Demand-side platforms and affiliate ad networks, that app marketing companies have in their disposal, allow apps to be found by a great number of users, who wouldn’t be able to find them otherwise.
  • To Reach Targeted Audience
    The question of connecting apps with people, who really need these apps and will continue to use them for an extended period of time, is crucial for app businesses. Yet many app developers have a hard time to be successful at matching apps with their targeted audience. App marketing companies have gone through a long path of trial and error to come up with best techniques for reaching apps targeted audience.

Below we present the list of app marketing services we believe this year to be the best to power your app user acquisition efforts and achieve the three above mentioned goals. These companies are different in their capacity to acquire new app users, as well as what geo locations they cover and their pricing structure.
The Full List

Facebook App Install Ads

Facebook App Install Ads is the mobile app user acquisition platform, launched by Facebook in 2012 to help mobile app developers to acquire users for their apps on Facebook. It provides sill image and video ad format to drive traffic to apps landing page on app stores  on both desktop and mobile. In addition to an app install event registration, it provides information about location, gender and age, OS of acquired app users. The platform analytics tool provides information about number of active users, app launches and their duration, as well as revenue generated by in-app purchases.

  • Tag line: Promote your app with Facebook
  • Key features: Remarketing tools, unparalleled targeting capabilities, the best outreach in the industry
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, tvOS, Unity, web

Facebook Drives Installs of Mobile Apps

Google Universal App Campaigns

Google Universal App Campaigns is a cross-platform mobile app user acquisition solution launched by Google in September, 2015. It allows to drive Android app installs from Google Search, Play, YouTube and within other apps on the Google’s Display Network. It’s available to app advertisers in a Google AdWords account and, in a contrary to other app user acquisition solutions, it generates ads on the fly to fit the most relevant ad inventory and placements available.

  • Tag line: Give a little and get a lot with Universal app campaigns!
  • Key features: dynamic ad generation, dynamic inventory picking, powered by Google AdWords
  • Mobile platforms: Android

App installs at scale with Universal App Campaigns

Twitter Ads
Twitter Ads is an advertising platform, rolled out by Twitter in June, 2014 worldwide, after the initial beta testing phase. It allows to advertise tweets, websites and mobile apps. It allows to acquire both new users and re-ingage existing users of a mobile app. With Twitter ads, app developers can launch ad campaigns to reach their app audience via sophisticated targeting.  The targeting options include: spoken language, device, OS, mobile carrier, type of installed apps, specific interest, behavior and more. The ad platform supports several app traffic SDK, CPC and CPI bidding systems.

  • Tag line: Advertising tools for businesses of all sizes
  • Key features: powered by Twitter, re-targeting tools, reach targeting options, easy & quick setup, scale
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Introducing mobile app promotion on Twitter

Chartboost is a mobile game users acquisition company, founded in 2011 by Sean Fannan and Maria Alegre in San Francisco, US. The company’s app user generation platform is solely focused on mobile games, it provides game developers with cross promotion solution free of charge. Chartboost empowers mobile game developers with both interstitial and mobile video ads solution and sophisticated analytics tool. The ad platform powers more than 200,000 mobile games with 700M+ monthly active users. Chartboost is a Sequoia-backed company with offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam.

  • Tag line: Built for mobile game developer success
  • Key features: free, direct developer-developer ad exchange, targeting & install tracking
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Top Creatives November 2015


Fiksu is a mobile marketing technology company, founded in 2008 by Micah Adler in Boston, US. The company’s app user acquisition capabilities are based on extensive mobile device profiles database, with information about apps usage on those devices.  Fiksu connects brands, agencies, and app advertisers to targeted audiences throughout the customer journey. The company ran numerous ad campaigns to drive awareness, user acquisition and re-engagement for customers like Amazon, Disney, Cola-Cola and many others.

  • Tag line: Data-fueled mobile marketing
  • Key features: 2.8 billion mobile device data usage profiles, big network of partners
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Fiksu Interviews: Market Dictated the Time For Change

NativeX Big Version
NativeX is is the leading mobile game adverising company, founded by Robert WeberRyan Weber and Aaron Weber   in 2000 in Sartell, US. The company’s Lightning Play™ Video solution, in conjunction with a broad inventory of users and powerful predictive analytics, powers user acquisition campaigns for app developers. According to the NativeX data, the ads relevancy level allows app developers to achieve positive ROI 28 days after an ad campaign launch. The company champions ad native design to prevent ad blindness, the phenomena many ad networks struggle with.

  • Tag line: The Leading Mobile Ad Technology for Games
  • Key features: cross-device ad format support, native ad design, emotional targeting
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Introducing Lightning Play™ Video from NativeX

Propeller Ads
Propeller Ads is an online advertisting company, founded in 2011. The app user acquisition platform powered by Propeller Ads serves 200 million banner impressions and 30 million onclick impressions daily. To facilitate advertisers the company assigns each with a personal manager and provides a quick manual set. No prepayments are required for launching test campaigns. Among ad standards supported by Propeller Ads are: multiple size banner, onclick ad, in-banner video, slider, Sponsored Link.

  • Tag line: Advertising Network. Start Easy!
  • Key features: brand protection tech, targeting options: geo, day parting, frequency capping, OS, device, ad placement and site
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Global Advertising Network PropellerAds

Mobvista new
Mobvista is a mobile advertising and game publishing company, founded by Robin Duan in March, 2013 in Hong Kong, China. The company’s app user acquisition platform serves 300+ billion monthly impressions worldwide in over 240 countries and regions. Mobvista extensive affiliate network allows app businesses to achieve low cost per install. Native ads SDK in conjunction with open API bring advertisers a broad choice of ad formats, including full-screen, ad feeds, native AppWall and banner. Also Mobvista provides app user acquisition via SNS Network (Facebook and Twitter), Google AdWords and video ads on YouTube.

  • Tag line: Leading Global Mobile Advertising Platform
  • Key features: 10,000+ traffic sources, 240+ countries geo targeting, SNS support
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

How to Monetize your Android Apps?

GoWide is  a global mobile ad platform, launched in 2013 by ComboApp app marketing agency. The company’s app user acquisition solution, App Booster, allows app developers to acquire targeted app user base worldwide. With App Booster app developers and publishers can manage all major incentivized mobile traffic sources with a single dashboard. Thanks to the established the long-term partnership with all major incentive traffic suppliers GoWide is capable to meet any geo location app user acquisition needs.

  • Tag line: Global Mobile Inventory Converted To Results
  • Key features: an incentive traffic buying tool, professional managed traffic buying, CPI-only
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile

GoWide website home page

Performance Revenues
Performance Revenues is a performance based mobile affiliate network company, founded in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel by Oded Former and Ron Brightman. The companies user acquisition capabilities are based on high standards at customer support, reach network of traffic sources and pay-per-performance model that it champions. Performance Revenues focus on ad campaign goals optimization, it allows app developers to target specific actions in an app and conversion points deep within their marketing funnel to help them to reach their desirable ROI.

  • Tag line: Get Users You Need; High Volume, High Quality.
  • Key features: thousands of traffic sources, sophisticated campaign optimization, CPI bidding
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Performance Revenues website home page

Appnext is a mobile app discovery company with a platform that operates on a self-serve CPI bidding basis. It was founded in 2012 by Elad Nantason. The company capacity to reach 350 million mobile users in over 180 countries, combined with direct CPI bidding makes it the app user acquisition choice of such companies as a Taboola, CBS, Dolphin, Goodgame Studios, Kobojo, Fetch and many others. The company’s platform comprehensive reporting tool provides a 360° view of an app user acquisition – where  apps are promoted, which of the partners perform best and optimal CPI bids for each of them.

  • Tag line: Turbocharge App Advertising
  • Key features: direct CPI bidding, 100% Self-Serve Platform, 350M audience of non-incentivized app users, covers 180 countries
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

Adding an app to Appnext

Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway is software development and digital marketing company, founded in 2000 by Girish Ramdas and Venkatesh C. R. in Chennai, India. In addition to its headquarter in Tamil Nadu, India, it has offices in NY, US and Koenigstein, Germany. The company’s mobile app marketing expertise is based on the foundation of the solid digital marketing experience, as well as being Google AdWords Certified Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner. The company’s mobile app user acquisition solutions are focused on gaining maximum downloads for iOS and Android apps.

  • Tag line: Pushing Your App to the Forefront
  • Key features: multi-year app marketing experience, strategic partnership, pre and post app launch complex solutions
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Best Way To Market Your iPhone Apps – Dot Com Infoway

Matomy Media Group is a global and multichannel performance-based advertising solutions company, founded by Adi Orzel in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2007. The company’s toolbox of app user acquisition solutions include incentivized tools to reach app users in games, apps and websites, as well as social advertising on Facebook, display, video ads and email acquisition marketing. Matomy’s user acquisition platform supports all types of bidding – CPA, CPL, CPI and CPM. Matomy paid search engine marketing solutions and search engine optimization solutions drive installs for apps from Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex search engines.

  • Tag line: One Gateway To Multi-Channeled advertising
  • Key features: 8 media channels web & mobile platforms global reach
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Matomy Media Group Introduction

Avazu mobile LOGO
Avazu is an online advertising and digital marketing company, founded by Yi Shi in October, 2009 in Shanghai, China. Avazu Demand-side platform provides self-serve solution for mobile app user acquisition. The platform is connected with over 20 Ad Exchange networks with a global reach. Its machine learning algorithms bring high performance, the conversion tracking integration supports 6 major tracking service providers. Avazu supports the following types of bidding – CPM, CPM Optimized towards to an eCPC, CPM Optimized towards to a CTR, CPM Optimized towards to an eCPA, CPC.

  • Tag line: A Leading Advertising Platform with Global Coverage
  • Key features: multiple types of bidding, 6 major tracking systems support, machine learning
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Avazu Mobile DSP


AppThis is global app discovery platform focused on native advertising, founded by Jim Mansfield and  in March, 2014 in Denver, US. The company’s app user acquisition capabilities have allowed the company to generate over 10 million app installs to date. The efficiency of AppThis user acquisition campaigns is driven by behavioral targeting, programmatic optimization and ability to run campaigns globally with ads formatted in the language of the user.

  • Tag line: International Mobile App Distribution
  • Key features: adaptive ad display, global reach, easy integration
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

AppThis website home page

Preapps logo
PreApps is an app marketing and discovery company, founded by Sean Casto and Kim Roz in 2012 in Boston, US. The company provides a platform for new mobile apps to get exposure before their release on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Marketplace. The platform serves as a channel to connect quality apps with their users. PreApps also offers app video demo creation, App Store Optimization, app review sites submission and press release writing & distribution services. Its partnership with Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung allows PreApps to facilitate app developers success on those companies app store.

  • Tag line: PreApps is your preview into the world of mobile apps!
  • Key features: pre-release feedback and user acquisition, multi-platform solution
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft

What is PreApps?

Instal is a mobile user acquisition company, founded by Alessandro Sordi and Filippo Satolli in 2013 in Florence, Italy. The company app user acquisition service is totally focused on the Pay-Per-Instal model, it doesn’t work with any incentive traffic sources. With the help of advanced ad server technology, automatic optimization tools and the team of dedicated account managers, empowers app developers app user acquisition campaigns with native ads, rich media and easy and fast integration.

  • Tag line: Boost Your App’s Value
  • Key features: geo targeting for 200+ countries, 1,000+ publishing partners, running 500+ campaigns worldwide
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

Instal homepage

Appia is the leading mobile app user acquisition company, founded in 2008 by Jud Bowman in Durham, US. The company specializes in non-incentivized mobile app traffic delivery worldwide and has driven more over 100 million app installs since its launch in 2012, including 60 of the top 100 grossing apps on the App Store and Google Play. It provides both short-term app burst  and long-term user acquisition campaigns. Its technology and scale allow to deliver high LTV and drive positive ROI. It was ranked #22 on the Wall Street Journal’s 2012 Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies.

  • Tag line: The Leading Mobile User Acquisition Network
  • Key features: CPI bidding only, App Wall, banner, interstitial and discovery ads, integration with Ad-X, Kochava, AppsFlyer, HasOffers, Flurry tracking SDK
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

Appia Website Homepage

Leadbolt is an app discovery and user acquisition company, founded by Dale Carr in 2010 in Sydney, Australia.  It offers both self-serving or managed accounts for app developers to drive app installs via CPC and CPI bidding. It operates across 165 countries and serves more than 65,000 apps. The company’s direct relationships with third-party app traffic suppliers, in conjunction with dynamic ad-serving technology allow app developers acquire users at scale.

  • Tag line: High Performance Mobile Advertising
  • Key features: Direct Deals Marketplace
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Leadbolt Connect, The Direct Deal Marketplace for Mobile Ads

Yeahmobi is a performance based mobile advertising company, founded by Peter Zou and Frank Wang in May, 2009 in China. Its app user acquisition expertise is focused on acquiring users for utility apps, games, as well as commerce apps. To date the company has helped 500+ companies to gain collectively 15M installs. Yeahmobi native ads format allows to achieve on average 45 seconds per interaction with an app and 5-20 higher CTR. The company is an official app install driving partner of Facebook, Twitter and Russian social network Vkontakte.

  • Tag line: The Leading Mobile Performance Marketing Platform
  • Key features: CPA & CPI bidding, in-house tracking
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

YeahMobi website homepage

Startapp is a mobile advertising company, founded by Gil Dudkiewicz and Ran Avidan in December, 2010 in New York, US. The company’s platform has 300M monthly active users app developers can target their ad campaigns at. The combination of 200k mobile apps, having  the Startapp SDK and direct deals with 50% of world’s top grossing apps allow the company to provide one of the most capable mobile app user acquisition solution. The ad formats set consists of unique 3D App Wall, interstitial and native ads. The company supports AdXtracking, AppsFlyer, Tune, Adjust, Kochava and S4M app tracking SDK.

  • Tag line: Our desire is to Inspire. Innovate…Mobile
  • Key features: 300M MAUs, 200k apps have Startapp SDK, direct deals with 50% of top grossing apps
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

StartApp Smart Targeting

Tapdaq Logo
Tapdaq is an app user acquisition company, founded by Dom Bracher, Ted Nash and Nick Reffitt in November, 2013 in London, UK. The company’s unique user acquisition platform operates as a community driven mobile ad network, it allows app developers to exchange traffic and acquire users for their apps. Because it’s a peer-to-peer platform, it’s capable to provide an affordable cost per installs for its registered users. TapDaq ad platform offers native formats for users to build ads, using icons, banners, interstitials and more.

  • Tag line: We’re Solving App Discovery
  • Key features: community driven, affordable CPI
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity and Cordova

TapDaq Introduction

tappx is an app user acquisition company, founded by Antonio Hervás and Daniel Reina in Barcelona, Spain in 2013. The ad platform is built upon the community of app developers who advertise each other apps free of charge. With a five lines of  the Tappx SDK code, developers can integrate ads in each other apps. The platform provides ads builder to create custom ads with text, graphics and information like ratings and reviews automatically imported from the App Store or Google Play.

  • Tag line: Promote Your App For Free
  • Key features: community driven, numerous platforms support
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Cordova, Adobe Air, Cocos, HTML5, PhoneGap, Titanium

Tappx – Promote your app for free!


Applift is a mobile app advertising company, founded in 2012 by Tim Koschella and Kaya Taner in Berlin, Germany. Its app user acquisition platform is performance based and powered by the company’s DataLift platform. With DataLift app developers have an access to automated supply of traffic sources to reach over 1 billion users. Using first- and third-party data, the platform allows to optimize media buying process across all stages of the conversion funnel. The company’s proprietary LTV optimization technology empowers app developers with ROI-maximized user acquisition.

  • Tag line: Data Driven App Marketing
  • Key features: DataLift – proprietary programmatic platform, data security
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone

Startup to Global Company: Tips and Insights from AppLift’s Co-Founder, Tim Koschella


Quaid Media

Quaid Media is mobile app and game user acquisition company, a division of Freenet AG, a part of freenet Group – the largest network-independent telecommunications provider in Germany. The Quaid Media team is comprised of digital media, mobile and TV experts and built on the advertising infrastructure of Jamba! and Jamster. The company’s ad platform allows app developers to acquire users for their apps via TV burst campaigns. With offices located in Berlin and Los Angeles, the company covers wide range of client’s location timezones. With 10+ years of experience in creating and running TV campaigns for mobile products, Quaid Media allows app developers to leverage TV marketing channel to is full potential.

  • Tag line: App Ranking Push
  • Key features: unique TV-driven user acquisition solution
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone

Quaid Media homepage

Ola Mobile
Ola Mobile is a performance marketing company, founded in 2011 in Luxembourg. The company’s app user acquisition platform is focused on CPI model to bring mobile service providers, mobile application and game developers high ROI and help them to meet their sales bottom line. It supports AppsFlyer, Tapstream and Apsalar  app traffic analytics SDK integration. Ola Mobile offers exclusive premium traffic sources and F2P Mobile Games Review App.

  • Tag line: It Is Time to Grow Your User Base Smart
  • Key features: supports 150+ markets, customer support speaks 6 languages, 10+ years on the market
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Ola Mobile homepage

Jampp logo
Jampp is an app marketing company, founded in 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Martin Anazco, Diego Meller, Gabriel Oyarzabal, Martin Conte Mac Donell . The company’s app user acquisition and re-engagement platform aggregates 150+ ad networks and RTB exchanges to drive app installs. The Jampp platform sophistication is based on information from app user profile in conjunction with ad impressions’s context. A combination of big data and machine learning allows platform to make decisions on what specific message to display to a particular user. The company has 3 offices in  London, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and expanding into the US and other countries soon.

  • Tag line: Drive Engaged Users To Your Mobile Apps
  • Key features: supports 150+ ad networks and RTB exchanges, covers wide range of customer’s location timezones
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

How To Use App Data Collection To Reduce Your CPA By 50%

Trademob Logo
Trademob is a mobile app advertising company, founded in Berlin, Germany in 2010 by Mark Ravi Kamran. It empowers app developers user acquisition and retention campaigns with a combination of the demand-side platform for real-time bidding with the extensive network of several hundred mobile ad networks with a global reach,  SSPs, RTB exchanges and media partners. After years of partnering with Facebook, the company has gained a capability to advertise apps on this social media platform at the lowest possible cost. Trademob app user acquisition platform reaches more than a billion users in more than 190 countries.

  • Tag line: Your Platform for Mobile App Advertising
  • Key features: social traffic, one billion users in 190 countries reach
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

How To Boost Your Mobile Marketing with App Re-engagement Ads

Final Thoughts
Each of the twenty nine app marketing platforms, you see on this list, has different strengths. To decide what platform to work with on driving user acquisition for your app, analyze reach, targeting capabilities of each one you’ll be considering. There isn’t a perfect user acquisition solution that fits all apps, your app and its targeted audience are what should make up your choice. We hope we’ve managed to provide the broad app marketing services lineup, enough for you to find the right fit your app user acquisition needs.

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