Starbucks reaps benefit of mobile and ups mobile marketing strategy

A new report from BI Intelligence, has identified how Starbucks‘ mobile app strategy is paying off. The coffee chain noted an increase of 21% of mobile app transactions in the US in 2015 and plans to increase its mobile spend in 2016.
Starbucks increases mobile transactions to 21% across US
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Indeed, the company said mobile was one of its core strategies for the year ahead. Loyalty cards and rewards using QR-codes have driven the usage of its app. However, it’s the order-and-pay feature that has transformed the experience into a more rounded one.
In-app marketing plays a significant role here. Starbucks is a clear example of just how effective in-app messages can be and data from Salesforce is backing this up.
In-app marketing grows fast
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According to the research, 77% of marketers noted positive ROI from mobile marketing, whilst another 20% have plans to use apps for marketing over the coming 12 months.
Starbucks confirmed that it plans to expand its mobile marketing strategies to increase purchases in-app through personalised recommendations.
Mobile strategy specialist Crone Consulting LLC told Bloomberg that this could up individual purchases by up to 50%.
Peter Saleh, Analyst, BTIG LLC, says:
peter saleh

“The mobile and order-and-pay is just going to keep driving their growth going forward. It helps to drive their average check higher. It also provides them with a lot of data.”

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